35 Best Vintage Turntables and Record Players

Listening to music on a turntable or record player is a unique experience. It’s like listening to your favorite song for the first time! The best vintage turntables can provide an immersive listening experience that other audio equipment and digital music just can’t match.

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What To Know

Listening to your favorite music on a record player is like nothing else and has become more popular in recent years.

There are many different types of vintage record players, like acoustic research record players from the 60s, or a direct-drive turntable.

There are also different materials, like stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic.

Keep that in mind when shopping for traditional vintage turntables.

How To Choose The Best Vintage Turntable

There are many factors to consider when choosing a vintage turntable.

The most important factor is probably the condition of the turntable itself. A turntable in good condition will sound better and last longer than one that has not been properly cared for.

Another important consideration is the type of cartridge and stylus that the turntable uses.

A good cartridge and stylus can make a big difference in the sound quality of your music.

You can also consider the drive type, belt-driven, and direct-drive.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure that the turntable you choose is compatible with the type of records you want to play. Some turntables can only play certain types of records, so it’s a good idea to check before you buy.

Keeping all of this in mind will help you make the best choice!

If you’re ready to put your record collection to good use and find something in your price range,

35 Best Vintage Turntables and Record Players

Here’s the scoop on the best vintage record players! 

1. Idealforce Bluetooth Phonograph Record Player

First, we have the Idealforce Bluetooth Phonograph Record Player!

This record player is elegant, beautifully designed, and perfect for your listening needs.

It’s one of the best turntables on the market today!

Not only can you use Bluetooth connectivity, but it also has an aux, CD player tray, AM/FM radio, and USB port.

The sound effects are like no other thanks to the built-in-fold-out speakers and 40W subwoofer.

With the technology of newer models, but the look of vintage ones, this record player is a great choice!

Vintage, tech-savvy, and classic all at once.

Purchase the Idealforce Bluetooth Phonograph Record Player today for a music experience like never before!

2. TANLANIN Vinyl Record Player

Are you in need of a new vinyl record player that’s great for music lovers? Check out the TANLANIN Vinyl Record Player!

With amazing sound quality and a combination of a retro and modern design, this record player has it all.

You can sync the sounds with your phone using the Bluetooth feature and the RCA port allows you to connect the sound to your own HIFI system.

With its ease of use,  the turntable system enables you to enjoy music in a way you haven’t before. 

If you or someone you know has a love for everything vinyl, consider purchasing the TANLANIN Vinyl Record Player, you won’t regret it! 

3. Pro-Ject Debut Turntable

Do you want a turntable that’s vintage but has modern technology? If so, take a look at the Pro-Ject Debut Turntable, it’s another top pick for us!

Featuring a newly designed motor suspension and a new Debut Carbon EVO, this turntable is efficient and advanced. 

You can change the speed of the music using a single button!

You’ll never have to worry about the stability of the platform because it is made out of adjustable heavy-duty metal feet to ensure that it doesn’t collapse.

Plus, it has excellent sound quality!

If you are looking for vintage turntables with the features of new turntables, buy the Pro-Ject Debut Turntable and become part of the evolution! 

4. LoopTone Vinyl Record Player

The LoopTone Vinyl Record Player has 3 speed options (33, 45, 78 RPM) and features a variety of ways to listen to music.

This includes a CD player, cassette player, FM AM radio, USB SD MMC player, and Bluetooth options! 

You can use the remote control to adjust the sound, speed, and switch modes easily.

Built with 2 quality speakers, the sound is crisp and clean without any muffled sounds or distortion.

LoopTone paid attention to all the little details creating this record plater. 

But that’s not all, the LoopTone Vinyl Record Player has extra features including a recording function where you can convert music into either a cassette or MP3 without needing a computer.

No matter what form the music you are using is in, this record player will play it perfectly!

5. LoopTone Vinyl Record Player with Dual 15W External Speakers

LoopTone does it again with their Vinyl Record Player with Dual 15W External Speakers!

The RCA Line-Out and the 15 W external speakers both improve the quality of the sound, with the RCA Line-Out enabling you to connect HI-FI external speakers.

Plus, the remote control is easy to use with 5 actions available, pausing and playing, rewinding and fast-forwarding, selecting radio channels, muting, and function switching.

Treat yourself with the LoopTone Vinyl Record Player today!

