40 Best Inexpensive Christmas Gifts For Students From Teachers (2023)

As a teacher, it’s always fun to give your students a little something special during the holiday season. We’ve got the scoop on Christmas gifts for students from teacher!

advent calendar with little festive bags setting up a christmas mood

But finding the perfect Christmas gift for each of them can be tricky, especially when trying to stay within budget.

With a handwritten note and a simple gift you can than your students this winter holiday for all their hard work!

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 40 inexpensive Christmas gifts for students from teachers.

Best Gifts For Students

These end of the year, Christmas break gifts are perfect for preschool teachers, elementary school teachers, all the way to middle and high school.

There are plenty of different options to choose from, whether you want to give them something fun or functional.

1. Christmas Theme Bookmarks

christmas themed bookmarks

Need a little something extra to spruce up your Christmas gifts this year? These lovely Christmas bookmarks are perfect!

Each bookmark is made of quality PP plastic, is safe and soft to the touch, and comes in five different designs featuring traditional Christmas themes.

They make wonderful stocking stuffers or teacher’s gifts, and 75 for a reasonable price, so they won’t break the bank.

This is the best gift for any avid reader that has a good book and wants to mark their progress without ruining the pages!

2. Invisible Ink Pen With UV Light

Welcome to the exciting world of Invisible Ink Pens! These amazing pens let you write secret messages that can only be seen when the message is exposed to UV light.

Simply write your message with the invisible ink and expose it to the UV light on the pen cap to make the words appear.

It’s that easy! Kids will love receiving these pens as party favors or stocking stuffers, and parents will appreciate the fact that they’re good for educational activities as well.

This is one of the best teacher gifts to any student.

3. Pop Christmas Push Bubble Fidget Toys

Add some holiday fun to your desk with these Pop Christmas Push Bubble Fidget Toys!

These unique toys have a quiet side and a loud side to pop, making them perfect for relieving stress and restoring your mood.

They’re also great for autism, ADHD, the elderly, children and adults who need to relieve stress.

Made of premium silicone material, they’re safe and non-toxic, tasteless, and will not cause any harm to humans or pets.

So get a few of these as gifts this holiday season!

4. Kraft Paper Notebook

The Kraft Paper Notebook Set is perfect for anyone who likes to take notes, journal, or doodle! The set includes 24 notebooks, each with 80 pages of lined white paper.

The journals feature 6 inspirational quotes, and the soft cover notebook can be inserted into a journal cover for convenient on-the-go note taking.

One of the inexpensive gift ideas that’s great for anyone who loves to write or draw this new book is perfect.

5. Personalized Stocking Gift

personalized stocking gift Christmas gifts for students from teacher

The perfect way to wrap up your gifts this Christmas is with a custom-designed stocking holder!

With a large top opening and spacious interior space, it’s the ideal place for placing all sorts of candies.

Customize the holder with your student’s name or a special christmas message, making it an extra special gift for them to cherish.

This will be the most meaningful gift ideas for them to cherish.

6. Christmas Squishies

These 26 squishy, fun toys are perfect Christmas gifts for students! They’ll keep any child entertained and help them focus on their tasks more quieter.

Made from non-toxic materials these fidget spinners make an ideal gift that is sure not only be accepted but enjoyed by all ages.

They come in a variety of christmas themed designs, such as christmas trees, snowmen, and reindeer.

As kids’ teachers, these Christmas squishies are the perfect presents for your little ones to enjoy during the holiday season during their free time.

7. Merry Christmas Silicone Wristbands

These Christmas wristbands come in different styles and sizes.

They’re made of silicone material, which makes them soft to the touch yet durable enough for long-term wearing

They will not get broken even when falling off during activities such as dancing or running around!

The eye-catching designs on these Xmas rubber bracelets help you stand out from the crowd while also making it easy at looking chic anywhere.

8. Christmas Fun Pack

In addition to being great for parties and gifts, these 50 pack boxes of Wikki Stix are also perfect as an educational toy.

Stix fun paks features 8 different colors and have a dot-tooth activity sheet with a Christmas theme on one side.

There are also ideas for making 3D figures, glasses & more! Not only is this the best thing for your students but family members can also join in on the fun!

