4 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Day

Sometimes, weddings turn into huge extravaganzas that you didn’t quite plan for, and you find yourself trying to please everyone except yourself. Trying to fit couples who’ve broken up at different tables, figuring out if your cousin’s nine month old could fit in at your no-kids reception, inviting old family friends that your parents are insisting must be there… Planning a wedding can be a nightmare and sometimes you lose track of what matters most: the fact that it’s supposed to be a celebration of your relationship and your love. Here are some tips to help you personalize your wedding to remind yourself that it’s all about you.


Accessorize Your Outfit

Add your grandmother’s antique diamond brooch to your dress, or wear the old necklace you love that was your fiancé’s first ever gift to you. Just make sure that everything you put on the morning of your wedding is filled with love. Your husband to be can also add small touches to what he’s wearing – his cufflinks could be a pair of his father’s, or a gift from you. You can also buy personalised cufflinks online with your favourite line of poetry in them. Try ‘I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)’ by e.e. cummings.

Write Your Own Vows

A lot of people get very emotional when they’re reading their vows to each other, so you’ll have to try hard to hold back the tears if you write your own vows, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Make sure you put a reference to a private joke in there that only your fiancé will understand to make it even more intimate and loving.

Add Quirky Touches To Your Reception

Think of any inside jokes or passions that you and your fiancé share. When one of my best friends got married, she and her now-husband shared a love of sixties rock music, so they named each table after a band like the Beatles or the Rolling Stones – this was a fun, quirky touch that personalized their reception without turning the entire day into a themed wedding. You can also add a personalized banner with your names on it or maybe even personalized wedding napkins – make sure you keep a stash of spares in case anyone wants to take one home to keep as a souvenir! You can also add personalized wedding favors to your reception like a tub of jelly beans with your names printed on it along, or maybe a small bag of cookies.

Make Your Own Playlist

A lot of people have a band for an hour and then a DJ for the rest of the night. If you and your fiancé love the same sort of music, you could create your own playlist for the dancing part of the evening – and save a little money without having to book a DJ! Add songs that remind you of your relationship. If you met during the first year of college, make sure you play the song that was top of the charts all that year that all your college friends will appreciate. Most of all, make sure that you play at least one sappy love song that you can slow dance to.

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