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4 Reasons to See Bleed for This

It seems like there is an unlimited number of boxing movies out there, but in my opinion, Bleed for This stands far above the rest.  This inspiring story was unlike any movie I’d ever seen.  After getting into a car accident, boxer Vinny Pazienza must go against the odds and work to recover from his debilitating injuries.  Directed by Ben Younger, the plot of this movie was incredibly moving and is a must see for this month.  Here are the top 4 reasons to see Bleed for This, in theaters November 18th!


1. Inspired by a True Story

This movie is actually a true story about the life of a boxer Vinny Pazienza who was told that he’d never be able to box again in his life after being in a car accident during the height of his boxing career.  Pazienza was given the option of undergoing neck surgery, but refused.  Instead, he agreed to wear a mechanism on his head for several months to repair the damage to his spine.  The painful device– called a halo– put a huge strain on his life, but he stuck with it.  This extremely fragile device put his life at such a great risk; the slightest bump of his head could completely kill him.  Even after knowing this, Pazienza continued to train while the halo was screwed into his head, and eventually was able to box at his previous skill level after having the device removed.  Pazienza was portrayed by Miles Teller and I couldn’t think of anyone better to have played such a complex character.  His acting honestly made me forget that I was sitting in a movie theater; it was incredibly truthful and real.

2. Themes of Persistence and Perseverance

Even though Pazienza was told my many doctors that he’d never be able to box again, he didn’t let that stop him from doing what he loved.  Boxing truly was the most important thing in his life and he wasn’t about to let it slip away from him.  He continued to train and train with the halo on his head and persevered through pain and discouragement from others.  Perseverance also played a huge role in the story when Pazienza was in the boxing ring as well.  During many fights Pazienza continued to give his all, even though he was tremendously bloodied and bruised.  This story is a great reminder to stay strong and never give up when things get tough, because situations will likely turn around.


3. Extreme Fights

Not only was this movie inspiring and moving, but there was an abundance of fights included in the story.  These boxing matches were intense, suspenseful and were great contrasts to some of the more depressing scenes of the movie.  They also added to the viewer’s understanding of how truly grueling and painful a boxing career can be.  It takes a lot of will and strength to be a professional boxer and in his case to continue to fight after having such colossal injuries.  Additionally these scenes added to the sympathy that was to be felt for Pazienza as the audience watched him get brutally beaten up for many minutes.  The close up camera shots in the ring also added to the realness of the movie; it felt as if you were in the ring right next to the boxers.

4. Deeply Developed Characters

The movie includes many scenes of Pazienza’s life before and after the car accident.  This allows for great character development, and shows how a traumatic incident can tremendously change a person’s personality and views on life.  After his accident, Pazienza loses many things: his girlfriend, his boxing career and his sculpted body.  Having to work to get these things back, Pazienza realizes what loss truly feels like and is forced to put his inner strength to the test.  The audience is able to witness the changes in Pazienza and the different dynamics of his character.

This movie was truly amazing and I would highly recommend that you see it.  Each part of the plot was amazingly depicted and the movie did the true story loads of justice.  Make sure to see Bleed for This, now in theaters!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.