9. Color Scratch Christmas Tree Ornaments

color scratch christmas tree ornaments

These colorful scratch ornaments will become a treasured christmas decoration for students and their families.

Simply use the included stylus tool to scratch away designs on the black coating, revealing vibrant colors underneath.

There are different shapes and sizes in each pack, including christmas trees, reindeer, and snowmen.

A great holiday gift that can also be used as a fun activity for the holiday season.

10. Holiday Glasses

The variety is great! In addition to Reindeer, Santa Claus, and Christmas trees these novelty glasses include 16 different designs such as antlers or stars.

The one size fit all design ensures a comfortable fit that can be worn by everyone during festive occasions from young children to adults alike.

These Christmas glasses make great party favors and gifts for a best friend, family, and coworkers during the holiday season. Plus, they’re just plain fun to wear!

11. Christmas Linen Bags

These linen bags are perfect for holding christmas presents, stocking stuffers, or festive treats.

They come in a set of different christmas designs such as Santa Claus, reindeer, and Christmas trees.

This is an easy way to place little treats or homemade cookies in separate bags. Add a cute gift tag fo a personalized touch.

This practical and cute Christmas gift for any Middle school teacher to give to their students!

12. Christmas Stickers

This Christmas sticker pack is great for decorating cards, gifts, scrapbooking, or just adding some Christmas cheer to everyday items.

With over 1,000 stickers in a variety of christmas designs such as snowmen, Christmas trees, and candy canes.

A perfect stocking stuffer or small christmas gift for any student who loves to craft and make things their own.

These are perfect for their laptops, water bottle, or notebooks! This is also a great option for younger students to give out for bonus points.

13. Mini Holiday Activity Books

mini holiday activity books Christmas gifts for students from teacher

These 36 Mini Holiday Activity Books will have your little ones entertained in no time! The books include 24 pages of games and pictures to keep them busy for hours.

Since each book only takes up 2-3 inches wide by 3 tall, they’re perfect as party favors or classroom rewards too.

End of year gifts like this are perfect for your students to bring home and continue their Christmas cheer during the school break.

14. Christmas Bingo Games

This Christmas-themed bingo game is a great activity for the entire clas during the holiday season!

Comes with 36 playing cards and over 200 christmas related images and words.

A perfect fun gift for students who love games and activities, or just simply looking to have some quality time with loved ones during the holidays.

Board games and activities like this are always a hit with students!

15. Fun Pencils

The perfect gift for kids who love Christmas. 50 pieces of X-mas pencils and 51 erasers in various styles with adorable designs will make their day more enjoyable!

These Christmas pencils feature christmas trees, Santa Claus, snowmen, candy canes, and more.

A great gift for younger kids that can use them as school supplies during the holiday season.

16. Christmas Make-A-Face Stickers

Find the perfect set of stickers for your next crafting project with this value-sized pack.

You will get 32 sheets in different designs including Santa Claus, reindeer, and snowmen amongst others easily meet all Christmas decoration needs you could ever imagine!

Plus they’re great to share out among friends so everyone has their own copy too.

There are enough materials that even big kids can play along together without getting bored quickly or making a mess everywhere as some other sets might do.

17. Glitter Christmas Straws

glitter christmas straws Christmas gifts for students from teacher

These 25 Christmas patterned curly straws are perfect for any party or holiday-themed celebration!

The straws come in various christmas designs such as Christmas trees, reindeer, and snowmen.

They also have a touch of glitter to add some extra sparkle to your holiday beverages.

A fun and unique gift for students or as party favors for the end of the school year and during the holidays.

18. Christmas Wish Bracelet

This Christmas wish bracelet features a festive color with a star charm.

The perfect stocking stuffer or small christmas gift for any student who loves jewelry or wishes to have good luck during the holiday season.

This Christmas wish bracelet also includes a Christmas holiday cheer wishing card, making it the perfect unique thoughtful gift.

This gift is guaranteed to make you the favorite teacher among your students!

19. Hot Chocolate Gift Set

The mini Hot Chocolate Gift Set is the perfect gift for any high schooler on your list this year.

Choose between four designs from the selection of customization items including a chocolate mix with marshmallows and wooden spoons.

Wrapped in a square clear cube with crinkle paper larger than itself a gift basket like this is sure to be enjoyed by older students.

