40 Best Crystals and Stones for Healing Stress and Anger Management

Crystals are excellent tools for managing stress and anger during difficult times. These crystals can help to soothe negative energies and emotions, balance energy centers in the body, calm your mind and nerves, and promote emotional healing and personal growth.


Here is the scoop on the best crystals for stress and anger!

40 Best Crystals and Stones for Stress and Anger

1. Sodalite

Discover the amazing power of Sodalite, a truly unique gemstone that can help you invigorate your energy and move forward on life’s journey. If anger and fear have been getting in your way, Sodalite can help you find inner peace.

This beautiful mineral releases negativity and supports your self-confidence. Let its calming vibrations restore harmony to your soul! When it comes to finding insight, few stones give you a more vivid clarity than Sodalite.

With this crystal, you’ll get connected to profound thoughts and ideas that will raise your overall awareness and inspire positive changes. As a bonus, the gorgeous electric blue hues of Sodalite spark joy and positivity whenever you look at them!

Make sure to bring Sodalite into your life for stress-free days ahead!

2. Rose Quartz

Make sure to love yourself first with Rose Quartz! This magical crystal is the perfect reminder of self-love, beauty, and friendship.

With its intricate macro-crystalline structure, Rose Quartz has been called the Stone of Unconditional Love. As the ultimate token of this, it’s believed to boost feelings of self-love and foster loving relationships with others.

Put a little love in your heart with this one-of-a-kind natural healing stone – Rose Quartz!

3. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is so much more than just a pretty stone – it’s a powerful tool for improving overall well-being! Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or are having trouble focusing and staying calm, the ancient Egyptians had it right when they used lapis lazuli to provide relief.

It’s been worn throughout time to ward off evil and improve eyesight. Lapis lazuli helps reduce stress, protect against anxiety, stabilize your mood and even ease symptoms of ADHD.

Together with its incredible beauty and strong associations with strength, courage, wisdom and intellect, this radiant gemstone has something special for everyone. Get ready to enjoy life better with the power of lapis lazuli on your side!

4. Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate is another great crystal for healing stress and anger management! This is said to promote calm communication and self-expression, making it the perfect stone to wear when you want to take control of your voice.

Whether you talk a lot in meetings or present to large audiences, blue lace agate can give you the confidence boost that you need. By wearing jewelry with this beautiful stone or just carrying one in your pocket, it will help make sure everyone hears what you want them to hear – and all with a fun flair!

Blue Lace Agate is a great choice for calming your nervous system. So don’t let being nervous hold you back – instead let blue lace agate give you a major confidence boost.

5. Smoky Quartz

Next up is smoky quartz, the gemstone that offers a unique solution to emotional wellbeing! Negative energies can be so draining – frustration, depression, and sadness can seem like they’ll never end.

But with the spiritual properties of smoky quartz, you don’t have to deal with this negative energy any longer! This special gem can help you to release dominating emotions and purify your soul. In no time, you’ll feel lighter in spirit and free of the burden of those negative feelings.

With its highly resonant vibrations, smoky quartz helps to harmonize your mind, body, and soul for a truly uplifting experience. There’s no need to struggle through difficult times alone anymore – let smoky quartz properties work their magic and help bring emotional calm back into your life!

6. Blue Apatite

Ready to reach for the stars? Blue Apatite can help you get there! This unique stone is an excellent choice for those with a lofty dream—or anyone looking to power up their natural energy and manifestation abilities.

Blue Apatite helps you unlock creative ideas from the spiritual realm, bringing them down into reality. Aside from its powerful metaphysical properties, it’s also known as a motivator, giving you the confidence and ambition to achieve what you set out to do.

Need a little extra encouragement? Blue Apatite could be just the ticket to get your journey started!

7. Pink Opal

Another great crystal for stressful situations is Pink Opal. Not only does it open our hearts, but it also helps us to heal from past emotional wounds and deep hidden fears.

