45 Best Closing Gift Ideas For Real Estate (2024)

Are you looking for closing gift ideas to show your appreciation and make a lasting impression on your new clients?

young couple viewing new property holding keys and smiling

Then look no further! Here is an extensive list of closing gifts that will help you find the perfect surprise for any closing.

While unique real estate closing gifts are tax deductible to some degree it’s important to keep that at the top of mind and how much you plan on spending.

Best Closing Gifts

Real estate is a business where closing gifts can make a great impression on closing clients.

Thoughtful closing gifts can be tailored to what the client’s interests are and provide a positive closing experience for them.

It is also a great opportunity for real estate referrals as your closing gift will stick in their mind. Providing them with a reference to you and your real estate business.

1. “Home Sweet Homeowner Closing Day” Gift Card & Business Card Holder

"Home Sweet Homeowner Closing Day" Gift Card & Business Card Holder

Are you looking for the perfect way to make your client’s closing day even more special and memorable?

Look no further than these “Home Sweet Homeowner Closing Day” Gift Card & Business Card Holder!

Sold in sets, you can customize the size and select your paper color to match the occasion.

These mailers measure 5in x 7in with a matching envelope, providing enough room for a standard gift card and business card.

Be sure to include your contact information like phone number and website address on the back of the business card holder so your closing clients remember you after closing day.

And don’t forget to add a gift certificate to a local restaurant or Home Depot for your clients.

Show off your professionalism by gifting this amazing mailer on your clients’ home closing day!

2. Home Map Print

Are you looking for a personalized gift that is sure to put a smile on someone’s face? Look no further than Home Maps.

These prints make the perfect housewarming, hostess, and just because gifts! They will last a lifetime and be appreciated each time your loved ones look at them.

A Home Map Print is a great closing gift idea for clients that love to decorate their perfect home.

It will remind them of the amazing journey they had with you and how their closing day was one of their best days ever!

Simply order online from Etsy sellers, and find a local artist or local business to create a custom Home Map Print of your closing clients’ home.

3. EIAVURPE Housewarming Gift Basket

EIAVURPE Housewarming Gift Basket

Celebrate and commemorate the relocation of your loved ones with this carefully constructed EIAVURPE Housewarming Gift Basket!

This genuine craftsmanship and stylish design make for a truly special gift. It will bring comfort and joy to all new homes.

In this basket, you’ll find beautiful 12oz wine tumblers, plus a multifunctional cutting board, drink coasters, and kitchen towels.

Make sure their housewarming is one they won’t forget – get them this amazing housewarming gift now!

4. Housewarming Dish Towel

Welcome your family, friends, and neighbors to their new home with this warm, inviting Housewarming Dish Towel.

This waffle weave kitchen towel is made of absorbent cotton. Perfect for drying and cleaning any spills during the housewarming party!

Not only is it exceptionally useful, but it also has a charming design that’s permanently printed right on the cloth.

And with its individual packaging in a cellophane sleeve, it’s easy to give as a thoughtful and practical gift.

5. Housewarming Wine Gift Bag

Housewarming Wine Gift Bag

Get your next housewarming party off to the perfect start with this Housewarming Wine Gift Bag. This small gift is a perfect way to congratulate someone on their new purchase.

Crafted from premium 100% natural cotton linen, this wine bag is sure to make a good impression.

The unique design combines exquisite graphics and fun text elements. So you can be sure it will stand out from the crowd.

Add your favorite bottle of wine or champagne to the bag and your perfect closing gift will be one they won’t soon forget.

6. First Home Ceramic Jewelry Holder

Look no further than the First Home Ceramic Jewelry Holder for the perfect gift for her!

This dish is specially designed with the text “The One Where She Buys A House”. Making it ideal for anyone who wants to celebrate a recent milestone.

The ceramic used to make this ring holder is of high quality and ultra-durable, ensuring that your loved one can treasure this piece of decor long after receiving it.

Plus, it comes complete with exquisite packaging – a bubble bag, sponges, and a white gift box – to guard against bumps and scratches during the newsletter process!

