35 Signs A Taurus Woman Likes You

The Taurus zodiac sign is very different than others when they like someone, so you must follow these steps exactly if you want to know how to tell if a Taurus woman likes you. If you make even one mistake, there’s a chance that things could go from a great time to a bad time, fast. This means it’s important that you do everything right!

Taurus women will not say anything about their feelings, and they won’t even hint at it either. They don’t want to seem weak or desperate. So, they keep quiet about their feelings until you make the first move as well.

They might keep you guessing, but you don’t have to! Here’s the scoop on the 35 signs a Taurus woman likes you!

Taurus Female Personality

There are a few things that you need to know to make a good impression on Taurus people. With a little bit of carefulness, you need to keep these things in mind before you decide to ask a Taurus woman out. You must first figure out what is a regular part of her life. Pay very close attention!

She is an independent woman, very ambitious, and has a strong work ethic. She will probably always take care of herself financially. In terms of her relationships, you won’t have to worry about paying for everything all the time. But don’t expect her to pay for things either because chances are she’ll make you do it!

Taurus signs take great pride in their appearance and how clean they stay. If you live with a Taurus, you should consider yourself lucky; she will keep your house nice and tidy at all times.

Taurus Woman Likes Men With The Following Traits

Chances are if you’re reading this article then a Taurus woman hasn’t said anything about liking you yet. This is a sure sign she doesn’t want to come off too strong or desperate. But the truth is that it means she probably has some feelings for you!

If you want to know how to tell if a Taurus woman likes you, the first thing you need to do is make sure that she has seen all of your best qualities. This takes some hard work!

She needs to feel an emotional connection, and see you as a person with good energy. If there’s even one bad quality out of many, then it could be enough for her not to like you anymore!

Taurus women like men who are very masculine and independent. These traits show that they are a real man that can take care of themselves and also provide for their family. If a Taurus woman doesn’t see any sense of ambition in you or your career path, she won’t date you. It shows that either the relationship isn’t important enough for you, or she might feel like she’s providing more than what you’re giving back to the relationship.

Taurus women also like men (or a sun sign) who are very career-focused and driven towards success. She is an introvert with a gentle touch until she gets out of her comfort zone. So, until she opens up, it’s nice if you let her have some alone time once in a while. She will need some personal space now and again.

She may even like to do things by herself; however, this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want you around! She also enjoys quality time and enjoying the finer things with you. You’ll always know what a Taurus woman likes if you pay attention and be aware of these things! Taurus love is like no other.

Don’t Mistake Her Attention For Interest

Taurus women don’t show their interest as much as other zodiac signs. But they will give very strong hints of their feelings instead.

Sometimes guys mistake the little things like being overly friendly as immediate interest. Sometimes the other zodiacs go further than a Taurus woman wants them to. This is why you need to pay attention so you don’t make this mistake yourself!

A Taurus female isn’t going to send you too many clear signs; she’s the kind of person who doesn’t want other men thinking that she’s easy. But there are some things that she will do if she really likes you…

Subtle Signs She Likes You

One of the top subtle signs is how she interacts with you. A Taurus woman will go out of her way to talk and start a conversation with you. That is if you pique her interest.

The Taurus star sign will also give you subtle compliments, or make excessive eye contact. She might say something like “I like your shirt” or might say something nice about your material possessions.

She might even defend you against another person who is trying to insult you. But she won’t do it in an over-the-top way like some other zodiac signs might.

Most guys get this wrong! They think because the Taurus woman isn’t saying anything, then there’s nothing going on between them; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth!

There are many things that she does when she likes someone, which not everyone knows about yet. If you pay close enough attention, then you will see that she definitely has something going on with you!

Lots Of Compliments

One of the biggest hints from a Taurus woman that she likes you is through compliments. She may not make the first move, text it or say it out loud. But keep an eye on how many times a day you get compliments from her.

When a Taurus woman likes someone, they always find little reasons to let them know and give compliments! If they don’t have feelings for you, they won’t find a reason to give compliments unless it’s something very important.

One of the great things about her: when a Taurus woman makes the right move and finds someone she likes, she goes the extra mile to encourage them to be the best that they can be. She wants someone who has goals and ambitions for the long haul. To her, she wants a long-term partner who shows personal ambition.

