35 Best Scented Candles for Meditation

While we often think of candles as a placeholder gift for a co-worker or acquaintance, they actually have a calming effect. Different scents, as well as the ambiance of a warm flame, can induce meditation. That is why it is important that you know which candles are the best candles for meditation!

best candles for meditation

What To Know

One important thing to know when choosing a meditation candle is the concept of chakras.

Chakras are various energy points within the body.

These points of spinning energy each correspond to a nerve bundle or body organ. They help you to stay open or balanced. 

This can happen through meditation and other breathing techniques.

Many of the candles on this list correspond to the chakras; they have sets that encourage us to unblock our chakras. 

Keeping this in mind, we must begin to take notice of ourselves and our surroundings to do this. Having the right candle can help. 

35 Best Scented Candles for Meditation

Here’s the scoop on the best scented candles for meditation!

1. Chakra Candle Box Set

This Chakra Candle Box Set has seven candles, each signifying a different chakra.

These candles have special crystals and gemstones that enhance the calming energy of the candle. 

It makes not only a perfect meditation session but also a housewarming gift for any friend.

Give them this candle to spiritually cleanse their house or give them inner peace. 

Each candle has about 15 hours of burn time and is made of 100% natural soy wax.

Light this candle for a wonderful stress-free environment!

2. Scented Candles Gift Set

Welcome to the world of luxury and relaxation! With this scented candle gift set, you can enjoy the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

Made with 100% natural soy wax and premium fragrance oil, these candles are safe for use and fill any room with a pleasant and inviting scent.

The wick is made of lead-free cotton, so you can enjoy your candle without worry. 

Each candle in the set has a beautiful art style and comes in a classical package, making them an excellent gift for any holiday or special event.

The Gardenia and Lavender essential oil scents promote feelings of relaxation.

Meanwhile the long-lasting burn time ensures you can enjoy your candle for hours on end.

3. ChakraBae Chakra Candles

Next is the beautiful Chakra Candle Box Set of 7!

Each candle is specially crafted to be able to correspond with one of the chakras.

It features genuine gemstones and crystals to enhance the energy of the candle.

This makes for a perfect way to empower your spirituality and amplify your abundance and wealth.

These candles are also great for practicing meditation and yoga, as the crystals inside each candle will help you to concentrate and practice self-love and intention.

Plus, with a burn time of around 15 hours, you can enjoy hours of positive vibes!

This Chakra Candle Box Set makes a wonderful gift for anyone on their spiritual journey. It’s perfect for housewarmings, Birthdays, or any other special occasion.

This is another great choice for the best meditation candles.

4. Chakra & Luck Votive Candles

Another great choice is the Chakra and Luck Votive Candles, the perfect way to create a relaxing and healing environment for your meditation sessions.

These seven beautifully scented candles correspond to the energy centers of your body, known as chakras.

Each color and aroma is carefully designed to resonate with specific healing energies.

The set includes seven fragrances: lotus, jasmine, eucalyptus, rose, lavender, ylang ylang, and cedar.

By burning these candles, you can activate your intuition, connect with the Divine, and balance your chakras for greater physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being instead of emotional distress.

Plus, these long-lasting root candles (up to 8 hours each) are perfect for meditation.

5. Mindful & Modern Natural Meditate Candle

Step into a world of luxury and relaxation with Mindful & Modern Natural Meditate Candles.

These hand-poured soy candles are made with natural ingredients and a wood wick for a long, clean burn.

The soothing scent of white sage and lavender will create a calm, rejuvenating space in your home that you can enjoy any time of day.

Perfect for different purposes such as meditation, soaking in the tub, or just unwinding after a long day, Mindful & Modern candles are the perfect way to pamper yourself

6. Premium Rose & Sandalwood Candle

You are going to love this premium rose & sandalwood candle because it has the best scents!

Made from non-toxic palm wax, these candles are made of 100% natural candle wax and essential oils.

