40+ Best Gifts for Artists and Creatives (2023)

The perfect gift for artists greatly depends on the type of artist they are and where their true passion lies. Your favorite creative person may be an art teacher or a makeup artist.

If you’re not sure what gift to give them, consider asking them as certain art tools vary depending on skill levels.

girl painting in studio best christmas gifts for artists

Moreover, this guide provides gifts for a wide range of creative types including digital artists and visual artists.

Provide them with a unique gift this holiday season that will help them perfect their skills and add more color to their lives.

Here’s the scoop on the best Christmas gifts for artists!

Christmas Gifts for Artists

1. Hearts & Crafts Sand Marble Ceramic Bowls

Ceramic bowls set of 6 - sand marble, best Christmas gifts for artists.

The Hearts & Crafts Sand Marble Ceramic Bowls are a versatile gift that’s perfect for anyone with a creative streak.

These multi-use ceramic pots can be used in a variety of ways, from candle making to storage to displaying candies.

With a beautiful sand marble design, they also make charming planter pots, adding a stylish touch to any decor.

Each set comes with six 13-oz bowls, making them a practical and elegant gift for artists, craft enthusiasts, or anyone who appreciates functional and aesthetically pleasing items.

2. Trendy Enamel Artist Paint Palette and Brush Necklace

This eco-friendly necklace is a great gift for young artists who love to paint and often work with the color wheel.

This high quality necklace is the shape of an oval drawing board with colorful enamel pin to represent paint. The pendant also comes with a nice velvet bag that is small enough to fit in a Christmas stocking.

3. MaxRenard Starry Night Van Gogh Puzzle

puzzle box of starry night

A fun gift for art lovers is this 1000-piece puzzle representing the classic Starry Night painting by Van Gogh.

This jigsaw puzzle is great for beginner and advanced artists who want their very own Starry Night painting in their studio or home.

4. Rustic Handmade Vintage Sketchbook

Gift an artist a vintage sketchbook to record their creative process. Most works of art start with a light sketch and this handmade sketchbook will do the trick with 200 pages of unlined blank pages.

The pages are also thick enough to support work done with a paintbrush.

5. CafePress Artist Palette Tote Bag

Match this natural canvas bag with the palette necklace! This tote bag is a great Christmas gift for experienced artists and people just starting out in the art world. Store paint, sketch pencils, and a drawing book in this durable bag.

This gift is great for different mediums

6. Arteza Watercolor Paper

Fellow artists will love having watercolor paper to get their creative juices flowing. The watercolor paper comes in a pack of 2 and is great for watercolor painting, drawing, and other mixed media.

The cold-pressed surface of the paper is ideal for pieces of art that require finer detail. Plus, you can’t beat this price point for the amount of paper included.

7. Let It Gogh T-Shirt

black van gogh shirt that says let it gogh

This Vincent Van Gogh shirt will make a great addition to an artist’s wardrobe. If you know a family member who is looking into new hobbies on the creative side, gift them this funny Van Gogh shirt that will make their Christmas memorable. It’s a great gift idea for your artist friend.

This shirt is also one of the best Christmas gifts for artists with an interest in post-impressionist art or graphic designs.

8. Inkless and Reusable Drawing Board

A useful gift for your favorite artist is this reusable drawing board that provides a bamboo paintbrush. The art board is perfect for beginners and more advanced artists.

This drawing board can also serve as a great way to create art and practice mindfulness when stressed. Dip the brush in water and let the magic happen on the board.

9. MORNITE Art Aprons

Dive into painting or pottery with this linen art apron! Most artists that make handmade pieces will enjoy having a nice apron to keep their clothes from making contact with paint or wet clay.

The apron is also waterproof, adjustable, and stain resistant when paint goes everywhere. It’s the perfect present for an art student in art school and it’s available today.

10. Leather Art Paint Brush Case

Have a fellow artist use this leather roll case for organizing their paintbrushes. This vintage case is great for artists who love to spend time painting outdoors. The organizer will fit 10 to 15 brushes and paint tubes. It’s the perfect size to fit their favorite paint brushes and will be the perfect addition to complete art kits.

11. Therapy Dough – Focus Blend of Essential Oils

pink therapy dough

Sometimes, art students find themselves stressed when trying to complete the end-of-semester project.

Buying them therapy dough may help them relax and lose some of their anxiety about making their artwork perfect. The aroma dough is mixed with tea tree, peppermint, and lemon essential oils.

