4 Ways to Protect Yourself From Mosquitoes – TV Segment

I had so much fun on Better KC sharing the scoop on how to protect you and your family from insects. Watch my tips and read below for more details.

1. Create a homemade mosquito trap. Take a water bottle and cut the top off, put the neck of the bottle into the bottom half upside down and tape together, leaving the top open. Then mix brown sugar, yeast and hot water together and pour into the bottom of the bottle. This will attract the mosquitoes, and they’ll drown once in the mixture.

2. Wear loose, long and light-colored clothing. Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors and natural body odors. To repel them, wear light-colored clothing and also wear clothes that are long and loose to prevent exposed skin. We’ve got another cool thing to wear too, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

3. Avoid stagnant water. Everyone knows that standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. For any areas that you can’t fully drain, sprinkle some coffee grounds. They draw the mosquito eggs to the surface of the water, thus depriving them of oxygen so they don’t hatch.

4. Use repellent like PARA’KITO. Natural mosquito repellents are just as effective and much safer, for you and for the environment. Since it uses all-essential oils, PARA’KITO is a great mosquito repellent for babies and young kids, pregnant women, and really anybody. The wristband is inserted with PARA’KITO’s patented pellet of essential oils that mask natural body odors. You can wear it all day and night – it’s waterproof, refillable and reusable. PARA’KITO is my go-to because of the fun colors and patterns they offer for all different ages. There’s also a roll-on gel for highly infested areas. Purchase on www.PARAKITO.com for under $20.

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