Customize with words that say exactly what matters most inside! You’ll become one of their favorite high school teachers with this great student gift.

20. Personalized Elf

This personalized elf is the perfect christmas gift for any elementary schooler on your list.

Choose from four designs and personalize with their name as well as a special message or holiday greeting.

The elves are green, white, and bright red. This is a perfect gift for Christmas time from any Sunday school teacher or Kindergarten teacher.

It’s not only a great addition to the classroom but something they can keep for years to come.

21. Marbled Starry Slime

Marbled Starry Slime Christmas gifts for students from teacher

The perfect present for any child, this box of Starry Marbled Slime will give them an outer space feeling!

With 24 pieces in total and being able to change into many different shapes or forms.

It’s never been easier than now before giving out these amazing arts-and crafts toys at your next event.

They’re also super fun and a great time; making stress disappear by simply playing around with it while still learning new things every day.

22. Christmas Notepad

Christmas notepads are a great way to add some Christmas cheer this time of year.

There’s 24 pieces in each set, meaning you’ll never run out! They’re perfect for students to use for jotting down notes or doodling during class.

They also make great stocking stuffers or small Christmas gifts for anyone on your list.

This teacher Christmas gift to students can be taken to new and great places with their imagination and creativity.

23. Christmas Keychains

These keychains are perfect for attaching to your backpack, candy bag or any other item you want!

There’s 9 different styles including snowmen with hats that say “Merry Christmas” on them.

They come in six colors and the high quality materials used ensure that these durable keychains will last through years.

As one of the best class gifts and as your child’s teacher, this Christmas gift is sure to bring holiday cheer to anyone receiving them.

24. Christmas Coloring Books

Cute and cuddly Christmas characters await you in these 54 coloring books! With a total of 72 different pictures, your students can have fun learning about the holiday season.

The interior pages offer 12 unique detailed illustrations that are sure not only to delight them but also provide practice for their fine motor skills.

While they’re having tons of fun exploring all things Christmassy through creativity at home or on the go.

25. Christmas Temporary Tattoos

Christmas Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos for kids that are fun, glow-in the dark and long lasting!

Choose from a selection of snowman or reindeer to make your child feel like they’re on Christmas morning.

The simple application process will have them excited before you even take off their first layer.

With luminous colors your students will love showing off these temporary tattoos to their friends and you are sure to be their favorite educator!

26. Snowman Stress Ball

This cute little snowman stress ball is the perfect christmas gift for any student who needs to relieve some tension during their school day.

Including a soft exterior, it’s easy to hold and squeeze whenever they need to let out some frustration or nerves. The adorable snowman design adds some holiday cheer as well!

You can order these off Amazon Prime to have them just in time for the last day of school before Christmas!

27. Candy Cane Pens

These candy cane pens are a fun and unique gift that can be used throughout the holiday season.

It’s made of high-quality plastic with blue ink, making it durable enough for long-term use as well!

And don’t worry about losing them because these adorable candy cane colored pens come in packs enough to supply your whole class.

28. Christmas Erasers

These novelty erasers are not only suitable for kids to help them get rid of writing mistakes, but also great as a gift from teachers.

Nice Christmas party supplies or stocking stuffers! The set includes 300pcs mini-sized classmates that come in various classic shapes like Santa Claus, snowflakes, and snowmen.

A perfect little something fun you can put give to your students.

29. Christmas Magic Springs

Christmas Magic Springs

The Magic Springs are great for children to play with because they’re mini and compact.

The Christmas elements on the surface make plastic spring toys perfect as presents at this time of year.

It’s great for exercising your little one’s hand-eye coordination ability, and inspiring creativity in kids!

30. Christmas Slap Bracelets

The slap bracelet is so easy to wear, you just put it on your wrist and within seconds a fitted grip will form around the size of your wrist!

It’s perfect for giving students or as prize toys. The Christmas patterns are blessings during this time when we celebrate togetherness with loved ones.

This 48 pack comes in 8 different styles which means there’s enough for everyone!

31. Christmas Bell Necklaces

Jingle bells are a perfect way to add some extra cheer during the holidays. They come in many different shapes and sizes so there’s sure to be one that fits any need!