6. Victrola Empire Mid-Century Turntable

Welcome to the Victrola Empire Mid-Century Turntable!

It’s one of the best direct drive turntables with a direct drive motor! A 6-in-1 entertainment center, this turntable can be used without a stereo system or any kind of extra equipment. 

The three speed options (33 ⅓, 45, and 78 rpm) give variety and you can stream music from your phone with the Bluetooth setting or insert a cassette tape, CD, or even listen to the radio.

It’s a full Bluetooth turntable entertainment center!

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced vinyl enthusiast, the vintage looking Victrola Empire Turntable will help you take a trip down memory lane!

7. Electrohome Kingston Vintage Vinyl Record Player

Have you heard about the Electrohome Kingston Vintage Vinyl Record Player? If not, now you have!

This 3-speed, 7-in-1 record player is ahead of its time, even with its vintage appearance.

Not only can you listen to music via a record, you can also stream music from your devices, AM/FM radio, CDs, and USB. 

Another good reason to get this is the wood design makes this record player a beautiful addition to any home.

With 4 high quality speakers, it will never disappoint!

8. Wrcibo Record Player

The Wrcibo Record Player is an efficient and stylish record player, perfect for any music-lover, even if you have a high standard!

With a built-in stereo, you will feel like you’re seeing your favorite artist live. You can play 3 speeds of records and also connect to other devices, including MP3S, iPhones, and CD players.

Not only does this record player produce incredible sound quality, but it also is designed to look vintage and transport you back to the previous decades.

Plus, it comes with a dust cover, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning the dust yourself!

The Wrcibo Record Player has it all, purchase it now either for yourself or someone you know! 

9. Arkrocket Record Player

Still, searching for an ideal retro record player? If so, check out the Arkrocket Record Player!

This turntable comes with a built-in Bluetooth connection, so you can stream music from just about anywhere wirelessly.

The speakers are dynamic and produce a great sound quality that is sure to impress.

If you already have a stereo system, you can plug the turntable into it with the RCA outputs.

Plus, there is adjustable pitch control, and a headphone jack and the legs are removable in case you want to put the Arkrcket Record Player on a table or desk!

10. All in One Record Player

Next up on our list for the best vintage tables is the All in One Record Player!

This retro styled and expertly crafted turntable may look old, but its features are up to date.

The premium sound quality is hard to find anywhere else.

With 3-speed options and an LED display, it is easy to enjoy this product. 

You can connect CDs, cassettes, AM/FM radio, USB/SD devices, MP3 devices, and more.

If that wasn’t enough, you can also connect your smart devices thanks to the BlueTooth feature!

Plus, the DL All in One Record Player has easy to use buttons and can be found at an affordable price.

A perfect mixture of vintage and modern turntables, get yourself a great vintage record player. It’ll look great in your living room! 

11. BANDC Antique Vinyl Record Player

BANDC has an Antique Vinyl Record Player that I’m sure you’ll love!

Featuring 2 built-in 20W stereo speakers, one 10W silk treble speaker, and one heavy bass speaker, this turntable will emit music like never before.

It supports two listening speeds and three listening sizes.

It also has built-in Bluetooth so you can stream your personal devices and more with little to no effort. 

Not only is this record player efficient, but it is also elegantly designed with a pure copper horn and anti-oxidation plating.

Whether you are looking for a record player for yourself or someone you know, choose the BANDC Vinyl Record Player

12. TANLANIN Vintage Vinyl Record Player

The TANLANIN Vintage Vinyl Record Player supports 3 speeds and has built-in speakers that feature upgraded and premium sounds!

The smooth play and quality music can be credited to the belt-driven turntable.

It has an easy to use and friendly control panel with an LED display and 1 knob control for every function. 

Plus, this turntable does not take up too much space and is perfect for any room.

Not to mention, you can convert records into MP3 files through the recording function and stream songs via Bluetooth addition.

Don’t wait, purchase the TANLANIN Vintage Vinyl Record Player before it’s too late!

13. Victrola Retro Bluetooth Record Player

You can’t go wrong with a Victrola Retro Record Player because it’s more than an average record player!

This turntable records your vinyl to other formats such as MP3s and has a CD player, AM/FM radio, Bluetooth, a headphone jack, and an aux. 

There’s no need for any extra equipment because it already comes with everything you need.

