4 Ways to Cure Back Pain With These Natural Remedies

As we all age, most of us will experience problems with our back. It often starts as pain and aches in our lower back, but this can gradually get worse and spread up towards the shoulders. Some people will find that no matter what kind of painkillers they take, there is just no getting rid of their back problems! Well, thankfully, there are a few natural remedies you can try to cure your woes.

Lots of people swear by these, and claim that they are now pain-free as a result! See what you make of them all.


Ice and Heat

Whenever we strain a muscle, no matter where it is in our body, ice and heat are both great pain reliefs. This is also the case with the muscles in your back. When you first notice the pain, you should apply an ice pack. Ice will block pain signals and is also a great way to reduce any potential swelling. Just remember that you shouldn’t place ice directly on the skin as this can burn. Always have a layer between your skin and the ice. Then, have a go at placing at placing heat on your back. This will increase the blood flow and can also minimize spasms.

Improve Your Posture

One of the main reasons why we experience such bad back pain is because we spend all day at work slouching in front of our computer. This can cause a lot of strain on our back muscles and spine. You will find that the pain drastically improves if you work on your posture throughout the day. Try and sit with a straight back and your shoulders rolled back. If you find this posture difficult to maintain, it could be worth buying a waist-training corset, which is known to help with posture.

Get A Better Mattress

The position in which you sleep could have a really big effect on your back. Not only that, though, but so too will your mattress. If it is too soft, your spine won’t be getting the required support it needs during the night. Likewise, if the mattress is too hard, it could be very uncomfortable. Not too sure which mattress is best for you? Best Bed Boutique has it covered as they have a number of reviews on their site. Some people find that investing in a memory foam mattress helps their back problems.

Morning Stretches

Lots of people also claim that stretching programs like Yoga and Pilates help cure back pain and aches. If you can’t get to a nearby class, you should start each morning with some gentle stretches. There are some very simple ones you can do on your own without the help of a Yogi. For instance, as soon as you wake up, lie down on the floor with your arms raised above your head. Then, slowly raise your knees up to your chest one at a time. You can find more great stretches that target the back online.

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