5 Reasons You Should Add Rowing to Your Workout

The buzz surrounding rowing has been circling around fitness circles for a couple of years now. Some have even gone so far to say that rowing is the new spinning (crazy, right?). But, what exactly is it about rowing that has people ranting and raving about it? In order to figure it out, I have found five amazing reasons why everyone should be incorporating rowing into their workouts.


1. It’s fun and fast!

Unfortunately a lot of the time, exercise can feel like an long, boring chore–but with rowing, that simply is not the case. Rowing utilizes 86% of the body’s muscles, meaning that just 30 minutes of rowing can have the same impact of 90 minutes of any other exercise. Way to get the most impact in the least amount of time! Not only do you get a great workout in a small amount of time, but you also have a blast doing it as well!

2. Core, core, and more core!

There’s hardly any other cardio workout that will engage your core as much as rowing does. From the very moment you get into starting position, your core is activated and remains that way until the very end of the workout. Rowing consistently can result in the strongest core you’ve ever had.


3. Anyone can do it!

If you’re someone who is unsure about adding new routines into your workout regime because you are apprehensive about your ability to actually do the exercise, there’s no need to worry! Rowing is simple and low impact so whatever your ability level is when it comes to working out, rowing is for you. Because of its low impact, rowing is also great for injury prevention and recovery. Rowing is the perfect way to get a safe and easy, while still effective workout.

4. Your entire body gets a workout!

As mentioned before, 86% of your body’s muscles are utilized while rowing. Not only is rowing amazing for your core, but for your arms and legs as well. It’s a total body experience that completely surpasses the effects  of single-plane exercises like spinning or running.


5. It can help improve your coordination! 

Rowing works your entire body’s muscles in a specific pattern of motion. It has been shown that people who row regularly, have shown improvement in their overall coordination, sense of rhythm, and body awareness. The rowing mechanisms are easily transferred to other physical actives outside of the gym because of the strengthening of the body’s muscles through these universal muscle movement patterns.70f87f8f-7bcb-497b-a253-fe293b8bb3de

As you can see, rowing is extremely beneficial for the body and is a great way to ensure you are getting the best possible workout in the easiest and most efficient way.  Adding rowing into your workout routine is definitely something you should try–chances are, you won’t be sorry. If you are in the Kansas City area, you should check out Health House!  I have been going for over a month and love it.  Health House is a rowing studio where you can sign up for a variety of classes including fun rowing classes and completely change your fitness routine with instructors leading the way.

“Founded in 2013, Health House is a dedicated rowing studio offering the most efficient, dynamic full body workout on the market today. We offer cutting edge group fitness classes in an award winning designed space, with knowledgeable trainers and high energy music.” – HealthHouseKC.com

Head over to HealthHouseKC.com and sign up for a class today!

Disclosure: I receive a complimentary membership to Health House in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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