One of the best Christmas gifts for artists is picture frames displaying artwork that they are proud of.

These six-pack square frames easily mount on the wall to add a unique touch to an art studio. The best part is that the magnetic frames can be arranged in countless ways.

13. Portable Artist Easel Stand

This easel stand makes the top of the list of best gifts for artists. For beginners and professional artists, this easel stand can be adjusted based on height and can fit a wide range of canvas sizes.

Fasten up the desk easel and carry it outside to paint a landscape.

14. Speedball Super Value Block Printing Starter Kit

This lino printing kit features all of the necessary tools for beginners looking to explore block printing.

If you know someone looking into creative hobbies like block printing, this starter kit will allow them to create their own prints and other crafts.

15. Aromascape Scented Jar Candle, Jasmine & Gardenia

white aroma candle scented jasmine gardenia

One of the best art gifts for inspiration is a scented candle. Some artists tend to come up with new ideas that broaden their creative process when they’re surrounded by a new scent. The minimalistic design of the candle is great for offices and studios.

16. Cat Shaped Paint Brush Holder

Practical gifts are often the best gifts for artists. These cat-shaped paintbrush holders are not only cute but also useful for painters and people involved in calligraphy.

The porcelain holders are reliable and sturdy for continuous use. Place chopsticks, watercolor brushes, and calligraphy brushes on these decorative cat brush holders.

This gift is great for artists of all ages, and it’s one of the most creative gifts on this list of gift ideas.

17. Yaheetech Drawing Table

The perfect solution for artists to stay organized is this black drawing table that includes room to draw and store art supplies. The workstation stand can be adjusted with a tabletop that can tilt up to 40 degrees.

18. Cordless Hand Massager with Heat and Compression 

Artists can often be overlooked when it comes to hard work. Most people don’t realize how much time and effort artists spend on pieces of art.

If you know an artist who spends the majority of their time painting or engaging in any other hands-on craft, consider gifting them this hand massager to help reduce the risk of arthritis.

Plus, it comes with step-by-step instructions to use this handy gift.

19. Novelty Botanical Painting Palettes

transparent botanical palette with flowers

This colorful tray for mixing colors is lightweight and portable for artists on the move. The transparent palette features an assortment of flowers and allows artists to choose what to place on the palette like oil or acrylic paints.

20. Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug

A thoughtful gift is sometimes the most simple gift. This color-changing Bob Ross mug is an inspiring way for artists to enjoy their coffee or tea while brainstorming ideas for their next project.

When you add the heated beverage, a beautiful landscape appears on the exterior of the mug.

21. Textile Wood Blocks Printing Stamps

Add on to a piece of art with these wood stamps! These stamps make great Christmas gifts for both kids and adults looking to add their own personal touch to artwork.

Make block prints on paper, clay, pottery, and fabric with these 10-piece complete sets.

22. Emooqi 12 Colors Acrylic Paint Pens

12 pack of colorful acrylic paint pens

Add a little color to a piece of art with these acrylic paint pens! These markers are great on each different art form such as glass, canvas, fabrics, and wood surfaces.

With nearly a 5-star rating on Amazon, these paint pens are effective and are marked at an affordable price.

The acrylic paint pens also make a great gift for family members who want to try scrapbooking. With the different colors the possibilities are endless. Help the artist in your life thrive in their existing or new hobby no matter how many years of age they are.

23. Custom Canvas Prints with Your Photos

To show your appreciation for your fellow artists this holiday season, consider giving them custom wall art to showcase their artwork. This particular frame is waterproof and resistant to moisture.

24. It’s a Good Day to Make Some Art Long Sleeve T-Shirt

This graphic shirt is one of the best Christmas gifts for artists, especially art teachers. The inspiring art features a grungy yet colorful backdrop with the words, “It’s a good day to make some art.”

25. MISULOVE Watercolor Paint Set

watercolor set for painters in various colors

This watercolor paint kit is small enough to travel around in a bag. For beginner artists, this kit includes 42 vibrant colors with high-quality pigments to create stunning pieces of art.

The brushes are also high-quality with different brush shapes to accommodate different levels of detail.

Pair this gift with watercolor brush pens and you’ll be known as the best gift giver. This gift will be the easy way to show how much you care about their passion and will help them put their u.s. art supply canvas to use.

