4 Summer Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know

With summer approaching, it’s time to start getting ready for all things sun! Here are four summer beauty tips every girl should know!

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Use Sunscreen

Summer is all about the beach and pool, but with summer comes with the scorching hot sun! While outside, make sure you keep your skin protected by using sunscreen. SPF 15 is good for day to day wear, but SPF 30 or higher is more ideal for a day at the beach. While having fun is what summer’s all about, keeping your skin protected while you’re at it is just as important!

Keep Using Chapstick

Winter isn’t the only season where you experience dry lips; dry climates can be terrible for your lips and the hot sun can cause your lips to burn. You definitely want to make sure you keep your lips moisturized using chapstick, balms, or glosses; bonus points if your chapstick or balm of choice is infused with SPF!

Invest in a Light Moisturizer

With winter behind us, it’s tempting to ease up on the moisturizer, but don’t give up on moisturizing completely! Using a lighter moisturizer in the summer can help keep your skin healthy throughout the year and protect it sunburns, pool chemicals, and anything else you may come into contact with this summer.

Waterproof Eye Makeup

For a day at the beach or pool, waterproof eyeliner and mascara are definitely the ways to go! Avoid runny under-eyes or smears by going waterproof, especially if you plan on hopping in the pool! Waterproof mascara can also help keep your eyelashes intact and healthy.

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