40 Best Crystals For Success And Manifesting

There are many different types of crystals, each with its own unique properties and powers.

Crystals can amplify certain aspects of your life and can help manifest positive energy, career success, and spiritual healing.

You might think the use of crystals sounds too good to be true when it comes to achieving success, but the power of crystals can help transform your life!

There has been tremendous research about crystals, specifically by Heather Askinosie.

Heather has been studying crystals and holistic healing for over 25 years. She has said that it can be very beneficial to understand and implement within your life!

We have the scoop on some of the best crystals for success in various areas of your life.

Crystals for Success in Business & Career

1. Citrine

The first thing you should know is that any type of crystal helps to amplify energy (if you keep them in your business space), but specifically, citrine is known to be a strong success booster, the stone of success.

Citrine crystals are associated with positivity and optimism. It is known to help in stressful situations, especially in your professional life.

Citrine is also known as the merchant’s stone, money stone, and stone of abundance. It can help you gain confidence and personal power that can push you to grow in your career!

This lucky merchants stone is great for manifesting.

2. Aventurine

Aventurine is known as the stone of opportunity. It can help with looking for new opportunities and ways to grow at your current workplace.

If you are struggling with anxiety or stress, this is the perfect crystal to carry because it helps stimulate mental focus.

This stone is also known to give a little help with reinforcing leadership and creativity. So if you have always wanted to start a new business, maybe this is the time too!

3. Smokey quartz

Smokey quartz is an all-around winner and can even help bring togetherness and warmth to you and your co-workers.

This is a powerful stone because smoky quartz helps keep a person grounded and can block any negative energy surrounding you that is preventing you from growing.

Fool’s gold, also known as pyrite, is also a helpful stone to block any negative energy. It is also used to help attract wealth, success, and confidence! These are some of the people’s favorite crystals to use when needing a little boost in their career!

4. Moonstone

Dreaming of a new job? Wear moonstone to help make your dreams come true. The moonstone is a great stone to carry with you when you need emotional balance.

This small stone holds the same energy as the moon and can help turn your dreams into a reality. Making that jump can be scary, but this stone will keep you balanced and enhance your mental clarity so you can make the right decisions for your career.

5. Diamonds

If you are looking for financial success, diamonds are the way to go. These beautiful crystals are associated with strength and invincibility.

Throughout history, diamonds were worn by powerful leaders and figures in the United Kingdom during ancient times and represented good health and long prosperous life as the abundance stone. Hold this crystal close to you and you will soon have financial abundance in your career.

6. Malachite

Malachite is known for its ability to attract wealth and prosperity. It is a green copper metal that signifies transformation.

It can also be used as a healing stone in times of stress and pain. If you are looking to attract wealth and prosperity, this is one of the best stones to help you through a period of change and manifest good fortune.

7. Black Tourmaline

Carry black tourmaline with you on interviews or when trying to negotiate a better salary. Black tourmaline is a protective stone that blocks negative energies and any feelings of anxiety.

This stone is also connected to the root chakra, which can help you stay grounded. This will help during interviews or any negotiations. It will help stabilize your emotions and give you the confidence to fight for what you want.

Moreover, it can also be linked to the throat chakra which helps with communication and allows you to speak your truth!

8. Amethyst Pendulum

Help attract windfalls by placing an amethyst pendulum over your front door, desk drawers, cash register, or wherever you work.

The metaphysical properties found within an amethyst are believed to enhance humility and spiritual wisdom! Lapis Lazuli is also known to be the Stone of Wisdom because of its special healing powers that can also enhance your humility and self-expression.

By hanging an amethyst pendulum in your house or at your desk at work, it will create a space of peace and tranquility. You might be pleasantly surprised to see how positively affects your mental health in the business world or at home with hard work.

Crystals for Success in Your Love Life & Relationships

9. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is known as the healing crystal and the stone of unconditional love.

These popular crystals will introduce more love into your life. Especially if you keep them near the window so that the sun can shine on them!

Powerful crystals are known to radiate strong vibrations of love and open your heart to romantic relationships.

It can also be linked to the law of attraction, in which we can attract whatever we put out into the universe. If you send out love, you might meet someone very soon!

10. Moldative

Moldavite is a one-of-kind crystal that has been around for millions of years. There is scientific evidence, found by archeologists, that this is a good luck charm when it comes to fertility.

Moreover, the gold crystal also is associated with fertility matters and is known for being associated with the sun.

It’s on the highest level of spirituality. So this crystal is very powerful and can help in this aspect of life! Connecting with another person?

Try Moldavite or a gold crystal to help open your heart chakra and keep the unconditional love flowing. This is a very lucky stone when it comes to forming connections with other people!

11. Clear Quartz

Carrying or wearing a clear quartz crystal will amplify any other stones you are working with, so if you’re not sure which crystals you like best, choose this one!

Quartz is a part of a big crystal collection that all have special offers to enhance your life.

