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4 Tips to Get Your First Job

A lot of us are starting to take notice of a conundrum that has really started to take prominence in the job market nowadays. A lot of us will recognize the words ‘two years’ experience’ from a lot of different job adverts. That companies are looking for fresh talent, but fresh talent that is already plenty experienced. How is a fresh new graduate supposed to beat that? We’re taking a look at a few tactics.

Know where to look for jobs

The first problem that a lot of graduates have is that they don’t know where exactly to look for jobs. If you’ve missed job fairs at the college, then you might not notice there are still a few opportunities. Graduate job hire firms, for example, can help pair you up with employers looking for less tested talent. Similarly, if you see a company that you want to work for, you don’t even have to wait for them to put up a job application. The majority of jobs never make it to print or online advertisement. Take the advantage from time to time.

Sell yourself anyway

Sometimes it’s just a good idea to apply to the jobs that ask for more experience anyway. You need to be ready for the letters of your application being rejected, but there are many who will still take the opportunity to meet with you. What you need to make sure if that you have the skills besides your qualifications ready to show. Also, that you know how to emphasize them. Have some anecdotes ready in your head for that purpose.

Don’t act like a newbie

The truth is that a lot of people don’t look for new graduates simply because they don’t believe they know how to take their work seriously yet. Prove that that’s not the case. Be respectful and confident in your interviews. Whatever industry you want to work in, make it a passion on the side. For example, writing a blog or hosting a website with a portfolio that you can point to. If you have extra materials ready to show in an interview, most employers will be impressed with the degree of work you are already putting out.

Build that experience in your own time

A lot of people will balk at the idea of working without getting full-time compensation and benefit out of it. That’s their right. It’s not an ideal solution, but there are opportunities to build up your experience without full-time work. Freelancing on the internet, for one. Using family contacts to land yourself an internship. Shadowing people you admire in the business. Be persistent and find those opportunities to gain experience or even a mentor. That way you have some real-world examples of yourself in action to show when it comes to interview time.

It takes a degree of courage to throw yourself into a job market that seems hostile. Do your research and a bit of work on developing yourself, however, and you’ll find it’s not as bad as you imagine.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.