You can use these as necklace pieces, hair bands, or costume accessories. The possibilities are endless!

These Christmas bell necklaces also come in a pack of 24 so they’re great to give out as party favors or gifts to your whole class.

32. Flexible Soft Pencils

These flexible soft pencils make writing and drawing more enjoyable for little hands. They come in a pack of 30 filled with different colors.

Not only are they fun to use but also cute to look at and perfect for Christmas gifts for students from teachers!

33. Animal Scratch Bookmarks

Animal Scratch Bookmarks Christmas gifts for students from teacher

If you’re looking for a creative and fun way to engage your kids, these animal scratch bookmarks will provide just that!

With 96 pieces in total including 12 styles of bamboo stick-on designs plus 22 colored satin ribbons and 8 painting templates.

You can easily draw bright rainbows or beautiful patterns on any one thing for your kids to scratch and reveal different colors underneath.

34. Christmas Pop Fidget Keychain

Christmas is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate this joyous time of year than with some awesome new keychain toys!

You’ll find 24 different styles in our Christmas Pop Fidget Toys Pack, including ones that are small enough for kids’ hands.

These pop fidget keychains are a great stocking stuffer or party favor for the holiday season.

Plus, they provide a great experience for stress relief and a way to focus during class.

35. Make A Christmas Tree Stickers

Christmas tree stickers enable children to decorate their own Christmas trees! This tree sticker kit comes in 6 unique styles and 5 sheets per style.

They can put different ornaments on the branches like stockings, snowflakes, or candy cane sticks.

This package includes 30 pieces so that every child has plenty of choices when deciding which decoration would look best for them and the possibilities really do seem endless.

36. Gift Card

A gift card is a perfect way to show someone how much you care. It’s the ultimate present for any occasion and there are no fees or expiration dates!

High schoolers will love receiving a gift card to their favorite store, restaurant, or movie theater.

Plus, they can use it at their own convenience without having to worry about returning or exchanging an item.

A gift card or gift certificate is the perfect way to show your appreciation and give your high school students the freedom to choose their own present.

It’s always a hit for Christmas gifts from a teacher to a student.

37. Christmas Themed Pens

Christmas Themed Pens

The perfect gift for your students this Christmas, this 24 pack of feather ballpoint pens contains 8 lollipop and bell-fiber models as well!

They’re wrapped up in red & green polka dot silk with 3 bells on top – a creative design that makes them pretty much suited for anyone aged kid or student.

The replaceable refills make these colors never run out during the season either.

As one of the favorite gifts you can find these pens almost anywhere even the dollar store.

38. Christmas LED Rings

These amazing flashing rings are perfect for all your Xmas needs! They make great gifts, and will be sure to bring a smile on anyone’s face who gets them.

It doesn’t stop there though- these fun little devices can also help you decorate in some creative ways too.

39. Holiday Facial Masks

These festive facial masks make for a perfect stocking stuffer or extra gift for your students. They come in a pack of 12, with 4 different themed masks.

Not only do they provide the ultimate relaxation experience, but they also help improve skin tone and texture as well.

Your students will love unwinding with these holiday-themed masks during their winter break from school.

40. Christmas Themed Chapstick

This fun and practical gift is a must-have for the holiday season. Chapstick is always a good idea, but Christmas themed chapstick makes it even better.

These chapsticks come in a pack of 5, with candy cane flavor. Your students will love keeping their lips moisturized during the cold winter months, while also showing off their holiday spirit.

Holiday Gifts

If you are still unsure of what to gift your students grab a mason jar and fill it full of Christmas treats and toys or create your own coupon books for class.

Add special gift tags, a thoughtful note, or wrap them up with festive ribbon to make your presents even more special.

You can buy some card stock at Home Depot or Oriental Trading to write the perfect note.

By the end of the day make sure you have thought about what your student might need or want to make them feel special during the holiday season.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are many great gift options for your students this Christmas season.

From fidget toys to holiday facial masks, there is something for everyone on your list.

Top off your last year gifts by adding a personal touch that your students will cherish. Plus, make next year’s gifts even more special by starting your shopping early and finding unique presents that fit each individual student’s interests.

Show your appreciation and spread some holiday cheer with these wonderful gifts. Happy Holidays!

christmas gifts for students from teachers

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