With its delicate design and chic pattern, your recipient will love displaying this piece on her dresser, sink or nightstand as a beautiful reminder of how much you care.

7. New Home Wine Tumblers

New Home Wine Tumblers

Welcoming a new home or apartment is an exciting moment, and now you can commemorate the occasion in style with these gorgeous New Home Wine Tumblers!

Crafted from high-quality bamboo and stainless steel materials, these inspirational wine bottle accessories make for the perfect housewarming gift.

Your favorite couple or family will love these tumblers that come in a wooden wine bottle box ready to give.

Don’t miss this opportunity to make this special occasion even more memorable with these amazing New Home Wine Tumblers!

8. New Home, New Memories Candle

Welcome the new homeowner in your life with this heartwarming New Home, New Memories Candle! Perfect for any housewarming or other special occasion celebrations.

With a burn time of 60 – 80 hours, these delightful candles will bring light and joy to any space. Giving it a warm atmosphere worthy of memorable moments.

In addition to receiving one amazing fragrant candle, each New Home gift comes with a special reminder – “New Home, new memories”.

The perfect sentiment for your loved one embarking on a new journey!

Cheers to sweet beginnings and joyful endings. Make sure you give the new homeowner in your life a special keepsake they can always remember: the New Home, New Memories Candle!

9. New Home Blanket

New Home Blanket

The New Home Blanket is the perfect way to celebrate a new homeowner!

Soft, cozy, and lightweight, it’s made of non-pilling fleece that will keep you warm without absorbing any moisture or shrinkage.

At 60×50 inches in size, It’s ideal for being used anywhere – indoors or out – for maximum comfort during colder months.

Its softness also makes it a great gift to congratulate someone on their new home! Real estate professionals and closing gift-givers will appreciate the extra thought and care put into this closing gift.

So get ready to banish your winter blues with this wonderful new blanket as you embark on an exciting journey as a homeowner!

10.  Rustic Farmhouse Stone & Cork Coasters

Introducing the Rustic Farmhouse Stone & Cork Coasters! These adorable coasters, each with a different design and phrase, will make every occasion feel right at home.

With them by your side, you’ll enjoy the perfect ambiance. Beyond being wonderfully charming and decorative pieces, they are also incredibly practical.

These absorbent coasters can be used with any type of drink to protect all surfaces from wetness.

Have peace of mind with these cork coasters as coffee coasters, wine coasters, or tea coasters – anywhere you enjoy a good cup!

This type of gift is out to impress and congratulate someone on their new home purchase.

11. Laser Engraved Cutting Board

Laser Engraved Cutting Board

Add a unique, personal, and stunning touch to your kitchen with this laser-engraved cutting board!

Made from beautiful, sustainably-sourced walnut, these cutting boards will make any size kitchen look magnificent.

You can even customize it further with an acrylic display stand, a bottle of mineral oil, or gift wrapping during checkout.

An engraved wooden cutting board makes for a good gift – whether it be a housewarming present or wedding gift.

12. Heart Shaped Housewarming Gift

Say goodbye to dull housewarming gifts with this delightfully Heart Shaped Housewarming Gift! Welcome your loved ones into their new home with this beautifully crafted piece of decor.

Each heart acrylic ornament features intricate flower patterns with words of “New Home, New Adventure, and New Memories”.

Reminding you and your family to live life fully and create life-long memories together.

The perfect size ensures it’s compact enough to bring along with you on its journey to the new home. While still making a stunning visual impact.

Most of all, this specially Heart Shaped Housewarming Gift is made of sturdy material that remains reliable no matter how many times it’s handled or carried.

This is a great idea for real estate closings and any home buyer.

13. SMIRLY Charcuterie Boards

SMIRLY Charcuterie Boards

When entertaining, your guests deserve only a show of the finest class and sophistication. This is why you should invest in the SMIRLY Charcuterie Board.

It consists of a wooden serving platter that is bigger than any other presently available on the market. Meaning throwing an epic gathering won’t be a problem!

