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40 Most Expensive Quinceanera Dresses

A quinceañera is a tradition commonly practiced in Latin America that celebrates the 15th birthday of young girls. We’ve got the scoop on the most expensive quinceanera dresses!

This is no ordinary 15th birthday celebration, with most going all out with glamorous decorations and expensive dresses; it is similar to how some families in the US celebrate a sweet sixteen.

One quinceañera even hosted Nick Jonas and used the services of a celebrity make-up artist! Another critical aspect of quinceañeras is religious traditions, such as a church ceremony.

Most of the time, parents cover the expenses of quinceañera dresses. If you are a parent looking for a quinceañera dress that will perfect the magical night of your daughter, this is the article for you.

Details Of Most Expensive Quinceanera Dresses

The dress is an essential element of a quinceañera since they showcase the daughter’s transition to becoming a young woman. Ideally, the dress will embody her personality and taste while still remaining comfortable throughout the night.

Further, the dress needs to be suitable for dancing. A special moment in the quinceanera is the father-daughter dance.

Most of the dresses in this article are sold by a store called Couture Candy. They offer free shipping, a price match service, and exchanges and returns. They sell a variety of styles, even if your daughter wants a different quinceanera dress than the ones on this list.

In addition, Couture Candy has a privacy policy that protects your personal information. If you choose to shop at a different boutique or store, check their privacy policy first.

Shopping For the Most Expensive Quinceanera Dresses

Buying an expensive quinceañera dress isn’t necessary to host a successful birthday party. However, if you want to go all out for your daughter’s special day. These are some of the most expensive quinceanera dresses on the market.

Here’s the scoop on 40 Most Expensive Quinceañera Dresses:

1. Oscar de la Renta Tulle Draped Sweetheart Ball Gown 

This is by far the most expensive quinceañera gown on this list. The reason it is so costly is that Oscar de la Renta is considered one of the best designers in the fashion industry. He has even designed dresses for celebrities!

This dress is great for a summer quinceañera because the material is breathable and has a sleeveless style, which is ideal for keeping cool. In addition, the bright yellow looks beautiful, especially on darker skin tones.

There is currently a big discount, so don’t miss out!

2. Vizcaya by Mori Lee- 34054 Off Shoulder Embroidered Ballgown 

This dress features an off-the-shoulder neckline, embroidered bodice, and floor-length. It has a beaded finish on the bodice that makes the gold color shine even more.

While this may look like a heavy quince dresses, the dress material is satin and tulle, both of which are lightweight.

Ultimately, your daughter will enjoy her special moment as the center of attention in this dress. She will look glamorous and remain comfortable!

3. Rapunzel-Inspired Quince Ball Gown

Does your daughter love Rapunzel and want to look like a princess? This may be the dress for her!

The floral and corset designs are enchanting. In addition, this is a handmade quinceanera dress that comes in a wide range of sizes. This is one of the most expensive quinceanera dresses.

4. Vizcaya by Mori Lee- 34051 Sweetheart Appliqued Ballgown

This dress is the epitome of beauty and elegance.

It is available in different colors. In addition, the flutter sleeves are detachable if the birthday girl doesn’t like them.

Moreover, it’s made from tulle, a soft, stretchy material that is great for dancing and partying for long periods of time.

5. Vizcaya by Mori Lee- 34055 Sweetheart Natural Ballgown

This dress is alluring with its silvery floral and lace detail that runs throughout the bodice.

There is a detachable stole, a mid-open back, and a sleeveless style, all of which make this dress more breathable and comfortable. Further, the hi-low skirt creates layers that will look fantastic during the dances.

It is available in many sizes, making it ideal for different body types. This is another option as most expensive quinceanera dresses.

6. Mori Lee- 89303 Floral Applique Glitter Turtle Ballgown

The beading at the top is crystal which will match beautifully with a tiara, as seen in the photo below. In addition, unlike the other dresses, floral detail is three-dimensional, which is absolutely gorgeous along the shoulder line.

As for comfortability, the dress materials are net and tulle, both of which are flexible, breathable, and lightweight.

7. Vizcaya by Mori Lee- 34025 Beaded Lace Off-Shoulder Tulle Ballgown

With crystal beaded lace, a ballgown skirt, and a gorgeous light purple color, your daughter will stun your quinceañera guests. The off-the-shoulder neckline is great for accessorizing with dangling earrings or a long necklace, as seen in the photo below.

Tulle fabric is the way to go if you want to avoid uncomfortable quinceanera dresses but are looking for high-quality material.

8. Mori Lee- 34042 Plunging Floral Embroidered Ballgown

This dress has a plunging sweetheart neckline and cap sleeves that are feminine and elegant.