If you have had any bad relationships in the past, the clear quartz crystal helps with balance and healing and will guide you in the right direction for a successful love life!

12. Blue Lace Agate

Want to attract a partner? Opt for blue lace agate (although any kind of lace agate is good). This stone can help with any emotional blocks or negative energy surrounding you.

This stone is used for solar plexus chakra which is known to help with confidence and self-esteem. These two things go together and can help bring love and happiness into your life. So hold it close to you when you are feeling lonely or anxious.

Crystals for Success in Your Spiritual Life & Well Being

13. Selenite

Selenite is associated with clarity and a clear mind and can clear any unwanted energy field that is preventing positive thinking.

Keep selenite in your home or car to clear energy and bring more peace into your life. This is an amazing stone to help with new growth and spirituality!

14. Amethyst

Amethyst has long been known for its powers of self-transformation. If you’re working on personal development, carry this crystal with you to help unlock your inner potential!

Amethysts are also known for their powerful crystal healing, especially when it comes to mental health and wellness.

They are known to boost your immune system, promote digestive health, and improve your skin’s appearance. Use this crystal when you treat yourself to a spa day and you feel like a new person!

15. Fluorite

Fluorite is a great crystal for mental focus and clarity, so wear it if you need to get through some tough studying.

It will also help with grounding spiritual energy or psychic abilities, so any time you are doing work that requires high levels of concentration (i.e., healing), fluorite can be a great ally!

Plus, it can be useful when communicating psychically–just make sure you have good boundaries when wearing anything out in public. Make sure to cleanse it before and after this kind of work.

16. Emeralds

Need some spiritual grounding? Emeralds are best known for their powers of balance and stability, so they will help bring your spiritual energy down to Earth–so you can get grounded in reality!

Similar to Emeralds, the tiger’s eye stone is also good for harmony and balance. It helps you stay grounded and able to make decisions with an unclouded mind.

Plus, emeralds are said to stimulate the heart chakra, which is excellent for enhancing relationships with friends and family members (or potential friend/family members). And who doesn’t want more love in their life?

Crystals for Success with Friends & Family

17. Carnelian

If you’re working on developing more patience, carnelian is the way to go. It helps balance aggression, so it’s good for any time you get frustrated or irritated (i.e., almost everyday).

The carnelian stone is known for bold energy and warmth that can also help with any manifestation process. It can help manifest more patience if you are having any trouble with family or friends.

18. Amazonite

Want to help your family get along better? Show them some Amazonite! This crystal is known to develop strong family bonds and reduce tension between loved ones of all ages, races, abilities, etc.

It is also known to heal any trauma that you have experienced in the past with people. Wearing Amazonite will also help ground spirituality into daily life by helping build stronger relationships with friends and family members alike!

This stone will only bring good things to your life and relationships!

19. Aquamarine

Aquamarine is great for bringing calmness and peace to stressful situations, so keep it nearby if you find yourself in the middle of an argument!

It can be considered the stone of truth because it is associated with truth and clarity that can show you the best way to confront any issue you might be facing with a family member or friend.

Aquamarine is known to have the same healing powers as the ocean, so hold it close to you to gain that inner strength and inner belief you have been wanting!

Crystals for Success at Work or School

20. Labradorite

A great way to help any kind of studying is by carrying some labradorite with you, the stone of manifestation. It helps with mental clarity and focus, so regular use will greatly enhance your memory, productivity, and success rate.

Plus, labradorite focuses spiritual energy, making it a great ally when working on creative projects or manifesting positive change in your life.

This stone and the small parts of the detailing make it a beautiful stone. Make sure to cleanse it before and after this kind of work–in fact, probably best to do that regardless!

21. Celestite

For a crystal that can increase your professional success and find new opportunities, look no further than celestite! This is great for developing the ability to accept the future as it comes instead of trying to fight or change things.

Ultimately some changes you might want to make will be best left up to the universe. Plus, celestite helps develop spiritual trust in life’s journey–so if you’re finding yourself doubtful about where you are going next, this one might help put your mind at ease.

22. Green Jade

Keep a green jade stone near if you need a little bit more confidence in your job search or interview. It helps with physical energy and stamina (i.e., making sure you have enough energy to succeed), so keep it near while you’re out doing errands or waiting for an interview.

The green aventurine can also be linked to green jade. It is known as one of the the money crystals and will help increase good fortune and will bring good luck with financial success in the future.

23. Amber

Amber is a great crystal for helping you to get what you want from your job search since it helps with communication. The meaning of Amber is cleansing and renewing and holds the knowledge of a million years.

If you have been ignoring the call that comes in the form of a promotion, business opportunity, relocation, or job change, then this is an excellent stone to have on hand to increase your willingness and ability to receive what’s being offered.

24. Abalone

Don’t need any more abundance? How about some abalone shell to enhance your status and authority at work?! This is the perfect crystal to use when you need guidance in relationships at work. It can also enhance your communication skills and leadership!