Pink Opal is so powerful that it has earned a title deserving of its strength: “The Stone of Resolution.” With its vibrant pink hue, this beautiful stone contains a powerhouse of healing energy that can help you say a fond farewell to those pesky worries!

Whether you seek a renewed connection with your inner self, or want to expand into an ever-flows of love, Pink Opal is literally ready to take your hand and charge straight into the journey—so why not give it a go?

8. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a magical crystal that will help with anger! This clear stone enhances mental clarity, stabilizes emotions, and creates the perfect environment for manifesting. It is the perfect companion to have on your metaphysical journey!

The wonderful quartz can help you tap into your unique energy, focus on what you want, and start manifesting your dreams. Choose this powerful quartz if you are wanting to boost meditations or self-care rituals. Remember that whatever you seek, it seeks you too!

Are you ready to take control of your dreams and be master of your future? Then pick up a piece of Clear Quartz today and start manifesting like never before! If a little voice inside is telling you it’s time to leap into something new and special – Clear Quartz says YESSSS!!

9. Blue Kyanite

Are you looking to enhance your spiritual journey? Take a ride on the blue kyanite express! Blue kyanite is here to help you embark on an exploration of new depths.

This beautiful crystal is known for its connection to communication, self-expression and spirituality. It’s been linked to the throat chakra, after all – and that means it’s time for you to find your voice and speak your truth!

Blue kyanite can give you the tools, energy and courage you need to uncover walls between yourself and the Universe. Just by meditating with this gorgeous crystal, you’ll feel more connected with a higher wisdom. And believe it or not, peace isn’t far away: studies have shown that blue kyanite can also bring tranquility to any situation.

So why wait? Get your hands on a piece of blue kyanite today and explore this exciting element of your spiritual journey! You won’t regret it!

10. Amethyst

Get ready to enjoy peace, calm, and clarity with Amethyst! This stunningly beautiful stone, also known as the stone of sobriety, is the perfect way to bring a sense of serenity into your life.

This purple crystal is often seen as a symbol of peace that can bring you deeper in tune with the divine when dreaming and awake. With Amethyst by your side, you can expect sweet dreams and experiences that bring greater mental and metaphysical clarity.

Use this lovely stone to bring yourself back to balance when life’s little stresses start getting you down. There’s nothing like slipping into pure relaxation with Amethyst!

Whether you just need help with stress relief or panic attacks, the amethyst crystal is one of the best calming stones.

11. Green Aventurine

Let Green Aventurine bring some grounding and stability back into your life! This amazing crystal can help keep you from overthinking things and stuck in your head- you know, the kind of stuff that makes it hard to stay focused and connected to the present.

Put these pieces in places around your home for a dose of extra equilibrium throughout the day. Not only will this crystal align your energies, but it looks stunning too!

With its vibrant green hue, gleaming surfaces, and sparkling depths, Green Aventurine is sure to be a conversation starter in any room. Keep yourself centered and looking fashionable as you take life’s adventures one step at a time. Pick up Green Aventurine today and check out of struggle city and into balanced bliss!

12. Red Jasper

Red Jasper

Red jasper is the perfect crystal for protection, endurance, and physical strength! If you’re feeling a little unbalanced, red jasper can help keep your head positive and your feet on the ground.

It responds to the base or root chakra with its vibrant color – making it the go-to crystal for grounding and stability. This feisty, fun-loving stone will bring balance back into your life and help you find ways to overcome any struggles that come your way!

So what are you waiting for? Start living strong with red jasper crystal today!

13. Black Tourmaline

Feel your broken heart melting away with the soothing power of Black Tourmaline! This crystal is like a hug for your soul, helping to take away emotional pain and all those pesky negative emotions that prevent us from living our best love life.

Studies show that Black Tourmaline helps dissolve disruptive feelings so you can experience more love in your life. And if you’re in a relationship, this crystal will help keep it healthy by calming any quarrels and restoring peace between you and your partner.