Not only does it come with all the charcuterie accessories to make hosting fun and easy but this gorgeous piece makes for a memorable gift for those special occasions.

Whether it’s for birthdays, a new house, or weddings, your unique gift will definitely make an everlasting impression.

So liven up your next event with the delicious SMIRLY Charcuterie Board and become the greatest host ever!

14. Housewarming Mugs

Introducing Housewarming Mugs, the best gifts for your friends and family who are moving into a new home!

These mugs have been carefully designed with high-definition graphics. Making them extra special – plus they come with a black marble gift box and card to make them even more special!

Not only do they have an incredible design, but also practicality too – these mugs are suitable for coffee, cocoa, milk, tea, and water, plus they’re microwave and dishwasher safe.

So what are you waiting for? Get a Housewarming Mug today and give your loved ones the perfect housewarming gift. One that’ll last through years of memories made in their new home.

15. New Homeowners’ Key Chain

New Homeowners' Key Chain

Welcome the new homeowner in your life with the perfect housewarming gift – the New Homeowners Key Chain!

This special key chain comes packed with style and sentiment. So they know that you are wishing them luck as they move into their new home.

The “New Memories” key chain is sure to remind them of all the joys ahead in their new space.

Its made with high-quality stainless steel and features a unique house charm. It’s sure to stand out when added to any set of keys.

Place this thoughtful gift in the hands of newlyweds for an extra special touch. Or give it to your friends or family members in recognition of their big move.

With this New Homeowner Keyring on hand, you’ll be excited about all your loved one’s upcoming adventures!

16. New Homeowner Stickers or Wine Label

Welcome the newest homeowners to the neighborhood with a truly unique and exciting housewarming gift!

These New Homeowner Stickers or Wine Labels are the perfect way to show your excitement and congratulate them on their move.

These cheerful stickers come in sets of five, making them an ideal gift for new neighbors, helpful friends during the transition, or as the best real estate agents gifts for clients.

Whether you choose to add these creative wine labels to bottles of bubbly for a fun and delicious housewarming treat or use them as cheerful decorations around the home – they’re sure to delight any new homeowner.

17. Personalized Home Buyers Pillow

Personalized Home Buyers Pillow

Congratulate your clients on their achievement with the Personalized Home Buyers Pillow!

This custom-made pillow will make a perfect addition to their home, and the personalized engraving of their home’s new address and year established is an ideal way to commemorate the special occasion.

It comes with a 16″ x 16″ faux burlap cover which is made of 100% polyester and features a non-allergenic 100% pure polyester fiberfill insert for optimal comfort.

Plus, it has nontoxic and environmentally friendly inks that won’t crack or fade over time!

You can even add your name, number, and company name on the back so they’ll always remember to come back to you for all their home buying needs.

A unique gift idea to give your client – this unique pillow truly celebrates the joys of home ownership and any interior designer is sure to love it!

18. New Home Ornament

Welcome your family and friends to their new home with a special gift – the New Home Ornament!

This beautiful, carefully crafted ceramic ornament includes two inspirational messages, one on each side: “HAPPY NEW HOME” and “NEW HOME NEW BEGINNING NEW MEMORIES.”

The glazed white heart design with striking colors ensures that these words show up well against the glossy background, making it an even more thoughtful present!

It’s also the perfect canvas for a personal touch – take a Sharpie and add the family name or year on the blank space.

With its vibrant finish and quality materials, this is sure to be a festive way to welcome your guests into their new abode for years to come.

19. Marble Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Marble Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Get ready to make memories that’ll last a lifetime with these stylish Marble Ceramic Coffee Mugs!

A perfect housewarming gift idea, the stylish mugs come with the engraved message of “New Home, New Adventure, New Memories” – ideal for reminding those close to you of the importance of their new home.

With 14 ounces of capacity and a unique logo adorning each side, these special mugs are sure to be enjoyed.

Your friends and family are sure to be excited when they open your gift box that’s complete with two coffee mugs, two long-handle spoons, two cup lids, and one greeting card!

