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4 Signs You’ve Found YOUR Perfect Job

Now, before we get started it best to point out that the perfect job probably doesn’t exist. But it is a useful thought exercise to get you considering what is most important to you in terms of your career. So keep reading to find your perfect, near perfect job.

The role

So, before you think about any other of the factors to do with the perfect job, you need to actually think about the role itself. That is what it is that you will actually be doing. It doesn’t matter if the company environment and the wage are spot on, if you are doing something that you find mind-numbingly boring, or that goes against your values. Then you aren’t going to last long.
There are many ways of dividing up jobs roles, but on the easiest tends to be the three categories of visual roles, writing roles, and speaking roles. Of course, some roles such as teaching may encompass all three. But others such as customer service representatives focuses mainly on communication ability and listening skills. So it would be properly categorized as an auditory role.

It’s important to find out where you biggest strengths lie and go with that. Because not only will that mean you will enjoy the role more, but you will also more than likely find it easier to succeed in.

The environment

Now, something else that can have a massive impact on how happy you are at work in the environment that you work in. In fact, you can absolutely love the role, but if the culture of this the company doesn’t suit you, it can make you miserable.

But how can you actually find out what it is like to work somewhere without actually working there? Well, some folks are super clever and offer to do a free internship. In which they get the chance to prove themselves, and simultaneously see whether the environment is suitable for them.

For others, it can come down to making the decision on a very small amount of information that you gain on the day of the interview. Although it is also helpful to check out reviews of the company on employment websites like this AlgaeCal reviews on Glassdoor. Then you can see what their current and past employees have to say about working there.

The pay

Of course, while many of us have additional motivation for working such as achievement, being useful, and helping people, we do all expect to get paid. Money can be a massive issue in terms of your perfect job. As ideally, you want to be paid a good wage for doing something that you enjoy.

However, it is always worth considering taking a lesser wage for a role that will be fun, than taking a higher wage for a role that you will hate. As with experience you wage will increase, but it can be all too easy to get used to the money and get stuck in a job that turns into a career that you hate.

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