4 Ways To Look Effortlessly Glam This Winter

The winter is fast approaching and that means colder, darker nights, comfort food and indoor gatherings. Whilst it is easy to overindulge and to make less of an effort with your appearance during the winter months, with a few simple tips you can ooze glamour effortlessly this year. Let’s see how…

Head-turning eyewear

Whilst most places in the northern hemisphere experience colder weather between now and spring, that doesn’t mean the sun doesn’t still dazzle us. This is because the sun during the winter is seemingly brighter up until around January, as it is closer to earth. 

One way to instantly upgrade your tired winter look is to rock a pair of sleek sunglasses. Not only will this protect your eyes from UV rays, but it will also give you a burst of confidence. See this selection of sunglasses to pick out a stylish pair to suit you. There are so many different shapes, colors, sizes and styles to choose from, you can let your eyewear express your personality before you even say a word. As well, if you are somewhere that experiences snow or hail, wearing glasses can act as a shield when you are outside. It’s a win-win if you need your vision correcting anyway!


The seasons can play havoc with our skin. Many people experience dryer skin during the winter months. A lot of us opt to spend more time indoors over this period – therefore, the body craves fresh air to rejuvenate the skin. However, instead, you can invest in a catered skincare routine to get you feeling glam. Whip yourself up a homemade facemask specifically for your skin type, to nourish and replenish your face. Natural remedies are normally the most effective medicine, and you can find most of the ingredients you need at your local shop. 

Consider healthier diet options

With celebrations common throughout this time, so is an abundance of foods that are often far from healthy. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Of course, you can treat yourself but try not to overdo it if possible. Try to think up healthier alternatives. Instead of a chocolate Christmas cake, why not have a seasonal fruit platter? Look up recipes online and think up different options. You are what you eat after all, and if you have too much unhealthy food it can leave you feeling groggy – the opposite of glam. 

Invest in some staple pieces and accessories

Treat yourself to some new wardrobe items to keep you warm. A hat to keep your hair in place and your head warm, some durable boots to get you from A to B, or that lavish coat you’ve been eyeing up for the past few months. If you opt for timeless pieces that are high-quality then they will last you for years and will be more than worth the money you spend on them. There are plenty of online sales around this time too, so see if you can take advantage of these! With the right staple item, you can take any outfit from standard to stunning.

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