5 Easy Vegan Swaps

Becoming a vegan can be really simple with these easy vegan substitutes  There are many other alternatives, but here is the scoop on some accessible vegan swaps!


When used for baking, honey is important to sweeten any recipe, but honey is not always safe for bees. Instead try using Agave nectar, which in my opinion is a lot sweeter. Some other vegan substitutes are maple syrup and molasses.


Key to most baking recipes and serves as a binding agent for cooking eggs are essential.  Eggs also can be easily replaced with vegan friendly swaps. You can use half a smashed banana, applesauce, non-dairy yogurt, or chickpea flour mixed with water.


Nut-based kinds of milk are becoming more popular due to the increase in health-conscious individuals.   Some popular flavors are almond and cashew. Those who are allergic to nuts there are other swaps.  Soy, coconut, and even pea are just a few more alternatives.


Besides what they sell in the store in vegan butter, there are a few other swaps available. Olive oil and Coconut oil are both an easy swap that most people already have in their kitchen cabinets.


Besides tofu, which most people think is the only substitute for meat, there are many other delicious swaps.  JackFruit known for being a very similar texture to meat can easily substitute for any pulled pork or chicken sandwich.  On more of the vegetable side of swaps, cauliflower, beans, and mushrooms all provide protein and still taste great!

Next time you are cooking try out one of these easy swaps. Not only are they healthy for you, but they are much better for the environment.

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