Plus, it features three sound speeds with minimum vibrations.

So you can listen to music at the highest quality and has a classic look!

The controls are super easy to use and the record player itself is beautifully crafted to create that retro look loved by many.

14. JORLAI Record Player

Are you looking for a technologically advanced record player that also looks visually appealing? If so, look no further than the JORLAI Record Player!

It’s great for vinyl lovers! 

With a built-in Bluetooth receiver, you can play music from your phone without a wire that can get in the way.

This turntable features three speed settings and comes with a 2100 mAH rechargeable lithium battery, built-in BT speakers, an RCA output, a headphone jack, and an aux.

This record player works like others, by turning vibrations into electrical signals, but has advanced technology to make it sound great! 

The JORLAI Record Player makes the perfect gift for anyone in your life who loves to listen to music in various ways.

Plus, it doesn’t come at a high price!

15. Audio Technica Stereo Turntable

Next up is the Audio Technica Stereo Turntable!

This vintage looking turntable has modern features with an ac adapter, switchable phono preamp, aluminum platter, included cartridge, fully automatic belt driver with 2 different speeds, and a redesigned tone arm base and head shell. 

It even comes with necessary accessories such as a detachable RCA output cable, a 45 RPM adapter, and a removable dust cover.

Give the gift of an incredible music experience with the Audio-Technica Stereo Turntable!

16. Kedok Vinyl Record Player

Welcome to the Kedok Vinyl Record Player!

This turntable is easy to use with three speeds, RCA outputs, Bluetooth input, a built-in stereo system, an aux line, and even a headphone jack.

Not only is this record player made well on the inside, but it also features a vintage suitcase design, making it convenient to carry and also giving it a beautiful look in any setting.

Plus, this record player is at a great price point for those on a tight budget!

Take your listening up a notch with the Kedok Vinyl Record Player and see what magic portable record players can offer! 

17. Victrola Nostalgic Record Player & Multimedia Center

The Victrola Nostalgic Record Player & Multimedia Center has everything you need and more!

Featuring a three speed belt–driven turntable and a 30 watt powered speaker, this turntable enables you to listen to music with minimum vibrations.

On top of that, you can listen however you want!

Whether that’s a record, CD, cassette tape, AM/FM radio, or from your smartphone thanks to the Bluetooth capability. 

Made out of beautiful mahogany wood, the Victrola Nostalgic Record Player & Multimedia Center is sure to be the topic of conversation during any gathering with its top-notch design and function!

18. Crosley Anthology Vintage Suitcase Turntable

Want a vintage looking suitcase that will add a pop of color to any room? If so, check out the Crosley Anthology Vintage Suitcase Turntable.

This turntable has 3 available speeds with big built-in speakers and newly improved technology.

The good sound quality is made better by the pre-mounted moving magnet cartridge which helps avoid scratching.  

Not only that, but this product also features Bluetooth technology and has adjustable pitch control so that you can listen to music your way.

Available in six different colors, the Crosley Anthology Vintage Suitcase Turntable is the perfect record player with a vintage touch!

19. Victrola Bluetooth Record Player

Another fantastic turntable from Victrola is their Bluetooth Record Player

An 8-in-1 entertainment center, this record player has a variety of different purposes from playing music on a record to streaming music on a smartphone, CD, cassette player, and more. 

New upgraded premium sound quality ensures minimum vibrations on this 3 speed turntable.

It also features a full function remote control for easy use. 

And the best part is, that you don’t need any extra equipment to use it!

Purchase this crafted turntable, offered in five different colors, now!

20. 1 BY ONE Bluetooth Turntable 

The next vintage record player is the 1 BY One Bluetooth Turntable!

Made on a solid iron platter, this record player is solid and durable.

It also connects to computers via USB and converts audio to MP3 files, for convenient online storage.

The Bluetooth functions enable streaming from smartphones, tablets, and PCs. 

On top of that, it features 36 watt speakers and a wireless turntable HiFi system, making your listening experience more advanced.

Order the 1 BY ONE Bluetooth Turntable, a turntable that both works and looks great, today! 

21. MUSITREND Record Player

The MUSITREND Record Player is a 9-in-1 record player with several functions!

CDs, cassette players, digital radio, USB / SD playback, and smartphones are all supported by this record player and make it stand out.