Working with a piece of black tourmaline is a great thing you can do to help diffuse anger. By getting rid of the angry vibrations, you can focus on the important things and live a peaceful life.

14. Obsidian

It’s time to unlock the power of Obsidian. This special stone comes from molten lava and has been believed by many cultures throughout history to ward off negative energy and bring out the truth!

Its sharpness alone is recognized as a defense tool, giving you an extra sense of protection. With such power, don’t be afraid to get creative with Obsidian. Incorporate it into your wardrobe and jewelry designs for some extra style flair incorporating its unique hues.

And bring it into your home decor – this energetic product is sure to liven up any space! So take advantage of the unique powers of Obsidian today and add a bit of protection and energy to your life.

15. Opal

Opal is the divinely inspired gem symbolizing love, truth, and hope. For centuries, this exquisite stone has been believed to carry tremendous spiritual power.

Aurelian Romans saw it as a Cupid Stone with the potential to bring heart-centered passion into relationships. Those who have harnessed its dynamic energy have found strength and courage in the depths of their soul, paving the way for all kinds of spiritual awakenings.

With its enigmatic swirls of iridescent colors, Opal has long been seen as a talisman against depression and bringing feelings of harmony. So invoke authentic love and connect deeply to your highest self with the irresistible power of Opal – this timeless gem of purity and passion that radiates from within!

16. Rhodonite


Rhodonite is an amazing stone that works as an emotional balancer that clears away those pesky wounds and scars from the past. Plus, it nurtures an understanding of real, unconditional love. And did we mention that Rhodonite activates and even stimulates the heart too?

All powered by grounding energy, this beautiful stone also provides much-needed balance between yin and yang, so you can reach your highest self-potential.

This is a great crystal for working with your heart chakra to build inner strength and get rid of negative thoughts.

17. Citrine

Calling all success seekers! Citrine is here to help turn your dreams of success into reality. Get ready for some serious sunshiny vibes with this joyful and bright stone – citrine is the ‘merchant’s stone’ promising a sunny boost of good luck when you need it most.

Perfect for entrepreneurs or anyone looking to manifest great success in their life, Citrine carries a yellow hue like rays of sunshine for improved mental clarity and optimism.

Steel yourself against discouragement knowing Citrine has got your back as you pursue the things you want most in life! This is an excellent stone for crystal healing your third eye chakra.

18. Howlite

Possessing a unique, beautiful off-white hue, Howlite will add both a calming presence to any environment — and look oh-so-chic! Perfect for today’s fast moving world, Howlite is a crystal that’ll bring you back down to earth.

Essential for those wanting to retreat from their worries or simply disconnect from the hustle and bustle of life.

On top of its ability to help bring an internal peace and calm your mind, this soothing stone can also make an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home décor – whatever sort of style you’re going for!

19. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a great stone for calming stress and developing your psychic abilities. This sparkling stone has been cherished and revered by cultures around the world for thousands of years, a symbol of strength, bravery and courage.

The Ancient Egyptians were bewitched by its shimmering rays that seemed to represent the heavens above. Whether you’re looking for an ancient energy boost or just want something fun to add some sparkle to your wardrobe, Tiger’s Eye is sure to turn heads.

Its unique, fiery pattern will have everyone asking “where’d you get that?” So stop waiting in the wings and get wild with Tiger’s Eye – now’s your time to shine!

20. Amber


Amber is an amazing natural gem that’s been used for centuries, and now it’s available as jewelry! Whether you’re looking to boost your courage and luck in battle or show off your eldery wisdom and endurance, Amber has you covered.

It’s not just a pretty face either! In many cultures, Amber is thought to carry the power of healing with it. Not only can it make a fashionable statement, but it can also give you the sense of renewal and comfort.

A great tip for when working with Amber is to place it on your solar plexus chakra. This is one of the most powerful stones to bring about positive energy during stressful times.

21. Lava Rock

Are you looking for a little extra stability and courage? Lava Rock is here to help! This powerful grounding stone has been used throughout history as a tool of strength and guidance.

