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4 Ways to Live Your Life Just Like Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Everyone’s favorite Disney movie is making an epic comeback and I can’t wait to sing along to some of my favorite songs when Beauty and the Beast comes to theaters March 17th!

Belle has always been my favorite character from the film and I am so excited to see her portrayed by Emma Watson.  We all envy Belle’s grace, compassion and intelligence, so here are a few ways that you can all live your lives like Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Read as Many Books as Possible

Belle always has her hands on a book, and if you want to live like her then reading must be one of your favorite hobbies.  The fact that she’s always reading contributes greatly to her intelligence, and it makes up a big part of her character and personality.  From fiction to non-fiction, as long as you’re reading something you’re one step closer to being just like Belle!

Don’t Spend Time Caring About what Others Think of You

All the people in the town think that Belle is strange and weird just because she’s always reading and dreaming about what exists outside of her hometown.  Belle doesn’t pay any attention to what everyone else thinks about her, and if you want to live like her, then you should follow her lead and do the same.

Appearances Aren’t Everything

Belle learns to look past the Beast’s menacing exterior and ends up falling in love with his personality.  In order to live like Belle, you need to realize that appearances aren’t what’s important; the most important thing about a person is their character.  A person may not look like someone that you’d typically hang out or be friends with, but you’ll never know what they’re actually like unless you give them a chance.

Be Kind to Everyone you Meet

Belle is never rude or unkind and she truly cares about everyone she meets.  If you want to be like Belle, then it’s important to treat everyone with respect and kindness.  You never know what a person might be going through behind closed doors, so kindness and generosity are traits essential to a life similar to Belle’s.

Hopefully these tips will help you live just like Belle, and don’t forget to see Beauty and the Beast when it comes out in theaters on March 17th! Until then check out the official trailer below!

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