The turntable is 3-speed and plays 3 sizes of records with a 45 rpm adapter.

The power button and switches are easy to use and give you proper control of the music. 

Whether you are using this record player to listen to music or just as a decoration, the MUSITREND Record Player is a perfect gift for someone who loves anything with a vintage look! 

22. VInYL MUSIC ON Vintage Turntable

Still, searching for a beautiful looking and efficient record player? If so, check out the Vintage Turntable by the VInYL MUSIC ON Store!

This record player has 3-speed options and is compatible with every vinyl size.

The built-in Bluetooth receivers enable you to stream music on your own phone without needing a wire.

It features 2 full-range stereo speakers that provide the clear sound you deserve.

Plus, the vintage turntable has an advanced anti-skating system that prevents your vinyl from getting scratched or ruined.

Made with real black wood, this turntable will not disappoint! 

23. LP&No.1 Bluetooth Turntable

You don’t want just any record player, you want the best, which is why you should consider the LP&No.1 Bluetooth Turntable!

This belt drive turntable is both fashionable and vintage looking made out of green wood that gives it an earthy, older look.

Featuring separable speakers that emit sound at the perfect volume, this record player also has Bluetooth so you can play music from your favorite devices. 

Not to mention, the 3-speed belt drives with an auto-stop setting which automatically stops when it reaches the end of the record.

Accompanied by a removable dust cover, the LP&No.1 Turntable is the ideal gift for any music lover!

24. Victrola Vintage Suitcase Record Player

It can be difficult to find an excellent turntable that has every feature you need while still having that vintage look you want.

The Victrola Vintage Suitcase Record Player has it all!

Featuring a 3-speed belt-driven turntable and built-in Bluetooth speakers, you can listen to music through this turntable in a variety of ways.

Additional equipment isn’t necessary because it already has everything you need built-in. 

With knobs and switches that help you control the settings, the Victrola Vintage Suitcase Record Player’s one of a kind craftsmanship and build are in a class of their own!

25. LuguLake Record Player

Love record players with a copper horn? Then you need to see the LuguLake Record Player!

The flower shaped pure copper horn features a 10W tweeter with the left and right sides featuring 20W frequencies.

This product supports 2 different speeds (33 and 45 RPM) and the sound is 360 degrees, giving you the ultimate listening experience.

Even though this turntable has a vintage appearance, it includes Bluetooth technology so you can listen to music from a USB, Aux, or smartphone. 

The base of the LuguLake Record Player is sturdy and crafted to ensure efficiency.

26. LoopTone Vinyl Record Player

Introducing the LoopTone Vinyl Record Player!

With 33, 45, and 78 speed options and 2 built-in speakers, this product is bound to provide never-before sound.

It also includes a CD player, cassette player, FM/AM radio, USB SD MMC, and more.

Plus, Bluetooth technology allows you to stream music directly from your phone. 

Additionally, because the LoopTone Vinyl Record Player is made out of wood, the music is both louder and richer than other products.

Order this easy to navigate and specially engineered record player today!

27. 1 BY ONE High Fidelity Turntable

The 1 BY ONE High Fidelity Turntable is both functional and fashionable!

Featuring 33 and 45 RPM speeds, an adjustable counterweight, and Bluetooth streaming, this product has every essential you need.

The high quality speakers and the built-in preamp that allows you to connect to amplifiers set this product apart from many others. 

In addition, the 1 BY ONE Turntable is made out of premium walnut wood, giving it a timeless look.

Thanks to this great turntable, you can now listen to music without distortion.

Upgrade how you listen to music now!

28. TANLANIN Vintage Suitcase Record Player

Record players are great, but sometimes they can be a hassle. Not the TANLANIN Vintage Suitcase Record Player though!

With adjustable speeds, a scratch-resistant modern turntable, and a flexible arm-lifter, the record skipping or vibration is not a worry.

The suitcase design was created to carry this record player anywhere with ease. 

Plus, there are other advanced features! 

You can either utilize the built-in stereo systems that provide a rich sound, or you can take advantage of Bluetooth technology and stream a song right from your phone.

No matter how you choose to listen to music, the TANLANIN Vintage Suitcase Record Player has you covered!

29. WOCKODER Record Player

The WOCKODER Record Player is both lightweight and easy to use, allowing you control over the speed of music, the source of the music, and if the music automatically stops at the end or not!

