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4 Ways to Get Glam For A Summer Soiree

Finally! The warm summer nights are here, and you’ll be getting invites to parties, BBQs, and the lucky among you; summer soirees (which are basically a fancy party). It’s time to pick out your best floral dress and killer heels so that you can stride over to those canapes and trays of fizz with confidence. You’ll want to look and feel top-to-toe gorgeous, so the following are some helpful tips to ensure you have a night to remember (and that you love every Instagram picture that’s posted of you).

Skin: Get Those Pins Out

The flesh you get out during the summer, the more you tend to worry about your skin. Getting into a routine of hair removal, moisturizing, sun-protection, and tanning are usually top of the list when it comes to wearing your summer wardrobe with confidence. Therefore, it’s a good idea to make those tasks less of a chore, and rethink them as a treat. Giving yourself a pampering session is the perfect way to do some leg-hair maintenance while you indulge in some sweet-smelling products and toiletries.

You’ll want to invest in a decent shaving gel or foam for your legs before you put a razor anywhere near them; then slather up and do your thing. If your gel or foam has done its job; your legs should be on the road to silky smooth and moisturized from the get-go. There is always the option to wax (ouch, but it’s over fast); you can buy some at-home waxes and strips, or visit a salon to get a professional to help. The same goes for any body hair that you’re unhappy with; there’s plenty of removal options out there for you, and it’s about feeling your best so that you can enter the party confidently.

Now that you’re fuzz free; an indulgent (or straightforward) body cream will help your skin to glow and feel gorgeous. If your limbs are going to be on show during the event; you don’t want any dry, flaky patches on your arms, legs, and body, so ensure that you moisturize from head to toe regularly, and especially on the days leading up to your soiree. Try to be mindful of hot sunny days beforehand (and always), and use adequate sun protection; you don’t want any sunburn to ruin the look of your red dress! Sun damage will also cause premature aging and dryness, so be kind to yourself and cover up and use sun lotion daily.

If you do feel that you need a little extra glow on your skin (the kind you get from a week’s vacation), then you can always pop a bit of fake tan onto your body. You don’t want to look 50 shades of orange, so try and find a product that suits your skin tone and keep it as natural as possible. Take a look here: and check out some reviews of what’s out there on the self-tanning market.

The night of the soiree isn’t the time to be using your tanning products for the first time either; make sure you’ve had at least one practice run beforehand, and you tan a couple of evenings in advance of the event. If anything should go wrong with your tanning efforts; you’ll have the time to sort it out if you’ve given yourself enough contingency.

Hair: Mermaid Goals

Whether your hair is long or short (or somewhere in between); everyone wants that effortless summer style that makes you feel like you’re on a Pantene advertisement. For you to feel your best as you leave for your party, you’ll need to have planned your hairstyle, what products you need, and any hair accessories, in advance of the get-together. If you’re deciding on what hairstyle to create half an hour before the soiree; you’re likely to turn up looking more Ursula than Aerial, so it’s crucial to plan ahead and figure out something that suits you.

The weeks leading up to your event are the time to invest in some extra TLC for your hair; so consider investing in a deep conditioning mask or two, and any products that will help to protect your hair when it’s being styled with heated rollers or hot curling irons. If you suffer from specific issues; it’s worth researching into what is the best shampoo for scalp acne or what treatments are available for dandruff and other conditions that affect your hair’s appearance. Taking the time to treat and understand your hair and scalp type will make the process of creating your favorite Pinterest hairstyle a whole lot easier (and fun).

If you just are a natural when it comes to a bombshell wave or a classic chignon; call in the professionals. It’s a special occasion, so you’re well within your rights to hire your own glam squad (or visit a local salon, it’s up to you). Try to book in a test-run or a consultation before the week of the event; this will ensure that you’re happy with what your final look will be, and if you’re unhappy, you’ll have the time to find somebody else to get you summer soiree ready.

Makeup: A Mid-Summer’s Night Glow

Summer is the ideal time to have some fun with your color choices and cosmetic products (highlighters at the ready). Glowy, dewy, and youthful skin, is the perfect vibe when it comes to your summer party makeup; so, don’t shy away from shimmer and head towards those pastel hues. You can keep the dark smoky eyes and vampish red lips for fall and winter; summer is about light metallics and pops of tropical color and heat. Your face will want to look like it’s on a great vacay, and everyone at the party will feel like they’re invited.

Bright oranges and hot pinks are perfect for nails and lips, and they’ll look great next to bronzed, shiny skin. Nail polish is the place to have some real fun with your color choices; think of aqua blues or banana leaf greens, and make a style statement while you hold your champagne flute. Lighter corals, pinks, golds, and nudes, will suit any eye color; check out some tips on the perfect smoky summer eye here and dazzle every party guest with one glance.

Again, make sure you’ve had a practice run, and know how your makeup will look with your hair and outfit, so that the night of the event with run smoothly and without any hiccups. Maybe you could add to your glam squad and visit a salon to complete your look; it’s always a joy when somebody else applies your false lashes, so why not treat yourself!


Attire: Eat, Dance, And Knock ‘Em Dead

Obviously, your main aim is to look as glamorous and gorgeous as possible for the summer soiree; however, don’t forget that you’ll want to have a great time on the night. If a dress is too tight, or your heels don’t fit properly; you’ll be stuck on a chair in the corner unable to join in the fun. Therefore, it’s important to pick an outfit that will allow you to be Beyonce on the dance-floor and nibble as many miniature quiches as you like in total comfort.

You’ve put so much effort into looking this beautiful; you deserve to have the night of your life once you’ve arrived, so choose something with movement and room to breathe (and make sure those Louboutins fit properly). Have fun with color and prints (it’s summer after all), and don’t be afraid to try something new; just make sure your outfit is part of those practice runs we keep talking about so that getting ready for the party will be a breeze.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.