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5 Home Treatments for Insomnia

Insomnia is one of the most frustrating conditions that you can suffer from. For some people, sleeplessness is only something which happens from time to time, but for others, it is a more chronic condition. When you can’t get to sleep for an extended period of time, this can end up seeping into other aspects of your life including your relationships, work and family time. While some cases require medical attention, here, we are going to run through a few home treatments which you can try if you are trying to beat this issue.

Healthy Living

Healthy living with a good diet and plenty of exercise can bring positive benefits throughout your life, and one of the areas is your sleep. First of all, a good diet can help your body to release the chemicals needed to drift off, while a poor diet can prevent this. And getting enough exercise can help to exhaust your body so that you feel tired when you get into bed. However, be careful about vigorous exercise too close to bedtime as this can end up having the opposite effect.

Good Sleep Hygiene

There are various components involved in good sleep hygiene. First of all, you should maintain a proper sleep schedule in which your bedtime and waking up time are kept consistent. Secondly, you should try to limit your use of gadgets before you are about to sleep as these have been shown to have a negative impact. Before you get into bed avoid eating too heavily and consuming substances like alcohol.

Fix Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should primarily be a place to sleep, so remove anything which is not going to be helpful to this such as your TV etc. Lie on your bed to assess how comfortable it makes you feel. Experiment with some different sleeping materials like a bamboo mattress pad, goose feather pillows etc. Try playing some white noise when you are drifting off, and block out all external light with a blackout blind. Ultimately, you should experiment until you create the environment that feels right for you.

Try Some Relaxing Activities

There are plenty of relaxing activities which you can try before bedtime to help you feel that little bit more peaceful. For some people, a warm bath or a shower is the way to get there. For others, clearing their minds using meditation or yoga can be very effective.

Avoid Daytime Naps

Even if you feel very tired during the day as you have struggled to sleep at night, daytime naps can be very problematic. So, try to cut these out of your routine if you have been used to relying on them. Hopefully, when the time comes that you do get between the sheets, you will feel ready to drift off.

So, there you have just five home treatment ideas which you can put into practice if you are an insomnia sufferer.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.