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4 Reasons to See 47 Meters Down

When I first saw the trailer for 47 Meters Down, I could not contain my excitement.  This movie was everything I had hoped it would be and it’s a great summer flick.  After being dumped by her boyfriend, Lisa (Mandy Moore) invites her sister Kate (Claire Holt) on the trip of a lifetime to Mexico, where they seek daring adventure and new romance.  When two dreamy locals convince the sisters to try shark-diving, they decide to give it a whirl, hoping to experience the incredible adventure that they’d always dreamed of.  The two get way more than they bargained for when the rickety cage that submerges them underwater breaks free from the boat, and they are plummeted down to the ocean floor in shark infested waters.  Kate and Lisa must do everything they can to survive the horrible situation so that they can return to their normal, everyday lives.  Here are 4 reasons to see 47 Meters Down, in theaters today!

1. Mandy Moore and Claire Holt Share an Incredible On-Screen Sisterly Bond

These two sisters must go through a horrifying life and death situation, and it takes an incredibly strong bond to do so.  Mandy Moore and Claire Holt play their roles beautifully, and audience members loved the obvious connection between the two.  Not only did the two have an amazing on-screen connection, but their acting skills were amazing for a movie that was filmed mostly underwater.  Even while wearing heavy scuba equipment and masks, Moore and Holt were perfect in their roles and I couldn’t imagine anyone else putting so much emotion and passion into these characters.

2. You’ll be Sitting on the Edge of Your Seat for the Entire Movie

I have never seen a more suspenseful movie than 47 Meters Down.  I had to literally cover my eyes from the screen because I was so afraid of what might happen to the protagonists.  This movie will keep you guessing for the entire duration of the plot, and you definitely do not want to miss out on it.  

3. The Movie Features Amazing Underwater Footage and Cinematography

A large portion of this movie was filmed underwater and this unique aspect allows the film to stand out among all other horror movies.  The scenes that were shot underwater were some of the creepiest parts of the whole movie, as the dark water makes it impossible for the characters to see more than five feet in front of them.  The ocean is so vast and secluded, making it the perfect setting for a new and uncommon horror movie.


4. This Film is Filled with “Jump Scares”

For those of you that don’t know what a “jump scare” is, it basically signifies the parts of a horror movie where things or objects jump out at at the screen, causing you to scream and jump out of your seat.  This movie is filled with “jump scares” and I loved each and every one of them.  If you love these terrifying moments as much as I do, then 47 Meters Down is the perfect horror movie for you.

Are Kate and Lisa able to escape the ocean alive?  Find out by seeing 47 Meters Down when it hits theaters today!

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