Great for a beginner vinyl user, this product has 2 built-in stereo systems and doesn’t require any extra equipment. 

The WOCKODER Record Player comes with a removable dust cover for ultimate protection and displays artisan brown wood that radiates a rustic vintage design.

Start your record player collection with the right product.

30. Victrola Wood Metropolitan Mid Century Modern Record Player

Welcome to the Victrola Wood Metropolitan Mid Century Modern Record Player!

With a belt-driven turntable, three speed options, and built-in stereo speakers, you can’t go wrong with this amazing record player.

It also features Bluetooth technology, so you have the option of wirelessly streaming any compatible device. 

In addition, the Victrola Wood Metropolitan Mid Century Modern Record Player has a classic FM radio with an analog tuner and a 3.5mm aux-in and RCA output connection, making for an incredible time listening to music.

No matter your music style, this record player is the right one for the job!

31. VOKSUN Record Player

The VOKSUN Record Play exhibits the perfect combination of vintage and modern components!

Made from crafted wood, this record player has elegant details that are sure to be popular among anyone who sees it.

With an all-in-one turntable that has three speeds, this product is great for any level of experience with vinyls.

The Bluetooth receive function allows you to wirelessly stream music from your phone through the player.

If that’s not enough, you can also use the headphone jack, Aux, RCA out, or AM/FM radio settings.

You deserve a speaker that fits your specific music needs.

The VOKSUN Record Player and its dual built-in speaker can do just that.

32. Crosley Portable Turntable

Portable, convenient, and affordable. The Crosley Portable Turntable has it all!

With a 3-speed turntable, USB technology, and a headphone jack, you can listen to your favorite songs in a new and improved way.

The built-in stereo systems produce an incredible, rich sound and this record player also features software for ripping and editing audio. 

The suitcase design makes this turntable easy to carry while giving a vintage appearance that can’t be replicated.

Buy the Crosley Portable Turntable and trust that you will receive an experience like never before!

33. Crosley Deluxe Vintage Suitcase Turntable

Are you in search of a vintage turntable that allows you flexibility in terms of what you listen to and how? If so, look no further than the Crosley Deluxe Vintage Suitcase Turntable!

With the Bluetooth feature, you can play your music from multiple sources, such as your smartphone. 

The stereos are full-range, dynamic, and produce a clear quality sound.

The turntable itself is belt-driven and features 3 speeds and has an adjustable pitch control.

Plus it’s at a  reasonable price! 

Even though the Crosley Deluxe Vintage Suitcase Turntable is packed with many useful components, it is still portable thanks to the suitcase design.

34. Artist Unknown Wooden Phonograph

Have you heard about the Artist Unknown Wooden Turntable? If not, I’m here to tell you all about it.

You can listen to music via Bluetooth, USB, or Aux technology, and the settings are easily controlled either by the wireless remote or by the digital panel.

Anyone who adores vintage pieces of art or furniture will love this turntable because of the copper horn and wood design. 

It’s for this reason that the Artist Unknown Wooden Turntable is the perfect gift for any music or vintage enthusiast.

Get one today and understand just how incredible it is!

35. BULUMO Vinyl Record Player 

The BULUMO Vinyl Record Player has 3 speeds, built-in stereo speakers, a belt-driven turntable, and numerous listening options!

With Bluetooth wireless technology, you can listen to any song on your smartphone in the digital format or choose to use the USB recording function.

Converting vinyl records is easy thanks to the MP3 / WAV format and because of the premium sound quality.

You can listen to music in a smooth and crisp way, without vibration or distortion.

Not to mention, this product is retro designed with a leather surface.

So when you are easily carrying the BULUMO Vinyl Record Player around thanks to the suitcase design, you can be sure the surface won’t be damaged.

Get the most for your buck with this great record player!

Final Thoughts

If none of these work for you, try some other vintage record players, like the fluance rt81, the linn lp12, the pink triangle tarantella, thorens td-125, thorens td-124, or a japanese table, like Yamaha!

If you want to buy a used turntable, there are great places to get it restored, like Vinyl Nirvana! 

Remember, vintage record players provide a great aesthetic and feeling that today’s turntables can’t compare to!

Stop your search for the best record player, put that old vinyl collection to use, and check out one of these today!

That is the scoop on the best vintage turntable to give you that unique sound that you love!

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