Starting a new life in a new home is an incredibly special occasion – commemorate it with these wonderfully unique Marble Ceramic Coffee Mugs!

20. New Home Essentials

Are you looking for the perfect housewarming gift set that celebrates and blesses a new home? Look no further than Becta Design’s New Home New Adventure set!

Full of essential goodies to make any new home feel cozy and comfortable, it’s designed to be useful, fun, and unique.

This 6-piece gift bundle includes a coffee mug, corkscrew, coasters, keychains, tabletop sign, and a cloth!

Not only is this gift set thoughtful and creative – it’s of excellent quality too! The recycled packaging ensures that these items are good for the environment as well.

The next time your client buys a new home gift them with this to go the extra mile!

21. New Home Gift Box

New Home Gift Box

Welcome someone special to their new home with the perfect housewarming gift – The New Home Gift Box!

This joyful, delightful package comes packed in a large box that says it all: “New Home, New Adventures, New Memories!”

Don’t forget to check “this item is a gift” so you can add a personal message and double box as an extra special touch.

Open the box and inside reveals an exclusive bamboo cutting board which is lasered with the word “Gather” in the lower corner – just the thing for cutting, chopping, and sharing delicious home-cooked meals.

Plus two oversized signature dish towels and a colorful spatula too!

As the cherry on top of this thoughtful gesture, this great gift basket also includes a custom poured soy-scented candle that reads “Home Sweet Home”.

Plus an adorably unique measuring spoon set – essential items for any kitchen.

22. First Time House Owner Frame

If you’re a first-time house owner with a cherished memory to commemorate, look no further than the First Time House Owner Frame!

Made from HD printed materials with bright colors and bold letters for added flair, this frame is the perfect way to celebrate that special moment.

It’s just the right size to house a 4″ x 6″ photo – plus, an easel and wall mount hooks are included for easy displaying!

It’s incredible for your client’s home decoration and makes the perfect gift; after all, no two frames are exactly alike since each one is handcrafted with love.

Get ready to admire your “Home Sweet Home” memories as they take center stage in the beautiful First Time House Owner Frame!

23. A House is Not A Home Without Paw Prints Pillow

A House is Not A Home Without Paw Prints Pillow

Are you looking for the perfect pet-lover gift? Do you want to show off your love of furry friends to everyone in your home?

Look no further – this A House is Not a Home Without Paw Prints Pillow is the best way to do just that!

This one of kind pillow cover is crafted with linen materials and a single-sided HD print that will make your furry companion(s) smile.

It’s square throw pillow size makes it ideal to accessorize anywhere – bedrooms, couches, offices or cars. You’ll be adding both comfort and style as you beautify your space with this paw-esome pillow.

Pet owners everywhere will adore this closing gift that celebrates their four-legged furry friend.

Show the world your love for animals with the A House is Not a Home Without Paw Prints Pillow!

24. Mason Jar Flower Arrangement

Make a meaningful statement with Mason Jar Flower Arrangement. This heartwarming home decor brings people together and adds rustic chic to any room.

The creatively crafted design features three cream-color mason jars filled with vibrant blooms and an inspiring quote – “New Home New Beginning New Memories” – that will leave a lasting impression.

Perfect for housewarmings, birthdays, and other special occasions, this arrangement is sure to be the centerpiece of any setting it occupies.

With expert craftsmanship combined with quality materials, the Mason Jar Flower Arrangement makes a stunning gift that won’t soon be forgotten!

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to give a personalized message that is both beautiful and inspiring!

25. Personalized Home Sign

Personalized Home Sign

Introducing the Personalized Home Sign – the perfect keepsake that brings joy and a lasting reminder!

Celebrate any occasion with this handmade piece of art and watch it become a treasured centerpiece or complement in your home decor.

This 100% all-natural, eco-friendly jute burlap print is designed to be ultra-durable so it can be cherished for years to come.

This personalized closing gift features your family’s last name, address, and year – that will both bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

With the Personalized Home Sign, you can give them something extra special this closing gift-giving season!

