5 Coffee Shops Every Caffeine Lover Should Know About

There are two types of people in the world: those who could care less about coffee and those who could not imagine a life without it. For those that fall in the latter category, whom of which are probably wondering when and where they are going to get their next sip, this is for you! If you are passionate about coffee, then you are familiar with the exciting feeling of discovering the perfect coffee shop that creates an inspiring and inviting environment and leaves your taste buds happy. From classic drip coffee to artisan lattes and everything in between, here are 5 coffee shops in the United States that every caffeine lover should know about!

1) Preserve & Gather – Seattle, Washington

It would not feel right to discuss coffee on a national level without starting in Seattle, the city that is often considered to be synonymous to coffee. Preserve & Gather exemplifies how coffee shops have the ability to create a space of community and connection. This shop purposefully does not offer WiFi to its guests to encourage people to engage with one another. Outside of their beautiful communal focus, Preserve & Gather has a full espresso bar and serves up delicious eats, like toast with chai pear butter and housemade yogurt.


2) Andytown Coffee Roasters – San Francisco, California

For those who love to know exactly where their coffee is coming from, Andytown Coffee Roasters in San Francisco is a great place to go! Not only do the baristas behind the bar create phenomenal drinks, they are also responsible for roasting the beans that are used here. With big open windows that bring in plenty of light and a clean design scheme, Andytown Coffee Roasters creates an environment that allows you to catch your breath in the busy city of San Francisco. You cannot go wrong ordering the signature Snowy Plover (sparkling H20, espresso, and a dollop of whipped cream) and a slice of their authentic Irish soda bread.

3) Double Trouble – Houston, Texas

The name says it all. Double Trouble, is a harmonious spot that provides the best of both worlds by serving up coffee AND cocktails! Their coffee is sourced locally and all of their syrups (salted coconut caramel is one of the community favorites) are made in house. If you are looking to add an extra kick to your coffee, the Betty Whizzle cocktail (vodka, coffee-infused rum liqueur, cream, and espresso) is a must! An added plus, Double Trouble is primly located in Midtown, which is filled with restaurants, bars, and other forms of entertainment.

4) Crema – Nashville, Tennessee

If you are a sucker for pairing your coffee with a good story, Crema is a coffee shop that you cannot overlook. Crema takes relationships seriously; in upholding their company virtue they make sure that those who indulge in their coffee know the stories behind the ingredients inside their cup. Crema allows people to journey into the world of the farmers and families that partner with them. Relatedly, they also prioritize education and offer classes that teach you how to make the best coffee on your own. With new coffees always arriving, Crema is a wonderful place expose yourself to new flavors.

5) Sol Café – Chicago, Illinois

Coffee shops are often places of inspiration, and Sol Café is a great example of this. Through creating a space that not only serves wonderful coffee and great food, but also acts as an art gallery and event space, this shop is a great place to go to nourish your mind. With a seasonal menu and a changing art gallery, Sol Café generates a creative environment that will inspire your mind and palette.

To all the coffee lovers out there, may this article inspire you to continue to search the states to discover the best coffee shops around.

Which one of these spots is your favorite?

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