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4 Tips to Fix Up Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen the worst room in your house? It is overrun with gadgets on the counters that are just collecting dust? Has your sink seen better days, and are you taps covered in limescale? Then maybe it’s time to stage a kitchen rescue!

Find out how by reading the post below.


It’s easy to ignore the floor in our kitchen. But it is often the area that needs rescuing the most. This is because it is one of those things that just become invisible unless you are actually inspecting it for dirt or damage. But it’s important you keep an eye on it because a good kitchen floor not only looks nice but helps with hygiene and safety.

A floor with damage is more likely to be the cause of slips, trips, and falls. Not something you want a lot of, in a room where you are dealing with open flames and hot food. Also, damaged floors are magnets for germs and bacteria because they are harder to get clean. That means if you floors are looking worse for wear it is definitely time to replace them with something more suitable and safe.

Sink Area

The areas around the sink it a vital part of your kitchen, but because it is so high-use a lot can go wrong with it. For example, the seal around the sink helps to stop water getting into your counter tops and mold building up in these areas. If it is damaged, then you are setting yourself up for both hygiene and structural problems in the long run. So make sure that your regularly check and reseal this area.

Also, make an effort to care for your kitchen taps. Limescale can easily build up around this area and make it look dirty. If you need to replace the mixer tap in your kitchen, you can get a new one online at places like the Tap Warehouse.

Counter Tops

Counter space makes up a large part of a kitchen, and most people want as much as possible. But some people make the mistake of cluttering up their kitchen surfaces with unnecessary gadgets like blenders, coffee makers and knife racks.


Remember the kitchen is a warm and greasy environment and something that you have out for a long period of time will easily get dirty. Dust and bacteria will be attracted to greasy surfaces,  so you might as well make your own life easier by only keeping out the kitchen items that you use and wash regularly.

Cabinet Doors

Another large part of the kitchen is taken up with cabinet doors. In fact, your cabinet doors are vital to the style of your kitchen, and ones that haven’t been replaced, or refreshed in a while can easily make the area look old fashioned and dated.

That is why even if you haven’t got the cash to renovate your entire kitchen space it’s worth looking at replacing the doors for something more modern. Or if even that is beyond your price range, give them a lick of paint in on-trend color, which will help to create a cleaner and more modern look.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.