Show how much you care with this unique closing gift that is sure to make lasting memories. Celebrate the closing of their new home with a truly unforgettable gift.

26. Home Sweet Home Personalized Pots

Get ready to spread some serious home-sweet-home vibes with these amazing Home Sweet Home Personalized Pots!

These extraordinary and unique housewarming gifts are the perfect way to celebrate a special someone’s new home.

Arriving beautifully gift-wrapped and gift-boxed, anyone receiving these sweet planters will be beyond impressed by your thoughtful gesture. And their smiles won’t end there!

So don’t wait around – bring some love from Home Sweet Home with these fabulous pots today! It’s sure to spark a slew of joyous reactions from whoever receives them – trust us!

27. Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes

Be prepared to be wowed by the Wind Chimes! Remarkable sound quality makes them a must-have for any garden or backyard.

These chimes, hand-tuned to play Amazing Grace, will provide soft and peaceful deep tones that provide a sense of calm and serenity throughout any open area.

Plus, these chimes are crafted with thick rust-proof aluminum metal and wood so they last!

These are sure to make an impression in a beautiful garden or patio.

Give the closing gift of music with this unique Wind Chime closing gift! If your client has a green thumb or loves being outdoors working this is a good idea to gift!

They can use it to relax and enjoy their new home for years to come.

28. Bless This Home Sign

Welcome to Bless This Home Sign, an attractive and versatile country-style sign that will make any space in your home look warm and inviting.

Whether you’re looking for a special gift for someone special or want to add something extra special to your own home, Bless this Home Sign is a perfect choice!

29. Echo Dot

Echo Dot

Introducing the brand new Echo Dot – the ultimate home assistant and smart speaker that is sure to change your life!

This incredible device can do so much, from streaming your favorite tunes, playing audiobooks, creating alarms and timers, and even controlling compatible smart home devices.

If you’re looking for an easy way to make your life more efficient and enjoyable, this is it. With positive reviews, this kind of gift is perfect for the whole family.

The possibilities are endless with the Echo Dot – don’t wait any longer to make life easier!

30. The Homeowner’s Book of Records

Welcome to the Homeowner’s Book of Records, the ultimate home organization utility! If you’re looking for a great way to keep track of all your important documents, this book is for you.

As a real estate agent, it also makes an ideal #1 closing gift for your real estate clients.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this book comes with 13 customizable category envelopes so you can easily organize and store valuable documents like receipts, warranties, and repair records.

And with its sturdy construction, the Homeowner’s Book of Records is built to last.

If you need to prioritize organization in your life or if you want to wow your clients as a real estate agent, the Homeowner’s Book Of Records is here for you.

Get yours now and start keeping accurate records today! Future and past clients will thank you for it.

31. Housewarming Recipe Book Holder

Housewarming Recipe Book Holder

Are you looking for the perfect housewarming gift for a newlywed couple, new homeowner, family member, or friend? Look no further!

This Housewarming Recipe Book Holder is the perfect addition to any new kitchen and will be enjoyed for many years to come.

When it comes to housewarming gifts, all eyes turn to the kitchen idea – what better way to celebrate their new beginning than with this beautiful and stylish cookbook holder?

Give your clients something they’ll cherish forever and show them how much they mean to you by gifting them this fabulous housewarming treat.

32. Champagne Glasses

Prepare for cheers in the most sophisticated and luxurious way with The JoyJolt Claire Collection Champagne Glasses!

Perfectly crafted from high-quality crystal and made in the Czech Republic, these glasses set a new standard of excellence.

Enjoy your favorite champagne, prosecco, or cocktail with extra flair, thanks to the stylish shape and ultra-long stems with a cylinder design.

Simple and modern, these glasses provide an elegance that’s perfect for any occasion.

33. Rotating Spice Rack Organizer

Rotating Spice Rack Organizer

Are you tired of rummaging through your kitchen drawers, trying to find the perfect spice? Well, say goodbye to messy pantries and cluttered countertops with this amazing Rotating Spice Rack Organizer!