Not only will this purchase make you relaxed, but it will also make you feel rewarded.

Each scented candle purchased results in a charity donation to Zoe International. 

Fitting in with a vegan lifestyle, non-toxic candles are the way to go, so purchase this candle now!

7. Candles for Home

These candles for home are the perfect way to make any home feel more inviting and warm.

With six different scents to choose from, there’s a candle for every mood and every occasion. 

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing lavender scent to unwind after a long day, or an invigorating gingerbread scent to get you in the holiday spirit, candles for home scented have just what you need. 

Made with soy wax and essential oils, these candles are not only beautiful to look at but also good for your health.

They make the perfect gift for any woman in your life and are sure to please even the pickiest of recipients.

So light up your life with candles with your favorite scent today!

8. Relaxing Candle Gift Set by TRINIDa

If you want more candles to help with your meditation, you are going to love the relaxing candle gift set by TRINIDa for all your meditation needs!

Made from ancient formulas, the candle set purifies one’s body and mind.

Scents like English Pear help improve the immune system, and other essential oils can better one’s sleep if they are experiencing sleep deprivation.

9. Scented Aromatherapy Candle Gift Set for Women

The Scented Aromatherapy Candle Gift Set for Women is a perfect way to relax and enjoy some me-time.

Made from premium soy wax and 8% premium oils, these paraffin wax candles are free from bad ingredients.

They are equipped with a cotton wick to minimize soot and irregular lumping. 

Each candle weighs 3.5 oz candle and has a burn time of 20-25 hours, totaling 120-150 hours of use for the entire set.

Soy wax candles are more practical than traditional candles, as they typically last 20% longer.

The non disposable inner and outer packaging is also eco-friendly and will make a great addition to your home decor.

10. Chakra Meditation & Manifestation Kit

The best meditation candle collection has everything you need.

The Chakra Meditation & Manifestation Kit for Abundance & Prosperity is the perfect way to jumpstart your journey to a life of abundance and prosperity.

It has a powerful 21-day program that comes with everything you need to get started, including beeswax candles, real crystals, and self-care cards!

Each day, simply light your candle flame, hold your crystal, and repeat your affirmation as you focus on the flame.

With this kit, in just 20 minutes, you’ll be on your way to manifesting the life of your dreams.

It is the best choice!

11. My Lumina Purification Sage Lavender Candle

The best candle scents have a little bit of everything.

With the calming aromas of sage and lavender, this candle is amazing when it comes to spiritual cleansing.

White sage candles help to drive away negative energy and bad dreams.

These best relaxing candles have been made to attract good vibes, so it’s a good fit for any of your meditation needs. 

12. YYHR Chakra Candles

Start your day off right with these YYHR Chakra Candles!

Each candle is scented with a different essential oil designed to align your chakras and help you focus on positive thoughts.

The gemstones and crystals in each candle correspond to a different chakra.

Plus, the affirmations on the labels will help you achieve balance in all areas of your life. 

The mala beads can be used as a tool for meditation or prayer, and the included instructions will help you cleanse your chakras on a daily basis.

This powerful tool and happiness chakra candle is perfect for anyone who wants to manifest positive change in their life in little time!

13. All Natural Soy Candle Pack with Crystals

Give the gift of luxury and relaxation with this All Natural Soy Candle Pack with Crystals.

Each candle is embedded with natural healing crystals, providing a range of benefits like amplifying energy, promoting abundance and wealth, and heightening spiritual enlightenment.

With six lush fragrances to choose from, inspired by nature, there’s sure to be a perfect scent for everyone.

These candles are made with 100% pure soy wax and a lead-free cotton wick for a cleaner, longer-lasting burn.

Natural essential oils provide a variety of scents and benefits like refreshment, relaxation, and romance.

Give the gift of peace and relaxation with this All Natural Soy Candle Pack with Crystals.