Not only will it give you the emotional resilience you need during times of change, but it’s also great for calming anger. Whether you want to bounce back faster or just want to connect with Mother Earth in a deeper way, Lava Rock will be there for you.

It’s an ideal reminder that you are always supported and safe, no matter what life throws at you. This stone will bring you peace of mind and help your mental awareness.

22. Emerald

The Emerald is one stone that definitely lives up to the hype. It’s been associated with friendship, peace and harmony since ancient times.

This is one of the best protective stone options for bringing calming energy. Emerald is a wonderful stone that brings healing properties to your energy levels.

You’ll be sure to feel uplifted in knowing that it can open your heart chakra, promote balance and calm your emotions – plus it promises unconditional love (isn’t that what we all want!). Whether you need a reminder of patience or inspiration through it all – this crystal will be there every step of the way!

23. Moonstone

Moonstone is known to bring with it feelings of inner wisdom and feminine energy, making it perfect for all kinds of new beginnings. But that’s not all – did you know it’s linked to fertility?

Ancient civilizations believed that moonstone was nature’s key for balancing and promoting healthy menstrual cycles in women, as well as aiding fertility. With its unique connection between the moon and lunar cycles, we are more than proud to introduce you to the wonderful source of power that is Moonstone.

This wonderful crystal is great for calming mood swings and bringing in positive energies to alleviate feelings of anger.

24. Fluorite


Fluorite is a great balancing stone. Not only will these magical stones help rid negative energy in your life, but they will also boost your mental clarity and promote a peaceful state of mind.

Slip some Fluorite under your pillow, wear it as jewelry, or hold it while meditating—Fluorite is sure to bring some positive vibes into your day!

Feng shui your life with the power of Fluorite and never look back. Start being zen today with this funky stone that’s sure to put a smile on your face.

25. Ruby

Ruby, the stone of love, is another excellent crystal for helping you get through a stressful or hard time. These stones have been cherished for centuries, and our stunning pieces are sure to be the envy of everyone you know.

Whether you’re looking for a unique piece for yourself or a meaningful gift for someone special, a ruby has something for everyone.

Once believed to provide warriors with invincibility in battle, even now these precious gems are seen as symbols of commitment and passion.

26. Celestine

No matter if you want to calm down and avoid using harsh words or manage your stress and anger for a long time, this is a great option.

Celestine has a deep affinity with the Anja, or Third Eye Chakra. This psychic chakra connects us with higher-level insight and wisdom.

As Celestine opens up this energetic gateway, you’ll suddenly notice how much more clearly you receive intuitive signals from your Higher Self. You’ll find yourself understanding even complex concepts that were formerly obscure to you.

At the same time, Celestine also amps up one’s courage and puts on the brakes when it comes to obsessive thoughts. Imagine feeling brave enough to embark on a challenging project while having deeper self-awareness and mental clarity so as not to become overwhelmed by distractions.

27. Amazonite

Amazonite is another great stone for helping with stress and anger! This dazzling gemstone has an unmistakable, ethereal beauty that’s sure to awaken your curiosity and delight your senses.

The best part? Amazonite isn’t just a beautiful stone; its powers have been known to bring clarity and soothe anxiety to those fortunate enough to bask in its healing vibes.

Indulge yourself with this unique crystal and discover why Amazonite is so much more than meets the eye. Get ready for a crystal healing experience like no other – dive into the magnificent world of Amazonite and feel your troubles drift away!

28. Hematite


Hematite is the stone of grounding and protection, making it one of the best crystals for positive actions. Not only are these precious metals a perfect way to show your individual style, but they offer immense healing properties too!

From its striking silver and grey colors to its more reddish-brown varieties, everyone can find something to fit their tastes with Hematite. And with its metallic luster, you know you’ll always be looking your best.

29. Aquamarine

Aquamarine has a shimmery light blue hue and crystal-like sheen, this gemstone exudes a look of luxury and elegance that’s sure to get people noticing.

