45 Christmas Gift Ideas for Hairdressers (2023)

Make your hair stylist feel appreciated this holiday season by giving them a gift. Hairdressers and beauty professionals often spend a long time styling people’s hair to perfection.

Whether you know your hair stylist personally or just want to show your appreciation, these Christmas gifts will make their day.

hairstylist combing woman's hair
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Here’s the scoop on Christmas gift ideas for a hairstylist!

Hairstylist Gift Guide

1. ZHANTUONE Canvas Hairstylist Tote Bag

hairstylist tote bag

This fashionable tote is the perfect gift for hairstylists who love to stay organized. The stylish graphic is not only personalized for hairdressers but eye-catching and durable. Your favorite hairstylist can bring this bag on their everyday adventures.

2. coadipress Gothic Scissors Dangle Drop Earrings

This fun gift for hairstylists includes more than one pair of scissors. These dangle scissors earrings will allow your favorite beauty professional to show off their job while also staying stylish. Make your hairstylist feel appreciated with these nice pair of earrings as they work on great hair.

3. Collins Blessed are The Hairstylists Box Sign

A perfect way to show appreciation to a hairstylist is this cute box sign. The square shape art can be placed on a desk or mounted on a wall. This will make the ideal gift, especially if you notice that your favorite hairstylist has a consistent theme of black cursive letters in their salon.

4. Gocerktr Apron with Adjustable Neck

A great gift idea for funky hairdressers is this cheetah print apron! Instead of plain aprons, consider giving your hairstylist a unique apron when they’re working in the salon. This apron is waterproof and doesn’t become dirty easily like other aprons. Plus, there is a pocket so they can keep any small hairstyling tools in easy reach!

5. Picky Bars Real Food Energy Bars

Let a hairstylist know how much hard work they put into hair and other beauty procedures. These nutritional bars make a great addition to a long workday. Even though most salons take lunch breaks, sometimes hair appointments can run longer than anticipated, so nutrition bars like these will help hairstylists retain energy. This is one of the best Christmas gift ideas for a hairstylist!

6. Hair Life Hairstylist Scissors NOK Decal Vinyl Sticker

One of the best Christmas gift ideas for a hairstylist is a decal sticker showcasing their job. For hair professionals who are passionate about their job, decal stickers will make the perfect Christmas gift. This sticker features the words, “hair life” with a pair of scissors in between the two words.

7. Foot Spa Bath Massager with Heat Bubbles

A thoughtful gift for a hairstylist is this spa foot massager. Most hair professionals are on their feet all day when styling and cutting hair, so it’s important that they receive some kind of foot relief whether that be a massager or insoles.

8. Women Hairdresser Leopard, Bad Hair Day, Premium T-Shirt

For people with bad hair days, hairstylists can make you feel beautiful again. This bad hair day shirt is the perfect gift for a hairdresser who goes out of their way to create some of the best styles. When you see a hairstylist wear this shirt, you know to trust them with your hair needs.

9. Choco Mocha Travel Duffle Bag 

leopard print duffle bag

This spacious travel bag is perfect for hairdressers who travel to style and cut people’s hair. This bag can also serve as a travel bag for vacations and short getaways. The bag also comes with versatile pockets to hold all the essentials.

10. Echo Dot- Smart speaker with Alexa

If you know a friend who has recently started a hair salon business, an Echo Dot is a special gift to help them become settled in. The Echo dot can be placed in any room with options to play music, and news, set timers, and more.

11. Personalized Hairdresser Engraved Tumbler

hairdresser tumbler

To keep cold drinks and warm drinks at the right temperature, this stainless steel water bottle is one of the most meaningful gifts. This personalized tumbler comes with a small design highlighting the work of a hair professional while also having a unique message printed below the design.

12. Because Clients Gifts – Large Stemless Wine Glass

This stemless wine glass is perfect for people who work in certain industries that involve clients. You can even gift a hairdresser their favorite bottle of wine alongside this modern wine glass. Since clients make all the difference when it comes to hairstylists, this funny wine glass will make their day. And even better, you could add a small extra tip on top of their service fee to showcase your appreciation on top of this awesome gift!

13. Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles Arch Supports

Hairstylists tend to stand a long time when styling and cutting their clients’ hair. These insoles provide arch support to relieve flat feet and the pain of standing on them all day. With these foam insoles, a hairstylist can go home at the end of a long day without their feet being in pain.

14. Business Card Holder Made from Real Scissors

One of the best Christmas gift ideas for a hairstylist starting their own business is a cardholder showcasing their expertise. This card holder is a great way to show off their talent with the holder made out of real scissors.

