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4 Must-Read Books For The Holiday Season

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Looking for some fun book recommendations this holiday season? These festive reads are perfect for you! These novels are also a great find if you’re just looking for the perfect holiday read for yourself of a gift for the book lover in your life!

Sit back and relax and dive into these amazing book selections, or embrace the joy of seeing the smile on your loved one’s face as they open the great books you’ve gifted them.

Sisters of the Great War by Suzanne Feldman

Taking place in World War I, this novel dives deep into the lives of two American sisters, Ruth and Elise Duncan, and their journey’s volunteering at the war front. Ruth works as a nurse and Elise works as a driver, throughout the hardships and battles of the war, they learn valuable lessons of independence, resilience, and sacrifice.

Sisters of the Great War by Suzanne Feldman is inspired by real women and speaks volumes of the importance of women throughout the Great War.

The Mother Next Door by Tara Laskowski

This is the story of a clique of suburban mothers that title themselves as the Ivy Five, introducing a newcomer into their tight-knit group just in time for their beloved annual Halloween block party. However, their party goes unexpectedly as the women each start to receive text messages that expose the dark secrets of their past.

The Ivy Five soon begins to unravel, and do I spy a hint of murder? Follow along with this suspenseful novel, and reveal the truth about who, when, and most importantly, why? The Mother Next Door by Tara Laskowski is a page turner that will keep you wanting more.

The Christmas Escape by Sarah Morgan

In The Christmas Escape by Sarah Morgan you will be captivated by this book by the relationships and the character’s strong personalities. The story is one about friendship and love, we follow two friends, Christy and Alix. Christy is currently going through a marriage crisis. And Alix is struggling to help a friend while also meeting someone from the past during a Christmas getaway. 

Sleigh Bells Ring by RaeAnne Thayne

There will always be that one special place in your heart that will always feel like home. In Sleigh Bells Ring by RaeAnn Thayne you will feel the feels. For Annalise McCade, that place is Angel’s View Ranch.

The Ranch is no longer owned by her family but by the family of Tate Sheridon who is fully determined to sell her once-beloved family ranch.  Follow Annalise and Tate as they create a holiday worth remembering. This is the perfect Christmas romance novel and shows perfectly how love may be waiting in the most unexpected places. 

These books are the perfect gift for the bookworm in your life. And if you yourself are just looking for some great reads to cozy up and read during the holiday season, make sure to grab one of these reads!  These novels give you history, romance, suspense and mystery! Let us know which book you’ll be picking up today!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.