The powerful stone also delivers mental clarity, removes energy blockages, and boosts intellect according to numerous stories throughout the ages.

So why not let Aquamarine give you a daily dose of sparkle and protection? Now is the perfect time to take advantage of these benefits—try on Aquamarine today!

30. Peridot

If you’re looking for a cheerful companion to bring some fun and delight into your life, look no further than peridot! This friendly gemstone has been around for centuries and its range of positive benefits have been well documented.

From improving mental clarity to balancing emotions, peridot offers many positive attributes that can bring order to chaos. A major perk of this bright green stone is its renowned ability to inspire eloquence and creativity – perfect for those aspiring writers or artists who get stuck in a creative rut.

Whether you wear it as a piece of jewelry or keep it in your pocket, you’ll find solace in its power to reduce stress levels, bring good health and restful sleep.

31. Charoite

Charoite is another great option to lift your spirits, increase your inner strength, and make sure you’re feeling fabulous. If you or someone you know feels like they need a confidence boost or creative jump start, turn to charoite – the stone of transformation.

Not only will it help with negative emotions, but also increase assertiveness, creativity and self-esteem. In other words? Don’t let life bring you down – let charoite be your go-to when things get tough.

While it may not be a birthstone, those born under Sagittarius and Scorpio signs should still keep an eye out for this powerhouse stone! Whether used alone or mixed in with other stones, charoite has awesome potential.

32. Carnelian


Make sure you’re always ready to take on your goals and dreams with the Carnelian stone. This fiery gem has been around for centuries, bestowing people with energy, stimulation, and unbelievable courage.

We can all use a little extra pep in our step, the carnelian stone offers just that! As a symbol of leadership and motivation, it’s great for boosting inspiration and allowing potential to flourish.

With its bright & beautiful rich hues, this is truly a sunset stone that will carry us through any obstacle life throws at us. Why go through life without that beloved carnelian meaning by our side? Reach for everything you ever wanted with the warming energy of Carnelian!

33. Dioptase

If you’re looking for a special mineral that can open your heart, look no further than Dioptase! This unique stone will bring you vibrant energy and help to reset your emotional body.

The beautiful green color of Dioptase is sure to mesmerize you and make you think of spring – it’s the perfect talisman for the renewal of the heart.

Whether you are dealing with grief, trauma, depression, anxiety or self-hate, Dioptase can bring soothing waves of life-force energy and help to ease these difficult emotions.

34. Lepidolite

Lepidolite is an extraordinary mineral that is known for its beautiful purple hue and harmonizing properties. It’s believed that this powerful crystal can help restore emotional balance in your life and create harmony between your inside and outside worlds – how amazing is that?

Its calming powers are sure to keep everyone feeling balanced and serene. Whether you’re interested in filling up your meditation corner or completing any interior design vision, you know that Lepidolite will be the perfect addition to any setting.

35. Moldavite

Communion with the divine is within reach with Moldavite! This powerful stone guides us towards spiritual awakening and ascension.

When you hold it, its healing energy will instantly start to work on your energy field, guiding you towards a higher consciousness. As it clears away fear and blocks from your heart, third eye and crown chakra, it will open up an entirely new dimension of possibilities.

Let this mystical crystal bring forth revelations that will transform your life’s path and propel you towards enlightenment. Step into the unknown and feel the sacred alchemy of Moldavite as it enlivens your spirit with unbound optimism.

Transcend old patterns and outmoded beliefs, allowing in its place a newfound passion for life that will move mountains.

36. Topaz


The elegant beauty of Topaz will serenade your soul with its calming and soothing effects. Drawing from its properties of compassion and communication, it is the perfect stone to help rebuild bridges between people.

Become steeped in the mellow aura of this special gemstone, which will bring balance and re-center your spirit. Tap into the deep wisdom of Topaz to help reconcile relationships, eliminate stress, and guide you on life’s path.