The white floral design contrasts the black beautifully. The rhinestones and glittery embroidery create a unique look that will draw eyes to your daughter as she makes her entrance. This is one of the most expensive quinceanera dresses.

9. Mary’s Quinceañera Dresses- MQ3040 V-Neckline Sequined Ballgown Dress

Featuring a V-neckline, a mid-open corset style back, and an optional sheer cape, this dress will wow your quinceañera guests!

In addition, this dress uses sequin fabric to create a silvery glossy design that contrasts the dark red celestially. The different dress colors draw attention to the swirling and sharp patterns across the dress.

10. Vizcaya by Mori Lee- 89270 Bell Sleeve Lace Appliqued Ballgown

While the bright pink color is stunning, this dress also comes in a lovely baby blue. Dark blue quinceañera dresses are ideal for lighter skin tones. On the other hand, light blue quinceanera dresses complement darker skin tones beautifully.

Further, the lace floral details give a princess-like look. This is an excellent option if your daughter wants a breathable dress that’s not sleeveless.

11. Princesa by Ariana Vara- PR12262 3D Florals and Cape Bell Gown  

This dress is adorned with three-dimensional flowers, embroidery designs, lace, and beading. The halter neckline is gorgeous and breathable.

The sheer cape is detachable. Darker dress colors work best for lighter skin tones. The beauty of a dress largely depends on how the color brings out its features, and the turquoise color in this one brings them out vividly.

12. Princesa by Ariana Vara- PR22024 Beaded Sweetheart Ballgown 

This dress features a beaded bodice, corset back, and sweetheart neckline. The embroidered lace detail is a stunning finish.

A matching jacket is included if your daughter dislikes the sleeveless style. This is one of the most expensive quinceanera dresses.

13. Mary’s Quinceañera Dresses- MQ3050 Embellished Mikado Ballgown

This dress uses mikado fabric, which is luxurious, soft, and shiny. In addition, the applique and bead designs on the dress are beautiful.

Gold and pink are classic colors for a quinceañera.

14. Vizcaya by Mori Lee- 34034 Embroidered Long Sleeve V-Neck Ballgown

With crystal beading, lace appliques, and a tiered back, your daughter’s quinceanera will be magical for her in this dress!

The puffed long sleeves are the latest trend for quinceañera dresses. Moreover, the floral designs are absolutely gorgeous!

15. Mary’s Quinceañera Dresses- MQ3038 Scoop Sequin Ballgown Dresses 

The dark burgundy color enhances the beauty of the dress.

While it has the style of a traditional full ball gown, the glittering detail and side seam pockets are fitting for a modern quinceanera. This dress will ensure you have a happy and comfortable daughter on her big day!

This is one of the most expensive quinceanera dresses.

16. Princesa by Ariana Vara PR12272 Two-Way Dance Ballgown

The dress has chantilly lace fabric, which features woven floral designs. The three-dimension flowers are adorned with stone accents on top of glittery tulle.

In addition, the ruffled skirts are removable if your daughter would prefer a knee-length dress instead. This dress is perfect for a traditional or modern quinceañera.

17. Princesa by Ariana Vara- PR22034 Halter Neck Ballgown

Red and gold is a classic combination that will give your daughter a regal air as she walks into her quinceañera.

This gown gracefully embodies the transition from a girl of young age to an independent woman.

18. Vizcaya by Mori Lee- 34011 Strapless Ornate Floral Appliqued Ballgown

This dress has an elegant style that is both comfortable and fashionable. With crystal beading and embroidery, your daughter will look like a princess on her special day!

In addition, the light blue three-dimension flowers complement the gown’s white beautifully. The sleeves are detachable, and a matching stole is included.

19. Vizcaya by Mori Lee- 89313 V-Neck Basque Ballgown 

Fashioned with lace and beaded designs, this dress is the epitome of elegance and beauty. It is available in different colors.

Further, the design and classic colors are perfect for your summertime skin if you plan to have quinceañera in the summer.

This is the perfect dress to make a happy mother smile. This is one of the most expensive quinceanera dresses.

20. Quinceañera Collection- 26800 Crystal Beaded Rosette Ruffle Ballgown

Made from tulle and organza, a fabric made from silk and synthetic fabrics, your daughter will remain comfortable throughout the quinceañera. Both of these materials are of high quality.

Further, the ruffled skirt is absolutely stunning and unlike any on this list. With glittery crystal beading, your daughter will become the center of attention when she makes her entrance.

21. LA Glitter- 24043 Beaded Lace Corset Glitter Tulle Ballgown

The champagne gold is a classic color that makes for a breathtaking gown. In addition, it complements a tiara beautifully, as seen in the photo below.

