4 Easy Ways to Make Yourself More Stylish

You know those people who always look beautifully groomed, with immaculate hair and makeup, and clothes that don’t scream high street? You could be one of them. We are constantly evolving and redefining who we are. The same is true for our sense of style. If you think about the choices you made in your teenage years, they were likely to be very different to those you make today.

So, where do you go from here? How do you cultivate your own personal style and become known for it?

Start With Your Current Wardrobe

This isn’t an exercise in tossing out your entire wardrobe and starting from scratch. It’s more about understanding and nurturing your style. Pick out those garments that you feel comfortable and at ease in. These are your go-to pieces, the items you wear on many different occasions. They’re the outfits you fall back on when you don’t know what to wear, or you need something versatile and adaptable. Start with those and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you like about these pieces?
  • What do they say about you?
  • How do you feel when you’re wearing them?
  • Are there any patterns? For example, are they all similar colors, or shapes, etc.
  • Is there an emerging style? Eg. Edgy, vintage, glam, quirky, etc.?

You may discover that through these outfits, there’s already a sense of style emerging.

Embellish What You Have

The next step is to work with these outfits and to mix it up. Look for ways you can mix and max key pieces. Find some unexpected combinations, and don’t forget jewelry and accessories. These are the elements that can bring clothing to life; they can transform the focus of an outfit and even give the illusion of changing your shape.

If you have items that are a little old, consider making a few alterations. For example:

  • Add embellishments such as pins and brooches
  • Change the buttons
  • Alter the length of the hem
  • Add finishing touches such as collars, sequins, etc.

Many edits can be made quickly and simply by hand. For others, such as adjusting hems and adding collars, etc. you’ll need a sewing machine. If you’re fairly new to this, reviews will help. Check out the reviews to find machines such as the Brother xl2600i sewing machine for sale, and figure out the best model for your needs.

Become Your Own Fashion Expert

The next bit is the fun part. Defining and creating a personal style is not something that just happens overnight. It is something you cultivate over time.  Start to pay attention to fashion news and trends. Find the writers and curators who cover styles you like. Keep an eye on news and articles from the runways and be aware of how this trickles down to the high street. Read magazines and blogs and create scrapbooks of ideas or set up online boards.


Though we’re often at pains to distinguish between fashion and style, the two are not mutually exclusive. Once you understand and have defined your style, it’s not about sticking to the same old pieces. Keep everything fresh with new edits and twists. Rather than adopting each new fad, discern the ones that will enhance your chosen look.

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