Let the mystical energy of Topaz fill your body and mind with the tranquility that allows you to take full advantage of its empathic nature. Open yourself up to empowerment from this brilliant gemstone, when you embrace it as both a physical and spiritual healer.

37. Bloodstone

Are you looking for a magical gemstone with powerful effects? Look no further than the stunning Bloodstone!

This mystical stone has long-been rooted in legend, and believed to bring forth incredible properties. This beautiful gem is thought to bring courage, motivation, creative energy, endurance and physical strength.

When equipped with a Bloodstone at your side, it helps to remove mental blocks blocking your path forward. Unleash the power of this amazing gem and revitalize your spiritual energy in a fun and unique way!

With its deep green hues flecked with reds and browns like drops of blood, these charming stones are sure to make an impact.

38. Malachite

You are going to love Malachite – the vibrant stone of transformation! It is a powerful crystal that promotes joy and helps heal emotional pain, which can sometimes be overwhelming in times of change.

Its glistening color invokes a sense of serenity and spiritual healing, encouraging us to explore our inner depths and open ourselves up to transformation.

Malachite is truly empowering. By absorbing negative energies into itself, it allows us to access intuitive insights for personal growth.

Draw upon its vibrations to bring balance into your life by connecting you with spirituality and embodying the power of transformative potential. Take this journey into your own evolution and let it transform you with Malachite’s magnificent energy!

Let the beautiful energies of Selenite crystal wash away whatever negativity is standing in your way. This special gemstone is a powerful purifying agent and will bring balance and harmony to your spirit.

39. Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper is a protective stone, perfect for seekers of spiritual enlightenment. With its natural energy radiating from its gold-infused hue, Yellow Jasper brings inner strength and mental clarity as you journey through your spiritual exploration.

Working as a guard and beacon, it will help you see the path ahead more clearly even during difficult times. Its reassuring power allows space to make thoughtful decisions when facing unfamiliar situations, while amplifying positive communication with strangers along the way.

For those seeking adventure and growth, Yellow Jasper can provide steadfast protection and discernment when braving the unknown realms of life.

Let the magical aura of this sacred stone surround you on your personal journey so that it may unlock inner potentials with its cosmic beauty. Make Yellow Jasper a permanent companion on your spiritual paths – an ally to lead the way!

40. Selenite

Steffan Malloch

People associate selenite with the crown chakra, a symbol of wisdom and spirituality, as well as the third eye chakra. This gemstone brings light into the darkest of spaces, filling them with clarity and perspective.

With selenite by your side, you can trust that its sacred vibrations will calm your spirit and invite in feelings of self-love, creative energy, self-confidence, and contentment.

Allowing you to tap into even deeper knowledge and wisdom within yourself, this stone truly has magical abilities that will help connect you to higher realms while grounding itself on earth’s physical plane. Trust in its purposeful healing energy to bring reward all aspects of your life.

Things to Remember

There are so many different ways to use crystals for stress and anger. The most popular crystals for these purposes are smokey quartz, which has an ability to help you stay grounded and healthy, as well as deep breaths, which can work wonders in calming the mind and body during times of stress or anger.

No matter if you choose to work with amethyst, smokey quartz, or citrine crystals, they can all be powerful tools in helping you manage your stress and anger more effectively.

They are also master healers, helping to soothe the mind and body, and offer long-lasting benefits for those looking to reclaim their peace of mind. Whether you need crystals for short-term relief or long-term healing, there is a crystal for you.

Final Thoughts

That is the scoop on the best stones and crystals for stress and anger! Whether you are dealing with long periods of chronic stress, short-lived bursts of anger, or something in between, crystals can help soothe and calm your body and mind.

No matter what powerful crystal you work with, there is no single master healer that will fix everything. The best way to truly get the best results in a healthy way is to work on your emotional health.

Crystals and stones are a good way to help get rid of bad vibes for a short while, so we hope that you find this list useful.

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