If you keep this stone with you at work or school, it will show you its powerful tools in a unique way to help you become the leader you always wanted to be!

Crystals for Success in Family Relationships

25. Apache Tear

Want a crystal that will help strengthen your marriage or long-term partnership? Try apache tear. It’s particularly beneficial in helping partners communicate their needs in a productive way–so both people feel heard and respected.

It is a natural stone known for its ability to help heal any pain that was caused by grief or the loss of something, whether that was in a relationship or just in life.

It also helps rid of any lingering anger from past misunderstandings, allowing the couple to move forward with full forgiveness and love.

When times are hard and you feel as if you won’t move past this, the apache tear will protect and guide you through any difficult time.

26. Peridot

A great crystal for helping parents connect with their children during tough times is peridot. It helps create an understanding between parent/guardian and child that promotes mutual respect no matter how old each person is.

If your kid’s been acting up lately or you feel like there’s been some distance between you that wasn’t there before, try utilizing this stone–it may help you find some common ground!

27. Topaz

Topaz can help strengthen any family structure or bond that has been weakened by time and distance, whether between siblings, relatives, a team of friends who’ve drifted apart, etc.

Of course, this one isn’t limited to family ties–it works with any group dynamic that needs that sense of love and connection from yesteryear brought back into focus today.

28. Phantom Quartz

Phantom quartz is perfect for helping kids understand why they’re being punished and how to avoid it in the future. It works by helping them see their mistakes from a level-headed, logical point of view that allows them to learn and grow so they can be better people.

29. Golden Calacite

A great stone for parents is golden calcite, which helps with self-control and patience–so you can provide guidance without getting too stressed out or yelling too much (which tends to further upset kids when they’re already feeling bad about themselves).

30. Azurite

If your friend could use more fun in their life, try giving them azurite. It helps dissolve negative urges that build up over time (like needing to relax or get out of the house) while helping the user give in to temptation occasionally (to avoid feeling like they’re missing out because it’s too much effort).

Crystals for Success in Life

31. Hematite

Hematite is a major self-improvement crystal that helps you believe in yourself and your abilities no matter the odds against you.

It’s great for those with low self-esteem or anyone who has trouble seeing what they can do right as opposed to what they’ve done wrong–and it’s particularly useful if you’re pursuing any sort of career/life path that seems too risky or far out of reach.

32. Danburite

Your chances of succeeding become much higher when pursued with danburite, which is perfect for those who lack faith in themselves and their own power to succeed/accomplish anything worthwhile.

It takes away ingrained doubt by filling you up with cosmic energy (and sending that energy to any other crystals you’re using) so you can see your goals through without worry.

33. Sugilite

If the person wearing celestite is starting to lose motivation, consider giving them sugilite. This one helps lift anyone’s mood no matter how low it is so they can start seeing their current situation more positively–which will allow them to take more chances and opportunities for success instead of dwelling on all the reasons things probably won’t work out.

34. Angelite

Clarity is key when trying to achieve success, and this is what Angelite reinforces in anyone who wears or carries it.

It takes away doubt, confusion, and negative thoughts about the future while filling the user with feelings of contentment and serenity. This allows them to make better decisions moving forward (and not let outside interferences distract/disrupt them).

Crystals For Success In Your Future

35. Kyanite

If you want to shape your future with crystals, kyanite is one of the right crystals to use.

It enhances communication with the spiritual world so it’s easy to hear advice and guidance on what will help you succeed. Then that information becomes accessible to anyone who touches or carries it (whether that’s yourself or someone else).

36. Lepidolite

If something is blocking you from achieving success–and there’s no way around it–try on lepidolite for size. This powerful crystal empowers the user by giving them the ability to break through that obstacle and manifest their most successful self.

37. Aura Spirit Quartz

Aura Spirit Quartz balances the root chakra and allows you to radiate energy. This crystal gives you the deep vision needed to see the future.

By manifesting this stone you will have the ability to see where success will come from in the future.

38. Black Onyx

Black Onyx is a powerful and protective stone that helps you grab success. With the root chakra, the black onyx can help establish such a strong foundation for any kind of career growth!

39. Ruby

This pretty stone helps with achieving success and luck. By manifesting this stone it  also helps bring good fortune and prosperity to its user.

Ruby provides you with a strong sense of positivity and ensuring financial growth. It also helps you develop self-confidence and self-awareness.

40. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is great if you feel stuck in a situation and want to get out of it. It will help you shift to a new perspective for projects or tasks at hand.

The tiger’s eye stone is a beautiful crystal that can manifest many things like releasing fear and anxiety of what the future holds and aids harmony and balance.

These powerful crystals have an energy of abundance, bring new ideas to not only your personal lives but professional lives as well.

This powerful crystal reminds you that there are a lot of different ways to get things done.

So there you have it 40 crystals for the best success that can help YOU change your mindset and get ahead in your life!

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