4 Tips for Getting Thick Hair

 There are upsides and downsides to having thick and thin hair. Thin hair tends to dray pretty quickly, great for updos, and you get to save money by using fewer products. Thick hair tends to be pretty voluminous and rocking that blowout. If you’re someone with thin hair, it may feel as if it’s impossible to achieve that bouncy and voluminous appearance that thick hair has, right? Well, you’re wrong! While achieving the illusion of hair thick hair may feel impossible, all it takes is just finding the right way to stay in the right changes in your life, and even the correct hair care products. It can definitely be done. So these are some helpful tips for getting thick and full hair.

Start with the shampoo

A good foundation to start is taking a look at what you’re putting into your hair. There are plenty of shampoos and other hair care products that focus on bringing volume to the hair, and even thickening up the hair strands too. If you’re looking to add volume then a great start is volumizing shampoo. It may sound basic, and the answer may be far too easy but it can definitely work out. Volumizing shampoo will help in swelling up the hair cuticles, this will then create a more airy appearance to the hair. In general, it’s going to help make the hair quite thick as it focuses on the roots.

Think about what’s causing you to have thin hair

There are plenty of reasons why someone may have thinning hair. It could be genetics, age, medical reasons, medication side effects, or even your lifestyle such as what you eat. If you’re able to figure out what is causing thinning hair, it can make it far easier to figure out how to solve this mess. One thing that could drastically help is Scalp Micropigmentation Hair Tattoos as this is going to help give the illusion that your scalp is completely full of hair even if it thins out (which is primarily due to age).

Exfoliate your scalp

This may sound a bit scary, or even downright painful, but rest assured that it’s not. If you’re doing all the right things to get your hair to thicken up, then it could be an issue with your scalp. As stated above, when it comes to hair thinning on the scalp, it can usually be attributed to age or diet. However, it’s not entirely the case all the time. Shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and other hair care products tend to create build-up on the scalp and this can put too much pressure on the roots. Exfoliating your scalp with a shampoo brush can really help remove all the buildup.

Avoid too much heat

You know heat isn’t best for your skin but did you know it’s not for your hair too? While heat may be nice for getting you cozy and warm, it can be bad for your hair, especially heated products.  Some products such as your curl iron could be doing you more harm than good. Hot tools are known for causing breakage, even having the water too hot could do the same. If you cannot go without your hot hair tools then look into getting heat protectant spray. 

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