The beaded lace along the side of the skirt and the side bow is an elegant finish!

22. Vizcaya by Mori Lee- 89297 Jewel- Strewn Floral Appliqued Ballgown 

Fashioned with three-dimension flowers, glitter net, and a matching stole, this dress is perfect for your daughter’s quinceañera! Further, it is available in different colors and wide sizes, so it fits different body types.

In addition, the glittery illusion sleeves are adorned with glimmering pearls and crystals that make for a stunningly beautiful gown. Your daughter will shine in this dress!

23. Quinceanera Collection- 26918 Embroidery Lace Beaded Ballgown

Three-dimensional embroidery adorned with lace and beads accentuates the beauty of the dress. The unique floral patterns are unlike any other on this list.

You can buy this quinceañera dress today in baby blue as displayed or champagne gold. This is one of the most expensive quinceanera dresses.

24. Quinceanera Collection- 26926 Metallic Lace Quince Gown

This dress has crystal beading and an off-shoulder neckline, giving it a captivating and feminine look. Moreover, the white color matches beautifully with a tiara, as shown in the photo.

While metallic lace sounds as if it would make for a heavy quinceañera dress, it is quite the opposite. The material is high quality but also soft and breathable.

In sum, this dress is lightweight and gorgeous, so you’ll have a confident and comfortable daughter on her big day.

25. Princesa by Ariana Vara- PR12001 Chandelier Beading Ballgown 

This dress is a shimmering beauty! Featuring cracked ice fabric, a mid-open laced-up back, and embroidery, this dress will ensure the magical night of your daughter goes off without a hitch!

In addition, it has an off-the-shoulder neckline and a matching cape.

The silvery beaded flowers contrast beautifully with the dark blue. Darker dress colors are best suited for lighter skin tones.

26. Princesa by Ariana Vara- PR22036 Floral Ballgown with Lights

This dress is perfect for a modern quinceañera! Lit-up quinceañera dresses are the latest trend because they immediately make the birthday girl the center of attention.

In addition, this dress is available in different colors.

27. Princesa by Ariana Vara- PR22029 Off-Shoulder Ballgown

Fashioned with stone accents, a tulle-tiered skirt, and beaded applique, your daughter, will look like royalty in this dress!

In addition, the dark blue satin and silver lace brings out the beauty of the dress. While this may look like a heavy quinceanera dress, satin and tulle are soft, breathable, and stretchy materials.

28. Vizcaya by Mori Lee- 89324 V-Neck Basque Ballgown 

This dress features thin strips for staying cool, a deep V-neck, and a mid-open back with a lace-up closure. Further, it is available in different dress colors.

In addition, the glittery baby blue tulle skirt is stunning! Tiered with beaded applique, your daughter will shine in this dress!

29. Vizcaya by Mori Lee- 89315 Embellished Bow Back Ballgown

This dress is an excellent choice for your daughter’s quinceañera! Beautified with large bows in the back and beaded patterns, your daughter will feel gorgeous!

In addition, this dress is available in different colors, including a beautiful shade of baby blue. Moreover, it is made with metallic satin, which will ensure you have a comfortable daughter throughout the quinceañera.

30. Vizcaya by Mori Lee- 89287 Bedazzled Scoop Neck Ballgown

With dainty cap sleeves, glimmering rhinestones, and stunning crystal beading, your daughter will feel like a princess on her big day.

Rose gold is one of the most popular quinceanera colors because you can’t go wrong! In addition, a matching stole is included.

31. LA Glitter- 24049 Lace Off-Shoulder Tulle Ballgown

Your daughter will look dazzling in this glittering ballgown dress!

The crystal beading creates a gorgeous floral design. The large bow in the back is an elegant finish.

Contrary to what you may think, this is not a heavy quinceañera dress because it uses light and stretchy materials such as tulle.

32. Quinceanera Collection- 26880 Beaded Sweetheart Tiered Ballgown

This gown is absolutely breathtaking! With a tiered skirt adorned with sparkling rhinestones and a beaded bodice, your daughter will wow your friends and family. Most importantly, she will feel gorgeous during her special moment!

In addition, it is offered in different dress colors, including a lovely baby blue. The fabric is organza, a high-quality material made from silk. It is soft and breathable so that you will have a comfortable daughter on her big day.

33. Vizcaya by Mori Lee- 89241 Metallic Crystalline Appliqued Ballgown 

The cuff sleeves are detachable. The bodice is adorned with crystal beading that enhances the beauty of the dress.

As for comfortability, this dress uses tulle, metallic lace, and satin, all of which are soft, light, and breathable materials. They are high-quality materials as well.

