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35 Of The Best Crystals For Focus And Concentration

Focus is something that everyone struggles with at one point in their life. Whether it is because of the distractions of modern technology, or simply just being unable to stay on task, focus can be a challenge.

And while many things can help you improve your focus, crystals are no exception.

However, not all crystals are made equal when it comes to aiding focus. Our energy levels and mental states can change all the time and be unexpected too, which can be very difficult to deal with.

Each crystal has different healing properties and powers, but they will all help you keep a positive train of thought!

If you are looking for The Best Crystals For Focus, then this is the article for you. There are many different crystals that one can choose from when attempting to focus on something or to stay focused throughout the day.

While some stones are better suited for certain situations than others, there are some that work well for all types of everyday tasks in your daily life!

We have compiled a list of the best stones to help with focus and concentration!

1. Amethyst

Amethyst has long been hailed as the ultimate protection stone. With its ability to absorb negative energies while transmuting them into positive ones, it is no wonder that this incredible crystal is also great for focus!

It symbolizes peaceful and calming energy, which can be great when you have constant mental chatter and feel stressed.

2. Garnet

For those who struggle with distractions and get startled easily. Garnet is a great way to help you stay focused in just about any situation.

With its grounding properties, Garnet will help you get through even the most distracting of days! It is a great stone to have to do during stressful situations.

3. Jade

Ideal for those who love to draw or want to expand their creativity. Jade is another great crystal for focus because it helps people with concentration when they are drawing or painting.

Additionally, this crystal also helps the individual block any brain fog when in a creative environment. Making it perfect for artists!

4. Labradorite

A powerful stone that emits silvery light, labradorite is said to bring both passions and focus to its users. It does this by allowing you to emotionally detach yourself from things that are hindering your professional success. While also helping you to focus on the aspects of your life that are truly important.

It can heal and protect the energy that surrounds you and attract a positive change to your life! This stone is also known to boost self-determination, motivation and prevent a lack of focus when doing any task!

5. Malachite

With its potent energies, the malachite stone is both a grounding and protecting stone. Making it ideal for individuals who need help focusing.

Whether you place this stunning crystal on your work desk or in your home office, it will combat stressful times and help you get in the zone!

This powerful crystal is also connected to the heart chakra. This can help you get in touch with what you are truly feeling and help support personal growth!

6. Moonstone

A stone that absorbs the sun’s energies while glowing at night under a full moon, moonstones are said to be connected to intuition and psychic abilities.

And because of this, they are often used by people who need all of their senses heightened in order to stay focused. This crystal is also known to develop better communication skills as well as help balance your rational thoughts when making decisions!

7. Onyx

For those who need help with their mental clarity, onyx is a must-have. Not only does it aid the mind by preventing scattered thoughts from hindering your concentration, but it also helps to purify and remove toxins from the body.

The onyx is known as the student’s stone and works wonders for students during exams! Moreover, it can also block negative thoughts from entering your mind.

This is a great stone to have to improve your mental abilities!

8. Rose Quartz

Many people who begin to study crystals and their properties often find themselves wondering: “How can a pink crystal help me focus?”

However, for those who suffer from ADHD or other conditions that make it difficult to stay on task, having a rose quartz crystal nearby can not only help you feel calmer but also get the job done!

It is known as the stone of unconditional love and the grounding stone! It can be very useful for mindful practices and focusing on gaining back your personal power!

9. Snowflake Obsidian

Known as the stone of purity and innocence, snowflake obsidian is a beautiful crystal with strong protective properties.

And because it can absorb negative emotions while still providing powerful grounding energies, this stunning stone is perfect for those who need to stay focused in chaotic or busy working environments!

It is used among various energy healers and can help reconnect your mind, body, and soul!

10. Sunstone

With their brilliant shimmer and ability to absorb energies from the sun, sunstones are a must for individuals who feel like they need all the help they can get when it comes to staying focused and on task.

So whether you place this crystal next to your computer monitor or keep it in your pocket while studying, you will find yourself getting more done!

The energy of the crystal can help with self-love and nurturing to help restore the joyfulness in your life!

11. Tiger’s Eye

As far as crystals for focus go, tiger’s eye is one of the most popular. This is because not only can it help you get in the zone when studying for long periods of time but it also protects against negative energies that could otherwise hinder your efforts.