A Taurean woman wants to see that they are smart, driven, and most importantly – successful! This is why being career-focused is one of the most beautiful things when talking about a Taurus woman’s dream man. It means he will be on her level or even the next level!

Body Language Signs

When the sign of a Taurus likes you, the way that they act changes. You’ll see a Taurus woman start to act more outgoing and confident around you because she wants to impress you!

When a girl is interested in you, the first sign you will notice is her body language; however, this doesn’t mean that she isn’t shy because shy girls can like someone too.

Although the sign of the bull is quiet and shy, she doesn’t mind being a little bit flirty once in a while. Sometimes you might think that a girl isn’t interested when she’s just very reserved. Don’t always assume she isn’t into you by the way that she acts or how quiet they are acting around you!

A Taurus will start to touch you more or give you more eye contact if they like you. These are some of her subtle signs of affection. It is how Taurus women flirt and show romantic gestures.

They may not know what friends do and they definitely won’t ask about it! If someone doesn’t want to be close with their partner, then why would they kiss them?

An important thing to remember: you shouldn’t assume too much from a Taurus girl. It could totally be something else; She could just be really quiet or not sure what she wants.

A Taurus woman will love it if you give her flowers and gifts around Valentine’s Day, even though she tries to act like she doesn’t! She does this because she wants other people to think that she is a strong independent person who doesn’t need anything from anyone. If you try and buy a Taurus woman a gift for any occasion, she will love it because that means that you care about them!

She Doesn’t Bore Easily With Conversation

Taurus women act like they aren’t easy to bore (which is a good thing). First of all, she doesn’t like socializing too much in their daily routines. Secondly, she is a very deep thinker. If you want to know how to tell if your Taurus crush likes you, then this is the best sign!

She will never get tired of your long-time conversation. She is always ready with something thoughtful or interesting to say in response!

How To Tell If A Taurus Woman Likes You  – The Main Signs

So now that we know more about this fixed sign, and how Taurus women act when they like someone, we need to know how to tell if a Taurus woman likes you! Well, there are some very obvious signs and not-so-obvious ones that will help you know.

The second sign of the horoscope will stare at you for a long time. She may also smile at nothing in particular while thinking about something. This is probably because she has feelings for you!

She might actually want to hang out with your friends but feels shy about saying it. If she initiates hanging out more than you do, then chances are that it’s because she really wants to spend time with you! This is usually because when other men ask her to hang out or be part of their group activities, she doesn’t always say unless she feels 100% comfortable.

Does She Trust You?

The biggest clue that a Taurus woman likes you is trustworthiness. If she can trust you without having any reservations about whatever it is she tells you, she will pursue you more intensely than ever before.

The problem here is that most guys think “trust” means giving the girl space and privacy if she wants it. But what we really mean is not pushing her into doing anything that she doesn’t want to do.

Signs She Is Interested In Taking Things To The Next Level

Taurus LED Neon Sign
Taurus LED Neon Sign

If all of these signs add up and she tells you that she likes you, then this means she is interested in giving the romantic relationship a chance. She will be willing to put in extra effort to meet your family or friends.

She might even go on an official date for good food or good music with you. This shows her commitment because a Taurus woman isn’t exactly the most emotional person in the world!

This doesn’t mean that you can then start asking for hugs. But it’s a step in the right direction if you want to know how to tell if a Taurus woman likes you. A good sign is a little bit of mutual interest. The best way is to keep building from there. But don’t spend too much time!

If You Like A Taurus Woman

If a Taurus zodiac sign likes someone, they always want to see them again at the beginning of the relationship. They aren’t going to make plans or plan a romantic date for some fine wine. When something comes up between your schedules, you can bet that she will be trying her best to see you!

You can also tell when Taurus women like someone because they always say yes when a guy asks to hang out again. If their life schedule is flexible, they will try and figure out a day and time so that they can come over or do something together without any problems!

If a Taurus woman wants to spend time with a man, then there’s a chance that she has feelings for them. Rember that Taurus women are very busy and independent. So, she has other things to do as well.

They might not say anything at the time. But if you find yourself spending lots of time together on different days then it’s probably because she likes you.

It may seem hard to believe sometimes, but Taurus women are actually very insecure. In the eyes of a Taurus woman, when they have feelings for someone, they have bad thoughts in their head and find themselves trapped in mind games. Even if they are with that person all day long!

