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5 Lessons I Learned From #Cars3

The Cars movie franchise is back and better than ever with Cars 3 racing to theaters on June 16th!  I have always been a huge fan of this movie franchise so I had high hopes for the third installment in this series and it did not disappoint.  When a younger, faster generation of high tech racers hit the track, Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) and his generation of racers begin to be slowly pushed out of the sport they love.  Lightning refuses to let this happen under any circumstances, so he turns to trainer, Cruz Ramirez (Cristela Alonzo) to help him get back on track.  The two undergo an unexpected journey where they learn new things about each other and themselves, and realize that what you see, isn’t always what you get.  Here are 5 lessons I learned from Cars 3, in theaters today!

1. Dream Big

Even if you think your dreams are unattainable, it’s important to set your sights high in life.  Your goals and dreams are the things that you can anticipate as long as you work hard and never quit.  Dreaming big can also lead to self improvement, and what’s not to love about that?

2.You’re Never Too Old to Have Fun and Do What You Love

People may tell you that you’re “too old” to do something, but it’s best not to listen to them.  Age is just a number and if you’re doing something that you love, then who cares how old you actually are?

3. It’s Never Too Late to Follow Your Dreams

Remember that dream you had when you were 15 years old, but never got around to accomplishing because you thought it was impossible?  Now’s your chance to strive for that dream again!  All you have to do is work hard and put forth your best effort and suddenly, that “impossible” dream won’t feel so impossible anymore.

4. Embrace Your Differences

If everyone looked the same, then this would be a really strange world.  Luckily, we all have differences that make us who we are.  Your differences are the things that define you and they should always be embraced, because you only get one life.

5. Always Try to Stay Positive

Even if you think your life is headed nowhere, stay positive.  Things will look up soon, and your positivity will be the main reason for this.  Try not to worry about things and everything will turn out just fine.


There are hundreds of lessons that can be learned from this film, so you’ll just have to figure them out for yourself by seeing Cars 3, in theaters today!

Check out the official movie website here!

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