15. Scissors Handle Coffee Mug

Let your favorite hairstylist know that they’re appreciated this Christmas season with a ceramic mug featuring a pair of scissors. The black and grey scissor mug will make one of the perfect gifts for hairdressers who love coffee or tea.

16. adidas W Cloudfoam Pure White Running Shoes

Everyone needs a good pair of shoes whether it’s for work or for exercising. These cloudfoam white shoes offer a stretchy mesh fabric to provide extra cushion for all-day comfort. Choose from different sizes and gift them to your hairstylist!

17. JackCubeDesign Hair Styling Product Care Tool Organizer

This special tool organizer is one of the best Christmas gift ideas for a hairstylist! Every hair professional needs a styling station that makes it easy to reach useful tools when doing their job. If you know a hairstylist just starting out, this organizer will make the ideal gift.

18. Inspired Silver – The Stylist Charm Ornament 

hairdresser ornament

This sparkling charm ornament is one of the most unique gift ideas that will make any Christmas tree pop out. If you know a hairdresser who owns a salon and is looking to decorate for the holidays, this silver gemstone ornament is the perfect addition.

19. That’s What She Said! OMG Salon Moments- True Stories 

Some hairdressers don’t have eventful days but this book of true stories will keep them entertained. For hairstylists with a sense of humor, this book tells stories of when beauty was not so pretty.

20. Chamaedorea Palm Tree, Live Indoor Plant

A palm tree is always a good indoor plant to liven up any living space. One of the ways to make a beauty salon more inviting is by having plants to help filter out strong smells. Indoor plants also make a room less empty. This cat palm plant is 3-4 inches tall and comes with a decor pot.

21. Hair Salon Wall Canvas

hair salon wall art

Just like a plant, having wall art will make a hair and beauty salon more inviting for clients and is a better way of expressing a hairdresser’s talents. This salon art in particular features a woman with hair and all of the essential tools hairdressers use within her hair. You can also include similar items to wall art to help a hairstylist touch up their salon decor.

22. Scarfand’s Spring Fashion Mixed Color Oil Paint Versatile Infinity Scarf

A nice gesture for the holidays is giving your favorite hairstylist an infinity scarf. If you know a hair professional who loves fashion and always looks presentable when styling hair, consider buying them an infinity scarf to complete their outfits. The scarf is made of high-quality materials and features vivid colors that will add a pop color to any look.

23. Jergens Ultra Healing Dry Skin Moisturizer

A simple gift like lotion may not seem like a lot in other people’s eyes, but a good lotion is essential for people who work with their hands. This Jergens lotion provides all of the ingredients needed to keep skin moisturized throughout the day. Make the most wonderful time of the year memorable for a hairstylist!

24. Hairdresser Charm Bracelet

hairdresser charm bracelet

These stylish charm bracelets make the perfect gift this Christmas. The stainless steel bracelet features an assortment of charms associated with a beauty and hair professional. The bangle is sure to make a hairstylist’s day. You can even go a step further and personalize a bracelet featuring charms that represent them.

25. Amazon.com eGift Card

Gift cards make one of the best gifts for anyone, especially if you’re not sure what to give them as a gift. This gift is great if you want to give a little something more than just the usual monetary tips. Send this gift card to a hairstylist’s email around Christmas time and include a handwritten note if you want to show your appreciation.

26. Listerine Cool Mint Pocketpaks Breath Strips

Breath strips are a simple gift that a hair dresser didn’t know they needed. When styling people’s hair, they often try to spark conversations, especially if appointments last for several hours. Good news, these cool mint-flavored breath strips will keep their breath from becoming dry. Give this gift with an extra generous tips and they are sure to love it!

27. PressFans – Best Hairdresser Ever Car Laptop Wall Sticker

Include this awesome sticker with other gifts for your hairstylist this Christmas. They have the option of adding this sticker to their laptop or car. Since the sticker is weatherproof, the great thing is that it will last longer and make a hairstylist proud.

28. Hairdresser Bag

One of the best Christmas gift ideas for a hairstylist or beauty professional is a hairdresser bag to keep all the essentials organized and in one place. This makes one of the best gift ideas for hairdressers just starting out. There are different compartments for every tool alongside the insulated film for hair equipment. Great gifts are hard to find, so make sure and add this gift to your cart ASAP.

29. Gift Certificate

Gift certificates can go a long way for anyone, especially hairdressers. Support a local business or small businesses by purchasing a gift certificate. Depending on what your hairstylist does when they’re not working, you can give them a book store or spa card. Holiday gift ideas can be a little tricky, so this can be an easy solution for a fun and useful gift.