This dress offers different colors. Whether she glides in royal blue or wine red, your daughter will look regal on the dance floor. The silvery floral designs contrast the darker dress colors beautifully.

34. Vizcaya by Mori Lee- 89226 Crystal Beaded Cold-Shoulder Ballgown

Featuring a flounced organza skirt, an embroidered bodice embellished with crystal beading, and draped sleeves, this dress is the embodiment of elegance and beauty.

In addition, the ruffles are mesmerizing. This dress comes in different colors. A matching jacket is included.

35. Quinceanera Collection- 26934 Gorgeous Off the Shoulder Ball Gown

This dress has a graceful appeal that will impress your daughter and your quinceañera guests. The lace applique along the bodice and tiers of the skirts is breathtaking and contrasts the black of the dress beautifully.

As seen in the photo, this gown matches with a tiara well. Your daughter will look like royalty in this dress!

36. Vizcaya by Mori Lee- 89138 Jeweled Off Shoulder Organza Ballgown

Fashioned with an off-the-shoulder neckline, a crystal beaded bodice, and a ruffled skirt, this gown is a display of enchantment.

The bright blue color is gorgeous. As shown in the photo, this dress is easy to complement with pearl or crystal jewelry.

37. Princesa by Ariana Vara- PR11921 Off Shoulder Beaded Lace Gown  

This dress has a simple but elegant style that can’t go wrong!

In addition, the dress is fully beaded, has a hidden back zipper, and offers different dress colors. Made primarily from lace, your daughter will remain comfortable and happy throughout the quinceañera.

38. Quinceañera- 26977 Off Shoulder Jeweled Applique Ballgown 

With lace applique designs and a sweetheart notch, this dress is a charming display that will impress your daughter and your quinceañera guests.

The shimmer satin skirt looks as light as air and feels that way too! Your daughter will have the time of her life on the dance floor without overheating.

39. Vizcaya by Mori Lee- 89135 Jeweled Draped Off Shoulder Ballgown

If your daughter loves draped-style gowns, crystal beadwork, and a sheer flowy skirt, this may be her dream dress!

It is offered in different colors if she doesn’t want a blue quinceañera dress.

40. WDBFY Women’s Off Shoulder Quinceanera Dresses

Introducing the WDBFY Women’s Off Shoulder Quinceanera Dress! This beautiful dress is perfect for any quinceanera, wedding, or prom! It features a high-quality tulle fabric, a built-in bra, and a lace-up back.

The sleeveless design is accented with lace appliques and a soft tulle skirt. This dress is sure to make you feel like a princess on your special day! It is available in sizes 0-26W. This dress doesn’t cost as much as the rest but is still a great option!

Other Quinceañera Boutiques and Stores

Here are suggestions for other expensive quinceanera dress stores if you have trouble finding your daughter’s dream dress on this list.

Boutiques that sell expensive quinceanera dresses, but you can’t buy them online:

  • Morilee by Madeline Gardner
  • Q by DaVinci
  • Marys Bridal
  • House of Wu

Overwhelming, Couture Candy sells traditional full ball gowns that are floor length. These stores sell different styles, such as original selections and cocktail dresses. Going to a store in person might be a good idea so your daughter can get a better feel of what styles best suit her.

Further, an important question to consider is your daughter’s comfort level with different materials. Your daughter may prefer tulle, satin, silk, or something entirely different.

Lastly, one of the dressmakers questions will probably be about the price point. These are important questions to consider before making a final decision.

Stores with quinceanera dresses that allow you to buy them online:

  • ABC Fashion
  • Peaches Boutique
  • Formal Dress Shops
  • QuinceDresses

A benefit to online stores is that shopping is made faster and easier. You can filter for a high price or low price and find a variety of different styles and colors.

These are great stores to consider for the damas dresses as well. Damas refers to the girls of the quinceañera court. They attend to the birthday girl similarly to how bridesmaids attend to the bride during a wedding.

In addition, some stores offer more than just quinceañera dresses. For instance, My San Antonio Quinceañera offers decorations, hair and makeup services, catering, event entertainment, and so much more. The likelihood is that you can find similar stores in your hometown that focus solely on quinceaneras.


In conclusion, finding the right dress is critical in hosting the best party possible. That being said, there is nothing wrong with buying a cheap quinceanera dress.

From homemade quinceanera dresses to an expensive boutique dress, as long as the birthday girl feels beautiful and comfortable on her special day, that’s all that matters.

If you’re still struggling, you could use guides on finding the best quinceanera dress online in places such as Google Books.

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10 Most Expensive Quinceanera Dresses