She may not be able to help it. But she will take anything you say very seriously and always assume that you don’t want to be around her or that someone out there is better than her.

If a Taurus woman has a love interest, then she has high expectations for them. This will make her feel more secure in your relationship. She wants you to be ambitious and career-focused, which means that you are very driven when it comes to life. If you aren’t focused on your future or what you are going to do with your life, then she won’t waste any time with you.

The Best Way To Act Around A Taurus

This Venusian earth sign is very easy-going and incredibly patient. If she likes you, she won’t throw you in the friend zone or start acting weird if you don’t respond to her text right away. This is not what she does! She will just be waiting for you to take action and make some major decisions.

This may sound like the perfect woman, but actually, it can lead to misunderstandings with other guys who aren’t as patient as she is. She is always protecting her feelings.

To avoid any confusion about how to tell if a Taurus woman likes you, just communicate your true feelings, and act normal around her unless she asks you for something specific.

A Taurus Woman Dating A Taurus Man

Taurus men are sure-fire signs with a lot of personality. Usually, Taurus natives, especially Taurus men, are compatible with other lady earth signs. People born under the same zodiac sign are always very high so let’s see how compatible a Taurus woman dating a Taurus guy is.

This Taurus female and Taurus man make a really good match because the man brings a sense of stability and sensibility to the relationship, while the woman brings spontaneity and creativity.

These signs derived from the planet Venus both have good taste and a great sense of humor. This helps both people balance each other out! For example, if they like staying at home, it won’t be such a big deal for them. Or, if one person prefers going outdoors or partying, the other one will go along with it.

Worried About Getting Hurt?

Taurus Glass Figurine Decor
Taurus Glass Figurine Decor

When a Taurus woman likes you, she tends to get very attached very quickly! This can make her nervous about getting hurt.

But on the good side, all of this passion and energy means that when she falls in love with you, she will do everything to make you happy, be included in your life, and make things work!

Don’t Miss Out On A Great Girl

So what happens if you pay attention, but you’re still not sure if a Taurus woman likes you or not? This is a tricky situation because it means you have to play your cards right and make her feel more comfortable around you. This may happen over an extended period of time.

The only way is to show her that there’s no pressure, which is why asking her out too soon could scare her off a bit. But this doesn’t mean that she has already made up her mind about being with someone else.

Take things slowly, create a healthy relationship, and show her you are a funny person. But do some flirting from time to time, just so she realizes that there might be a chance for the two of you!

Just don’t treat every conversation as a chance to flirt, or just shower her with expensive gifts; She will get used to it, and this will make her think that you’re not serious.

Sending Mixed Signals

It’s easy to think that she doesn’t like you because of past relationships or if she refuses your advances. But this is not the case! Taurus signs just need time to feel confident around you and there’s nothing wrong with that so don’t worry if she doesn’t want to take things too fast.

What you can do if you’re worried and don’t how to tell if a Taurus woman likes you, is to give her a little more space and time to open up. This way she will start feeling more relaxed around you and eventually develop romantic feelings for sure!

Don’t make the mistake of trying too hard in terms of physical objects, though. Try showing off your nice car, and this could be a turn-off for her.

When she does start feeling more comfortable around you, she will try to make it clear that she likes you by showing signs of affection. This could be on social media, giving slight hints, or she might just even ask you questions about your personal life. This is normal because most people are curious when they are starting a relationship with someone new!

Things To Remember About A Taurus Woman

You should know that when a Taurus woman likes you, she will show it in her own unique way. Just because she doesn’t send you a thousand text messages or call you every 5 minutes doesn’t mean she isn’t interested!

Another thing to keep in mind is that if a Taurus woman likes you, deep down inside she’s all about the chase. She wants to be pursued!

So, if things are too easy, she won’t understand why men are not trying harder. It takes time for her to fall head over heels in love with someone but once it happens, there is no stopping her. If you have a Taurus woman living in your mind rent-free (it’s free real estate!), be sure to follow our tips.

And remember! Patience is the key to making a Taurus woman your best friend. A Taurus woman needs time to consider her options (such a Leo man move!). So with a bit of carefulness, unless she asks for something from you, don’t push your luck if you want to know how to tell if a Taurus woman likes you!

That’s the scoop on the 35 signs a Taurus woman likes you! For more scoop on astrology related topics, you might like these:

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