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4 Delicious Gravy Based Recipes

The holiday season is my favorite time of year. I love everything about it, from decorating for the season to watching fun holiday movies under a cozy blanket. But I think that we can all agree the best part of the holiday season is the food!

A true holiday feast always makes me want to celebrate. To me, the perfect holiday meal has to include turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. But what’s the best part of a holiday meal? Gravy! It is the perfect addition to every dish!

Thanks to Chef Brian Mannett from Pioneer’s Head Research & Development, I am so happy to share mouth-watering tips and recipes involving gravy to perfect your holiday meals. Here’s the scoop on all things gravy to help make your holiday dinner a delicious success!

Gravy Tips

Gravy can be a bit tricky, so here are some tips to ensure that you get your gravy to smooth and delicious perfection!

  • Time Saver: Gravy can be really time-consuming, and during the holidays time with your loved ones is extra special. No worries! You can use Pioneer gravy mixes to make an easy and delicious gravy in no time at all so you can get back to spending time with those you care about!
  • Be Sure to Boil: Before you add your gravy mix, be certain that the water is at a rolling boil. This will make sure that the starches activate and that you get a perfect consistency!
  • Mix First: Try mixing your dry gravy mix with a little bit of water before adding it to the boiling water. This will help to make a smooth transfer so that you avoid lumps in your gravy.

Here is the scoop on 4 delicious recipes that include gravy and absolutely delicious!

Apple Bacon Cornbread Recipe

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Carmel apples and maple bacon cupcakes are fall staples for me. These flavors make me feel warm and cozy. This apple bacon cornbread recipe combines both of these tasty flavors! Crispy bacon and tender apples pair perfectly with flavors of sage and rich gravy. This dish will go fast at your dinner table, guaranteed!

Sausage Corn Bread Dressing Recipe

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The dressing is a beloved staple among many Thanksgiving dinner tables. This sausage corn bread dressing recipe takes typical dressing to another level with the addition of Pioneer Country Gravy and savory breakfast sausage. This dish is packed with flavor and meant for a spot on your Thanksgiving plate.

Country Mashed Potato Bites Recipe

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Mashed potatoes have always been my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner. Using Gravy Mix and instant mashed potatoes you too can create this soon-to-be family favorite!

This recipe is great because the toppings are customizable. Set up a cute little station for your family to customize their own mashed potato bite! Bacon, cheese, chives, sour cream, the possibilities are endless!

Cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts Dressing Recipe

We all love a delicious and savory dressing around the holidays. This cauliflower and brussels sprouts dressing recipe is an adventurous yet equally delectable take on a traditional dressing. Cauliflower, brussels sprouts and gravy are of course the stars of the show here!

More Recipe Ideas

Here are some more tasty recipe ideas to put everyone in the holiday spirit!

  • Stuffing: Use gravy as a flavor substitute or additive to stock. Pioneer gravy mixes can cut down the lengthy process of making stock without sacrificing the delicious flavor to add to your stuffing.
  • Soups, stews, and chowders: A warm and delicious bowl of soup is always a welcome addition to a cold winter’s day. If you want to save time and add some extra delicious flavor to your soup recipes, add some gravy! Pioneer gravy mixes will perfectly flavor and thicken your soup, leaving you with extra time to spend with your family for the holidays. For some inspiration check out these recipes: Hearty Pioneer Beef Stew, Country Corn Chowder, and French Onion Soup!
  • Casseroles: If you love casseroles as much as I do you have to try putting a fun gravy spin on your favorite recipe! Try using gravy as a delicious binding agent to keep your favorite ingredients together! Check out these recipes to see how it’s done: Texas Toast Breakfast Casserole, Turkey Casserole, and Skillet Breakfast Casserole!

Leftover Tips

Holiday leftovers are a special treat! My favorite things about leftovers is that you can keep enjoying the delicious holiday meal again and again. I also love making new dishes and trying new recipes so I’m not eating the same exact thing every day. Leftovers are a fun chance to experiment! Here are some great tips on what to do with your holiday leftovers.

  • Casserole: If you are looking for a simple and delicious way to mix up your leftovers meal, try a turkey casserole! You can create the perfect casserole with Pioneer’s Country Gravy Mix and Original Biscuit and Baking Mix.
  • Turkey Pot Pie: Try creating a fun twist on the classic chicken pot pie! You can use Pioneer’s Chicken Pot Pie Comfort Meal Solution which is seasoning and sauce so you can worry less. It is an easy way to make your pie flavorful without the hassle of extra time in the kitchen.
  • Stew: For a tasty and warm meal on a cold day, you can add some vegetables and turkey to Pioneer Gravy Mix to create a delicious stew!
  • Turkey Sandwich: A leftover classic, the turkey sandwich can get a little repetitive. Try adding some flare by topping it off with some cranberry relish and gravy to hold everything together!

Whether you are trying a new holiday dish, or want to put a fun spin on your favorite family recipe, gravy is the perfect addition!

Disclosure: Thank you to Pioneer Brand for sponsoring this post!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.