14. Luxury Chakra Scented Candle Gift Set

If you’re looking for a unique and meaningful gift, look no further than these Luxury Chakra Scented Candle Gift Set.

This beautiful set of seven candles comes packaged in an elegant black tin, making it the perfect present for anyone on your list.

It even includes a removable label. 

Furthermore, each candle is made with luxurious wax and scented with crystals, making them perfect for relaxation and meditation.

The different colors of the candles represent each chakra.

They help to focus your energy during meditation or in any quiet place.

Not only is this set a stunning decoration for any room, but it’s also a wonderful way to promote relaxation and self-care.

So if you’re looking for a gift that keeps on giving, the Luxury Chakra Scented Candles is the best thing for you!

15. Inspireyes Chakra Candles Set

Candles have become an integral part of meditation.

The Inspireyes Chakra Candles Set is the perfect way to experience the benefits of meditation and aromatherapy!

This set includes seven different candles, each with a unique aroma and purpose.

The scents include Lemongrass, Coconut Mango, Lavender Jasmine, Sea Salt Sage, Black Currant, Vanilla, and Tweed.

Additionally, these candles are made with soy wax and burn for 10-15 hours each.

The set also comes with chakra tumble stones that will help to balance your chakras in a comfortable position.

16. White Sage Smudge Candle

Next up is the White Sage Smudge Candle!

This wonderful-smelling candle burns for approximately 30 hours.

It is hand-poured in the USA by our local artisan.

Each candle is made with love and positivity. So you can be sure that your intention will be received loud and clear.

Clarity, peace, and joy await you as you release the negative and allow the positive into your life.

This candle will be a welcome addition to your meditation routine in your sacred space!

17. Lulu Candles – Jasmine, Oud & Sandalwood

Looking for a sensual and mysterious scent to set the mood for a romantic evening? Lulu Candles’ Jasmine, Oud & Sandalwood candle is the perfect choice!

Made with a unique blend of premium sandalwood fragrance oil, this candle is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Plus, because it’s made with clean-burning, nontoxic soy wax and 100% cotton wicks, you can enjoy the flame of the candle guilt-free.

It makes a great option if you need a gift for friends and family members.

So why wait? Order your Jasmine, Oud & Sandalwood candle with these powerful tools today!

18. Tabletop Fireplace with Amethyst

Check out the amazing Tabletop Fireplace with Amethyst!

This gorgeous fire bowl is fueled by clean burning Bio Ethanol and is totally ventless.

It is an easy and convenient way to enjoy the ambiance of a real fire without any of the hassle and at eye level.

It’s perfect for indoor or outdoor use and decors the room in a great way.

Plus, it’s super easy to install and use straight out of the box.

So why not add a touch of luxury and style to your home with the Tabletop Fireplace with Amethyst today?

19. Orentas Scented Candles Gift Set

Are you looking for a unique and memorable gift? Then look no further than the Orentas Scented Candles Gift Set!

These are the best candles that come with 4 scented candles in a variety of lovely fragrances, including lemon, rose, orange, and lavender.

Each candle is made with natural fiber wick and soybean wax for a long-lasting burn.

They’re perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any room in your home.

Plus, they make an excellent addition to any special event or holiday gathering.

It comes packaged in an exquisite gift box, making it the perfect present for that special someone in your life.

20. Scented Candles Gifts Set

Next, this gift set is another great choice for yourself or for a friend to improve your meditation.

With its triangle cement pot, this Scented Candles Gifts Set is unique in design and soothing in its scents of lavender and more.

Its lead-free cotton wick ensures an environmentally friendly meditation experience without toxic chemicals or synthetic dyes.

Order this candle with multiple scent combination choices today!

21. Aroma Naturals Patchouli and Frankincense Essential Oil White Scented Pillar Candle

Be sure to try the Aroma Naturals Patchouli and Frankincense Essential Oil White Scented Pillar Candle.

This beautiful candle contains a blend of two of the most relaxing and grounding essential oils: patchouli and frankincense.