26. LuxFit Speckled Foam Rollers for Muscles

Foam rollers may not be the first gift you think of for artists, but they can serve as a helpful tool for artists who spend a lot of time using their hands or body for projects. The sparkly foam rollers work to relax muscles and stabilize the body.

27. Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Sometimes artists need to do a little research on types of art or acquire inspiration for their next project.

Buying them a bookstore gift card can help them immensely, especially if they want more insight into the types of art that are trending. This card can be redeemed both online and in-store.

28. The Secret Lives of Color Book

Learn about the history of colors with this dazzling book. Dive into the vivid history of every color and learn about the inspiration behind the art culture. This book is a wonderful gift for art students and professional artists.

29. Authentic Artist Paintbrush Rinsing Cup

Artists diving into watercolor painting or other types of painting will love this handmade rinsing cup for paintbrushes. Create to your heart’s content with this blue ceramic cup.

30. Masterclass Annual Membership

Learn a new skill with these awesome courses. If a family member has expressed interest in taking art classes, consider giving them an annual membership, so they’re not paying for expensive college classes. You also have access to over 150 classes.

31. A4 LED Light Box for Tracing

tracing landscape board with LED light

Purchase a better gift than what you purchased last Christmas with one of the best presents on this gift guide. The adjustable light board allows artists to sketch and animate for their projects. This tracing board is particularly ideal for graphic designers or digital artists. Pick from three levels of brightness for accurate tracing on the drawing tablet.

32. Imagine Out Loud: A Journal of Creative Discovery

Giving a gift that promotes creativity is always a good idea. This journal by Jane Davenport allows a great place for people to reflect in the midst of their busy lives. The journal includes inspiring artwork and prompts that will awaken the mind. There’s no better way to show you care then giving the gift of art and creativity.

33. Simply Created Handcrafted Stationery Subscription Box

Let their creative juices flow with this curated box of stationery. This is one of the best Christmas gifts for beginner artists and for people looking to explore art as a hobby.

Every month, the box features different products that are carefully selected to inspire people.

34. Glass Dip Pens with Holder

Make your own work unique with these glass pens and inkwell for calligraphy. The pens are heat-resistant and are made of borosilicate glass. Dip the glass pens in water to clean them.

35. Women in Art: 50 Fearless Creatives Who Inspired the World

women in art creative book cover

This collection of beautiful illustrations depicts the women who made a difference in the art world.

When faced with discrimination, these women fought against it and created space for future women in the art field. This book is a great gift for an art teacher who is focusing on women artists.

36. Stylus Pen for iPad

One of the best art gifts for visual artists is a stylus or pen for their drawing tasks. This iPad pen is precise and smooth with natural writing experience. A great gift for artists in the comic book industry.

This gift will be so much fun for an artist to use. Gift this for a fun special occasion or to celebrate a step in right direction for the artist in your life.

37. Watercolor Palette iPhone Case

Have artists express their love for art with this cool paint palette phone case. The case is slim but offers enough protection for the iPhone 14. The colorful paints have a used effect as if the colors were dipped with a paintbrush.

38. Paint Brush Cleaner

A paintbrush cleaner is an essential tool for painters. This cleaner wipes off the remnants of watercolors, oils, and acrylic paint. The cleaner also effectively wipes off old paintbrushes and makes them nearly brand new.

39. Silky Nevanon Double Layers Fluorine Coated Scissors

These durable scissors are built to last a long time and are extremely sharp to cut through sticky tape. The alloy steel material makes craft-making fun and efficient.

40. ZEYAR Permanent Oil-Based Paint Markers

Use Zeyar permanent markers on murals or clothing! Since these are water and scratch-resistant, artists have unlimited ways to use these markers to make their artwork look stunning.

Great ideas when it comes to finding the perfect gift are hard to find, so grab one of these great starter kits today.

41. Fabric of a Nation: American Quilt Stories

historic quilt book titled fabric of a nation

Venture to Boston’s Fine Art Museum with this inspiring book about quilt-making in America. The best part about this great book is that it explores the diversity of quilt-making in several different ethnic groups. Any kind of artist will thoroughly enjoy learning about the rich history behind this craft in various art books.

These inspiring gifts will make any artist feel appreciated regardless of the type of art they specialize in. You can choose essential tools or unique gifts to bring an artist’s creativity to life.

Pack most of these products in a gift box to give to an artist this Christmas. Your artist friend will thank you.

That’s the scoop on the best Christmas gifts for artists!

best christmas gifts for artists

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