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5 Colors to Add to Your Wardrobe

Go to your closet and check out how much of your wardrobe is full of neutral colors. I guarantee it is over 60% of the items, which makes sense because basics are easy to build from. Once you have a good foundation it is super easy to build off, so let’s add some color to the mix. Here are 5 colors to add to your wardrobe that are super stylish and on trend.

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Light Green

Green is color that we often shy away from, but once you open up to all the shades of green you get a whole new opportunity for outfits. We all know our favorite army green that makes a feature every fall, but why not try to spruce up your summer outfits with a more vibrant shade. You can pair it with almost everything, but I like to match it with white or denim.

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Terracotta Red

Terracotta is a full, earth-toned color that we often think of with clay pots, but it also looks great on fabric. Because it has natural tones, it gives you a great in-between of neutral and saturated colors. It is a great way to start adding color to your wardrobe.

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Burnt Yellow

Yellow is often associated with spring, because we think about pastels. A deeper and burnt yellow is better for all year round. Yellow is great paired with white and brown accents. I love this color on someone with brown or darker hair, since it provides a lot of contrast.

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Hot Pink

A shade of pink that we might stray away from is hot pink, but if Barbie looks good in it so can we. The key to styling vibrant colors is only wear one key item with the color and then play it safe with the rest of the outfit. Your closet is supposed to spark joy for you and give you an outlet to be creative in.

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Baby Blue

Blue has been one of the hottest trends this season, so try it out. We wear blue jeans as a staple in your wardrobe, so baby blue might be the easiest to incorporate into things we already wear and love. Maybe add some funky blue accessories to add color to your wardrobe of neutrals.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.