Each time you light this candle, you’ll be whisked away to a tranquil oasis in the best way.

The all-natural, metal-free wick ensures an even burn, while the 50 hour burn time means you can enjoy this luxurious candle again and again.

Plus, it’s handcrafted in the USA with only the finest ingredients.

Give yourself the gift of relaxation and deep breaths in your own unique meditation environment today!

22. Chakra Candles with Crystals

Chakra Candles with Crystals are the perfect way to relax and center yourself.

Made with natural soy wax blend and infused with clear quartz crystals, these candles provide a gentle and powerful aromatherapy experience.

The set of seven candles comes with a bonus heart-shaped rose quartz crystal, making it the perfect mindfulness gift.

Use the included e-book to guide you through a calming meditation/relaxation ritual to help you focus and feel less scattered.

These candles are perfect for anyone who wants to experience the power of crystal healing in a simple and effective way.

23. HOOMUU Candles with Crystals Inside

Next up are the HOOMUU Candles with Crystals Inside!

This 4-piece set of soy candles comes in an elegant glass jar and is perfect for any gifting occasion.

Each candle is made with 100% high-quality soy wax.

They also have a lead-free cotton wick, ensuring a clean and long-lasting burn.

Choose from four different fresh and natural fragrances: sage and sea salt, rose and sandalwood, bluebells, or English pear and freesia.

Each candle contains one of four exclusive natural crystal stones–amethyst, blue quartz, orange quartz, or green fluorite–known to carry unique energies.

These beautiful candles will become a focal point in any home as they create a warm and inviting scent.

24. Lavender & Vanilla Scented Candle

The best kind of scents is the ones that make you feel calm and relaxed.

Vanilla and lavender candles like this one are the perfect candles for all your meditation needs.

This highly scented candle is perfect for filling any space with its delicately clean and uplifting top notes of black currant, lemon, and Mandarin.

The middle notes of Lavender, Eucalyptus, and fir needle create a pleasant blend that will surely uplift anyone’s mood.

Finally, the bottom notes of amber musk and oakmoss provide a long-lasting and eco-friendly soy wax burn.

This handcrafted candle is infused with premium fragrance oil which ensures a stable, cleaner, and longer-lasting burn.

25. My Lumina Meditation Aromatherapy Candle 

With its herbal medley of scents and clear quartz, the My Lumina Meditation Aromatherapy Candle, is perfect for candle meditation and will help you relax and unwind.

This beach sage fragrance is a fresh and invigorating scent that will help you focus on your meditation practice.

The clear quartz crystal embedded in the wax is a powerful healer that will promote positivity and deep soul cleansing.

Plus, the blue color of the candle is soothing and peaceful, creating a positive effect on your mind and body.

It is the perfect example of color candles that can nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

26. YTENTE Zodiac Sign Soy Wax Scented Candle

The natural soy wax and unique healing crystals embedded within the YTENTE Zodiac Sign Soy Wax Scented Candle make for a great meditation candle.

Its connection to the zodiac signs also makes for a fun twist on your relaxation in your distinct meditation environment.

If there is an Aquarius in your life, they are sure to love this great gift with a signature scent!

27. JENELI CO Luxury Healing Candles

With up to 50 hours of burning time, the JENELI CO Luxury Healing Candles is amazing for a long meditation session.

It has natural raw crystal for spiritual cleansing, as well as interesting scents like rose and other fruit. 

Thanks to the stylish and clever designs, these candles will always remind you to stay positive, relax and love yourself! 

28. Stone of Life Sage Candles

Are you looking for a way to make your home feel more like a sanctuary? We have just what you need.

The Stone of Life Sage Candles is perfect for setting the mood and creating an inviting space with their popular scent. 

These are 100% soy wax candles and contain citronella essential oil and rose crystals.

The three wicks create a strong, even burn that will last for 55-65 hours.