This modern design is made from sturdy stainless steel and can easily rotate a full 360°.

Plus, it comes with 20 3oz refillable jars and a silicone funnel to help you transfer herbs easily – all while ensuring that your spices stay fresh for longer!

And get this – it even includes 48 reusable DIY label stickers to make sure you never mix up your flavors.

Just mark the spice on each jar, then erase it with water if you ever need to change it up!

With easy access and convenience all in one package, this is an absolute must-have for any busy cook or chef who values organization in the kitchen.

Enjoy a mess-free kitchen with the Rotating Spice Rack Organizer today!

34. Bartender Kit with New Home Stand

Let the home party begin! This Bartender Kit with New Home Stand is the perfect accessory for any cocktail lover.

It’s a great housewarming gift for friends, family, or anyone who loves to entertain and mix drinks in style.

We’ve put together everything you need to make your favorite craft cocktails at home. This full bartender kit comes fully equipped with a shaker, mixing spoon, two jiggers, Hawthorne strainer, two liquor pourers, muddlers, ice tongs, and even classic cocktail recipes.

Plus it all sits neatly in one convenient location right next to your wines and liquors.

The rustic style of this bartending set will also make a beautiful addition to your home bar.

If you’re looking forward to entertaining guests and showing off your bar knowledge then this home stand is essential!

35. Personalized Name Door Mat

Personalized Name Door Mat

Welcome your guests in true style with a personalized name door mat!

Featuring your name inscribed in elegant lettering against a sophisticated neutral background, this mat will immediately liven up the entrance to your home.

Not only that, but since it’s made of 100% sustainable coconut coir and backed with slip-resistant PVC, you can trust that this rug will be a long-term addition to your doorway.

Gift this with your client’s name or monogrammed initials to make it extra special!

36. Letter Wine Cork Holder

Looking for the perfect gift that’s sure to wow and impress your friends? Look no further than the Letter Wine Cork Holder from Will’s Metal Designs!

This unique and stylish holder provides a decorative and eye-catching way to share your treasured memories through corks collected from wine festivals, paint-and-sip parties, and wine-tasting events.

Give it as a housewarming, wedding, bridal shower, birthday, or graduation gift – or use it as monogram wall decor filled with festive decorations or flowers.

Made from durable metal with a glossy black finish and eyelets for easy installation, this letter-shaped holder is deep enough to hold those precious corks without the need for adhesives.

Don’t miss out on this special piece – make your mark with the luxurious Letter Wine Cork Holder!

37. Tabletop Personalized Name Sign

Tabletop Personalized Name Sign

Make the heart of your home truly yours with a Tabletop Personalized Name Sign! Now, you can add an elegant personalized touch to any room or outdoor area in your home.

Instantly upgrade any decor to the next level with this beautiful metal art featuring up to 9 characters per name.

This timeless rectangle sign is crafted proudly in the USA by expert craftsmen and no two are alike!

Enjoy the beauty of personalization today and get one for your special someone too because everyone deserves something made just for them! This memorable closing gift is sure to please.

38. Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder

Introducing the Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder! Enjoy freshly ground spices with ease with this revolutionary product!

Featured in a modern and fashionable design, this grinder set will definitely be the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Get ready to instantly enjoy freshly ground spices like never before with this Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder!

39. Housewarmings Ceramic Scented Candle

Housewarmings Ceramic Scented Candle

Introducing Housewarmings’ Ceramic Scented Candle! We believe that starting a new home should be celebrated, and this luxurious candle is the perfect way to do just that.

This candle is made from 100% all-natural soy wax blended with lavender essential oils for a calming, floral scent you can enjoy for 35 hours.

The added bonus? After the candle burns out, you can use the porcelain cup as holding pen holders, flowers, or jewelry — transforming it into a lasting decor piece.

40. Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

Here’s your chance to make a lasting impression on that special someone! This personalized whiskey decanter set combines quality, style, and craftsmanship for the ultimate gift.

