5 Classic “Chick Flicks” That Are Actually Amazing

To All the Boys I've Loved Before, a recent "chick flick"
To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Courtesy of Netflix. A runner-up amazing “chick flick”

The term “chick flick” has always been one with a somewhat negative connotation. Mostly, these films are fluffy, light-hearted, and romantic. They typically include a stand-out leading woman, a quirky best friend, and a steamy love interest. Supposedly, only women would enjoy these films. And unfortunately, some “chick flicks” are not the greatest.

However, despite their cliches, some “chick flicks” have become classics in the eyes of Hollywood. Plus, they deserve it! They explore deeper topics that prove relevant even as they age and have the professional quality of an Oscar nominee. These are the films that every girl should watch. They evoke a feeling in most women that can’t be replicated anywhere else. They aren’t “chick flicks” because they are “easy to watch” but because they represent women and their everyday struggles.

So without further ado, here are five “chick flicks” that are amazing and that every girl should consider watching.


5. Mamma Mia

Although this film has started garnering new fans in recent years, I still believe it to be a highly underrated movie. It follows Sophie, a young girl who is about to get married on the small Greek island she has lived on her entire life. However, the conflict comes when she invites three separate men, each of which may be her father. The film includes music by ABBA and a star-studded cast, including Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, and Colin Firth.

Why You Should Watch: Despite being cliche at times, this film is so much fun. It has catchy music, heart-warming mother-daughter moments, steamy romance, and a Mediterranean vibe that will have you buying a ticket to Greece pronto.


4. 10 Things I Hate About You

If you’re into ’90s movies, 10 Things I Hate About You has the perfect 1999 high school flair. The film tells the story of Kat, a feisty and intelligent girl that repels boys. Unfortunately, her younger sister Bianca wants a boyfriend badly and house rules say that she can’t date until Kat does. What ensues is a chaotic plan full of mischief, betrayal, and most importantly, love.

Why You Should Watch: This film has endless hilarious (and iconic) moments that feel completely relatable, even now. The antics are intriguing and definitely drama-filled. Best of all, the love interest is a young Heath Ledger, in all his Australian, curly-haired glory.


3. Bridget Jones Diary

This British “chick flick” defies all expectations of the perfect female protagonist. Bridget Jones Diary follows Bridget Jones, a 30-year-old woman stuck in a rut. She’s messy, awkward, and looking for love. However, romance finds her in the most unexpected ways. Mainly, she’s stuck between Britain’s two greatest heartthrobs, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant

Why You Should Watch: Despite being slightly outdated, Bridget Jones Diary breaks barriers by giving us a female protagonist that is utterly human. She makes mistakes! Big ones! Plus, the love triangle is irresistible and the film has a holiday flair that makes it perfect for winter watching.


2. Dirty Dancing

While this film has plenty of iconic moments, its more subtle scenes are the ones that truly make it a classic. Dirty Dancing takes place in 1963 and tells the story of Baby, a young girl on vacation with her family in the Catskills. Everything changes when Baby is pulled into the secret world of the resorts’ dancers, specifically the world of Johnny Castle. A steamy love affair slowly takes shape.

Why You Should Watch: There are so many reasons to watch Dirty Dancing, let me list them out: a constant theme of rich vs poor, an amazing soundtrack, an endless array of iconic lines, a strong-willed female protagonist, some funky 60’s clothing, and of course, Patrick Swayze.


1. When Harry Met Sally

You’ve probably heard of this film several times before but have you ever watched it? The story of When Harry Met Sally is simple. Harry and Sally graduate college and are connected through a mutual friend. Despite their distinct differences, there seems like a spark ignites between them. Throughout several years, their relationship ebbs and flows, moving from enemies to friends to maybe something more.

Why You Should Watch: This film has some of the most genuine romance I have ever seen. Despite being romance based, When Harry Met Sally is truly based on life. The way people weave throughout each other’s lives and change as they grow up. Of course, there are various funny and heart-warming moments, but this film teaches more about the human condition than anything else. It is a must-watch.

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Chick Flicks Conclusion

Although many people may pass up on certain movies because they’re considered “chick flicks”, these films show so much more than silly romance or fluffiness. They offer themes of class struggle, familial issues, and the everyday problems that come with being human. This, plus their organic love stories and witty lines, create perfect films. They will pull you into their world and have you coming back again and again. Therefore, think hard before you dismiss these films and others like them. They might teach you more than you will ever realize.

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