Plus, the exquisite candle jars make them a stylish addition to any room.

There’s more to these candles than just their good looks.

The citronella oil is a natural repellent for mosquitoes, making them perfect for use outdoors in the summertime.

Also, sage oil is known for its ability to promote calm energy in or out of a meditative state. 

29. AOOVOO Scented Candle

These AOOVOO Scented Candles are the perfect way to fill any room with a refreshing and relaxing lavender fragrance oil.

These candles are made with essential oil ingredients and luxurious soy wax.

This ensures that each candle burns evenly and emits a strong, pleasant scent.

The scented candles make an excellent gift for any woman in your life.

Additionally, they come in an elegant packaging box. Activate your third eye with these candles today!

30. Scented Candle with Crystal and Flowers

Start your day by lighting up this scented candle with crystal and flowers.

The natural crystals inside the candle not only relieve your negative emotions but also improve and enhance your physical condition.

The tree of life pattern etched on the glass jar is unique and makes it an excellent gift for family and friends.

Additionally, these environmentally friendly and non-toxic aromatherapy candles are suitable for spiritual aromatherapy meditation.

We are sure that you’ll love the scented candle with a floral scent. 

31. Meditation Yoga Calming Jar Candles

Do you want to relax and melt your stress away? Look no further than the Meditation Yoga Calming Jar Candle!

This candle has a woody scent with top notes of citrus and round pomelo, with a wine aroma and light fragrance.

Middle notes include sea salt, tropical rainforest, rose, and Orchid fragrance.

Back notes are sandalwood Incense, fir, ambergris, vetiver oakmoss, and musk.

The perfect blend of scents to help reduce stress and lift your mood, all based on your own personal preference.

Made with 100% natural soy wax and a vegan lead-free cotton single wick, it is a low temperature candle.

You are sure to love this candle and its calming scent.

32. Palo Santo Candle

Next up is the Palo Santo Candle!

Made with white sage and palo santo, this candle is perfect for smudging your aura and removing any unwanted vibes.

Not only does this candle cleanse your space, but it also features natural organic essential oils that provide a sacred aromatherapy experience.

Sea salt gives the candle a coastal feel, while other pure essential oils are traditionally used for energy cleansing, prayer, manifestation, and more.

This Sacred Smudge Candle comes complete with a sustainable cork lid.

You can use it as a coaster or keep the scent contained.

So light it up and enjoy the sense of peace and stress relief that comes with it!

33. Lavender Candles for Home

Another great candle choice is the Lavender Candles for Home!

Made with natural lavender essential oil and pure soy wax, this candle is perfect for aromatherapy or meditation.

It has a long burn time of 70 hours, so you can enjoy the peaceful fragrance for a long time.

The Lead-free cotton wicks make it safe and clean to use.

Plus, the glass jar is perfect for reusing once the candle is finished.

So why wait? Order your Lavender Candle for Home today!

34. Healing Crystal Candle

Are you looking to amplify your energy, manifest more abundance and wealth, heighten your spiritual enlightenment, and experience self care like never before?

Look no further than the luxurious Self Love & Intention Crystal Candle!

Made with potent healing crystals for abundance, love, and cleansing, this candle is perfect for anyone ready to manifest the life of their dreams.

Additionally, it also makes a thoughtful gift for beginner spirit junkies or highly awakened souls!

35. Jasmine, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Sea Salt Scented Candle

Finally, if you are looking for a scented candle that is vegan, eco-friendly, and aromatherapy the Soulink’s Jasmine, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Sea Salt Scented Candle is great!

Made from soy wax and 8% plant essential oil, this beautiful candle is sure to fill any room with its delightful natural fragrance.

The kraft paper packaging is environmentally friendly.

Plus, the frosted jar can be repurposed as a planter.

The perfect gift for any woman in your life, this candle is sure to please with its fresh, summery scent and make a relaxing environment!

Final Thoughts

That is the scoop on the best candles for meditation!

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