So whether you’re at work or simply need to do some research online, it’s always a good idea to surround yourself with this lovely stone!

Tiger eye is also a great aid to help prevent creative blocks and bring your new ideas to life! It can help your mental health tremendously and help keep a positive attitude!

12. Clear Quartz

For those who want to get the most out of their crystals, clear quartz is another must-have. Not only can it be programmed to your specifications but it also has the ability to amplify the positive energies in any other stone!

So if you need a little boost in order to stay on task and accomplish your goals, program this amazing one-of-a-kind crystal to help you stay focused!

Clear Quartz is connected to the throat chakra and helps you keep your emotions balanced and be able to speak how you truly feel to people! Use this crystal in your daily routines when you have to speak up about something or express how you feel!

13. Hematite

For those who need help staying on task during the day, hematite is your new best friend. This gorgeous stone has natural calming energies that can easily promote focus and concentration while also helping you to reflect upon the choices in your life that are truly important.

It can be known as the stone of endurance because of its ability to keep you grounded and motivated to accomplish any of your dreams and goals!

It is great to have when you want to block any mental distractions or negative excess thoughts from entering your mind!

14. Smokey Quartz

Another great crystal within the quartz family! For those who need help focusing while studying long hours, smokey quartz is a great option.

As far as crystals for focus go, smoky quartz is ideal because it can also absorb negative energies that could cause you to become distracted or lose your train of thought.

It is a favourite crystal to use to help with your mindful routine and to help you make wise decisions!

15.Blue Sapphire

For those who need heavy-duty help focusing, blue sapphire is a smart option. Not only does this blue stone provide you with all of the benefits of other crystals for focus but it also provides you with protection so that your thoughts and ideas are kept safe at all times!

It can be considered the stone of the mind because it represents wisdom and can help you communicate better!

These focus crystals can help you stay calm and help you get back in touch with your thoughts and emotions on a deeper level!

16. Citrine

Another popular stone for individuals who need assistance focusing, citrine is an excellent choice. Citrine attracts positive energy and keeps you protected from outside negative influences so that your focus is never broken.

A good time to use this crystal is when you need a little extra help connecting with people and forming relationships.

It helps you understand another person’s feelings and improve your mental processes. Citrine is a very good choice to add to your crystal collection and can enhance your life in so many different ways!

17. Black Tourmaline

Known for its intense shielding abilities, black tourmaline is the perfect crystal to carry with you when taking tests or otherwise working in an extremely chaotic environment.

This stone will protect your thoughts and ideas from being heard by others while also helping you to become more grounded. It is connected to the root chakra, which can help block any negative vibes and bad habits.

It will continuously bring balance and harmony to your life, which is great when it comes to focus and communication!

18. Aventurine

When it comes to crystals for focus on exams or other projects that require intense mental focus, aventurine is the way to go.

This stunning stone not only helps you become more focused but also provides you with good luck so that your efforts are never in vain!

Green Aventurine will always bring courage and luck into your life, which is great for new beginnings!

19. Red Jasper

It’s no secret that red jasper is an extremely helpful stone when it comes to grounding the mind, body, and spirit.

So if your goal is to stay grounded while also staying focused on your studies or work project, these are the right crystals to have! They can be used during a spiritual journey and help you get in touch with your inner energies!

20. Iolite

Known for its inspiring energies, iolite is a great choice for individuals who need help staying focused when it comes to creative projects.

As the stone of ambition, iolite will not only provide you with mental clarity but with the necessary motivation to accomplish all of your goals!

This crystal is connected to the third eye chakra & the solar plexus chakra that can connect you to the higher spiritual realms and improve your awareness!

21. Rainbow Fluortie

Although it’s not always easy to stay present in the moment when undertaking all of the tasks that need to be completed in a day, rainbow fluorite can help you do just that.

This stone provides you with protection while also boosting your self-confidence so that you’re less likely to lose focus right when you need it most!

22. Tiger Jasper

Believed to help make one’s intentions manifest, tiger jasper is an excellent choice for students or others who are working on their own personal goals.

This stone will not only provide you with protection but will ground your thoughts while also keeping back any negative influences that could cause you to lose focus!

These are people’s favorite crystals to have when trying to pursue your goals in the work environment!