The generously sized glass decanter is expertly crafted and holds 26 ounces of an individual’s favorite spirit.

And with engraving, you can add text, logos, or designs to both the decanter and glasses – making this the one-of-a-kind gift that will earn respect.

So show your thoughtfulness and surprise them today with a unique whiskey decanter set for him – it’s sure to be the perfect addition to any home bar!

41. It’s So Good to Be Home Wood Sign

It's So Good to Be Home Wood Sign

Welcome home the excitement with this It’s So Good to Be Home Wood Sign! This beautiful handmade string art design is sure to get you upbeat and energized as soon as you enter your home.

When it comes to keeping things organized and in order, this wooden key hook is here to help isolate keys, pet leashes, hats, handkerchiefs, and any other valuable items hanging around.

So don’t wait any longer and experience what it means to truly make every moment count with the It’s So Good To Be Home Wood Sign today!

42. Artificial Flower Arrangements With Vase

The Artificial Flower Arrangement with Vase is the perfect way to enhance any space!

This beautiful bouquet includes a variety of unique dried flowers – fluffy pampas grass in both white & brown, bunny tails, eucalyptus, ruscus, billy buttons, faux roses, and more.

Plus, it comes with its own stylish glass vase for easy assembly. With this artificial flower arrangement on your center table, it’s sure to make a stunning impression.

Whether you’re hosting a nice dinner party or just want to add a touch of natural beauty to your living room décor – the Artificial Flower Arrangement with Vase is sure to be a show-stopper!

43. Welcome Home Front Door Sign

Welcome Home Front Door Sign

This Welcome Home Front Door Sign is exactly what you need to show some personality at your entrance.

Crafted from premium hardwood, the doorplate will stand out thanks to its linen bowknot, decorative flowers, and plants for a touch of vitality.

Plus, with 14 interchangeable seasonal signs included—all made of basswood and printed in vivid colors—you can easily switch up the look and express your style throughout the year!

This sign measures 11.8 x 11.8 inches so it’s sure to fit on most door frames and spread joy as soon house guests enter.

Give it as a housewarming gift or just simply treat yourself–you deserve it! Let your guests feel welcome every time they step foot onto your property with this unique Welcome Home Front Door Sign!

44. DiKaou Led Flame Bluetooth Speaker

Step into a realm of flickering lights and delightful tunes with the DiKaou Led Flame Bluetooth Speaker!

Light up any occasion with its mesmerizing flame lights, imitating the real thing in an exhilarating fashion.

Pair your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, and let the 5W high-power speaker deliver stunning stereo sound with powerful bass to accompany the vivid flames.

Get ready to be captivated by its romantic atmosphere that will shine on even your dreariest days.

Don’t miss out on this incredible product – step into a world of rhythm and light with DiKaou LED Flame Bluetooth Speaker!

45. This Is Us Family Picture Frame

This Is Us Family Picture Frame

Say goodbye to bland and forgettable décor and say hello to This Is Us Family Picture Frame! This amazing frame is the perfect way of adding a warm, homely touch to any space.

It’s an ideal gift for anyone – whether you’re looking for the perfect housewarming present or a special Valentine’s Day surprise, This Is Us has got you covered.

Whether hung on a wall or placed on the mantelpiece this frame will be constantly reminding you of sentimental memories that will last for many years to come!

Get ready for an abundance of compliments from family and friends – this stunning frame makes a stunning addition to any home!

Final Thoughts

The right closing gift is all about having your clients’ interests in mind and creating a memorable local experience for them when they move.

Whether it’s a gift that brings joy and warmth into their home or encourages them to explore the area, closing gifts are an excellent way of showing your appreciation for a successful closing.

For more realtor closing gifts check social media, Pinterest, and local stores. You can also order closing gifts online or create a basket with essentials like toilet paper, paper plates, and kitchen utensils.

Show your appreciation to new customers with these amazing closing gift ideas – they’re sure to make any closing a breeze!

In the future you can count on receiving some holiday cards from buyers you’ve helped – that’s the mark of a successful closing!

closing gift ideas

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