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4 Surprising Aspects of #ItMovie That You Won’t See Coming

If you’re a horror movie fanatic (like me), then It is the perfect movie for you this fall!  Based on the classic novel by Stephen King, this It reboot has been dominating the media and after seeing the movie, I can understand why.  The story follows a ragtag group of kids, nicknamed the losers club, as they try to understand the ins and outs of growing up in a small town.  As many kids in their town begin to mysteriously disappear, the members of the losers club all begin to see a horrific, supernatural looking clown, that always seems to be waiting for them around every corner.  The losers club must band together to defeat Pennywise the clown, by facing their biggest fears and learning a few lessons along the way.  Here are 4 aspects of It that will surprise you!

1. It will Teach You About Facing Your Biggest Fears

Surprisingly enough, this movie isn’t just about a killer clown.  Pennywise the clown feeds off of your fears, so in order to defeat him, the losers club must conquer their fears and stay strong in the face of terror.  After seeing It, I was inspired to vanquish my fears and never look back.

2. Pennywise the Clown is Even More Horrifying on the Big Screen

After seeing photos of the new Pennywise on social media, I wasn’t too scared, but after seeing the movie firsthand, I can now say that clowns terrify me.  I didn’t think that the clown from the original It could get any scarier, but I was wrong.  Pennywise is by far the creepiest horror movie character that I have ever seen.

3. This Movie is Actually Hilarious

The kids in the losers club say some pretty hilarious one-liners and jokes in the movie, that are delightfully surprising amidst all of the horror.  I couldn’t believe how much I was laughing during this movie that I thought would solely be terrifying.  These jokes were an incredible way to lighten the mood of the film.

4. The Film has an Underlying Theme of the Importance of Friendship

Friendship is one of the most important things in life, and It demonstrates this concept beautifully.  Contrary to what you might think, running away from an evil clown actually brings the losers club together and strengthens their bond.  You never know how much your friends mean to you until there is a possibility of losing them.  

Are the kids able to face their fears and defeat Pennywise?  Find out by seeing It, in theaters today!

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