23. Lapis Lazuli

If you’re in need of some serious focus in order to get your work done, lapis lazuli is the perfect stone for you.

This stunning crystal will not only stimulate the mind but will also keep you secure and protected from outside influences that could distract you while working!

Lapis Lazuli can also improve your communication and encourages honesty and truthfulness!

24. Green Quartz

For students or professionals who need help staying focused when tackling large projects, green quartz is the stone for you.

Not only does this stone provide you with grounding energies but it also helps to realign your connection to earth so that you can get back on track! It is great to use for crystal meditation to increase your focus and concentration!

25. Green Fluorite

As one of the best crystals for focus, green fluorite will stimulate your mind while also grounding you. So if you need help concentrating on what’s important or staying grounded when working towards your goals, bringing this stone will be a wise decision.

It helps with rational thinking and block any bad vibes from entering your life! This is a great stone to have when you want to try new things and not be held back by your subconscious thoughts!

26. Pink Opal

For individuals who are struggling to stay present when trying to complete a task or remember something important, pink opal is the perfect crystal for you.

This stone provides you with good luck while also protecting your thoughts and allowing you to become more focused on what’s in front of you!

27. Aqua Aura Quartz

Known for its powerful energies, aqua aura quartz is a great choice for students who can’t seem to stay focused.

This stone will not only help you to concentrate but it will also provide you with protection from outside negative influences!

28. Carnelian

If your goal is to become more focused, carnelian is the crystal for you! The energy that this stone brings to the surface can help you to become better organized while also protecting your thoughts from being heard by others.

29. Lithium Quartz

Lithium quartz is the perfect stone for people who need help concentrating on singular tasks that are usually overlooked. Since this crystal enhances concentration, it’s an excellent choice for students or professionals who need to stay focused when tackling smaller goals.

30. Apatite

Apatite is the best stone for individuals who are trying to make sense of different concepts or theories. This stone can help you to put together ideas in order to find solutions that might seem like they’re out of reach, making it the perfect choice for students or professionals!

31. Aquamarine

As one of the best crystals for focus, aquamarine will not only stimulate your mind but it will also protect you from outside influences that might try to distract you while working or studying.

So this stone is a great choice for students and professionals! This crystal can help with the flow of energy since it has similar healing properties like the ocean!

Similarly, amazonite is another crystal that can help keep your flow of energy balanced because it comes from the amazon river. The flows of these two waters can be a powerful healing property and enhance your life in a positive way!

32. Deumortierite

If you’re having trouble staying focused, bringing deumortierite to work or school with you can help. This stone not only enhances focus but it also helps you to become more intuitive while allowing fear and other negative energies to be released from your thoughts!

33. Charoite

This stone is an excellent choice for individuals who are trying to concentrate on their work or studies, as it allows you a level of protection from outside forces.

So if you find yourself struggling to stay present when working, try carrying a piece of Charoite with you! It also known as the stone of transformation because it symbolizes deep change and growth within a person!

Use Charoite during crystal healing and you will soon feel the powerful and motivating energy around you!

34. Moldavite

As one of the best crystals for focus, moldavite can help you to see your true potential while also keeping you protected from outside influences that could cause you to lose focus.

So if you’re in need of some serious concentration while trying to get things done, this stone is the perfect choice for you!

35. Larimar

Larimar is perfect for individuals who are studying or looking to make sense of different concepts while work. This stone will enhance your focus while also calming the mind so that you can think clearly, making it an excellent choice for students and professionals!

These crystals can help those with ADHD and those who struggle to concentrate. Some of these stones are even effective for those who suffer from focus issues. Use these to help you focus and complete tasks.

By Manifesting any of these crystals , it will help with concentration and focus!

To manifest you need to have a clear, concrete intention for your stones. Hold the healing crystals in your hand and state your intent as you hold it.

Be as specific as possible. State what you want to manifest, where this will happen and who is involved. Remember to be open to the universe when you are making your manifestation list.

Be clear on your intent and have it in mind at all times. Remember that the universe will provide!

Now you can manifest or draw in any of these crystals for focus.

The beautiful thing about healing stones is that they make great focus tools! A great way to feel the effects is placing these stones in a crystal grid and you can manifest your desires!

So bring them with you to job interviews, work meetings or even when tackling homework!  Practicing crystal mindfulness will help enhance your life in so many positive ways!

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