30. Hairdresser Novelty Socks

three pairs of hairdresser socks in black grey and white

There are so many different styles of socks featuring hairdresser designs, but these black, white, and grey socks feature hair salon tools and match any outfit. The cotton and polyester materials make the socks comfortable with the added spandex built into the fabric.

31. How Hairdressers Swear Coloring Book

If you know a hairdresser with a sense of humor, this fun coloring book will make their day. The book includes a list of swear words that will make a hairstylist laugh out loud.

32. Hairdresser Barber Personalize BobbleHead 

A unique but personal gift to give your favorite hairstylist is a personalized bobblehead! They can add this novelty gift to their desk or vanity. Just include a face and pose photo for their bobblehead.

33. Boxzie Thank You Gifts for Women

You can show your appreciation for your hairstylist during any seasonal holiday with a Thank you box. This specific box includes a tumbler, a candle, soap, and a card that gives you the opportunity to write down a personal message.

34. Barber Equipment Tools Wall Clock

Step up your hairstylist’s hair salon decor with this modern wall clock! The unique clock features an array of tools to represent the numbers of the clock. Since the design is simple and sleek, this hairdresser clock will fit in perfectly for most hair salons.

35. Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

Have your hairstylist go home to their own massage therapist with this neck and back massager. The 3D kneading helps to relieve pain in the shoulder, neck, and leg muscles. If your hairstylist has expressed interest in a back massager, you can also give them a back massage cushion.

Hairstylists are on their feet all day, whether they’re the salon owners or cutting and dying hair throughout the work day. Give them the gift of relaxation after a long day of hard work.

36. FUSTMW Hair Stylist Gift Keychain

silver hairdresser keychain featuring hairdresser comb and sheers

At no extra cost, this stylish keychain is one of the best Christmas gift ideas for hairdressers! The assortment of charms on the keychain includes combs, a hairdryer, and scissors.

37. Salon & Barber Shop Chair Anti-Fatigue Mat 

High-quality mats are important for hairstylists, especially if they have tool carts and other objects that roll over mats. These anti-fatigue mats provide exceptional durability and can withstand carts that could puncture other mats.

38. Fashion Hairdresser Pendant

This charm pendant makes the perfect present for hairstylists who are passionate about their job. This necklace comes with three charms, a comb, a hairdryer, and scissors.

39. Gourmet Chocolate Gift Basket

For the holiday season, give a gourmet chocolate box to your favorite hairdresser! This box features toffee, pretzels, and caramel candy with an assortment of flavors.

40. Framar Kolor Killer Wipes

tube of hair dye removal wipes

For hairstylists just starting out at a salon, a great idea as a gift would be air dye removal wipes. The dispenser of wipes includes 100 individual wipes to help remove hair dye messes. They are also super gentle for all skin types.

41. CIONAOR Custom Neon Signs

Gift a special hairdresser their own custom neon sign! This personalized gift is a wonderful way for your hairdresser to show off their salon to old and new clients. Add a business logo or aesthetic word to make any room stand out.

42. Beauty and Hair Spray Bottles

One of the best hairdresser gift ideas is a spray bottle where they can add water or any product to help their styling session. This sprayer features a black-and-white design of hairdresser tools printed on the bottles. These spray bottles can also be used as cleaning tools after every workday.

43. Customizable Hairdresser Pendant Necklace

A pendant for a hairdresser can vary depending on what they specialize in. This pendant is less of a funny gift and more of a unique gift that features their name and a pair of scissors.

44. Hair Stylist Appointment Book

hair stylist leopard print planner

Every hairdresser needs a planner or notebook to keep track of all their appointments, especially during busy days. Whether they’re working in busy New York City or a quiet small town, this leopard print appointment book is a little gift that makes a beauty professional’s life easier.

45. Cleverfy Shower Steamers Aromatherapy

Some hairdressers spend so much time attending to others that they forget to look after themselves. This self-care shower steamer box is the perfect stocking stuffer for any hairstylist. The shower bombs come in a pack of 6 with different colors and essential oils.

Whether it’s your best friend who is a hairdresser or a family member, this gift guide will help you find the best gifts for them.

You can always give them a holiday tip or the gift of time when you go to the hair salon. If you don’t know them personally, it can be difficult to come up with the right gifts. Consider giving them practical gifts that you know they will use on a daily basis.

That’s the scoop on the best Christmas gift ideas for a hairstylist!

christmas gift ideas for hairdressers

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