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5 Reasons Those Doctor’s Visits Actually Matter

No one likes phoning the doctor. In fact, most of us put it off at all costs. We inadvertently call at times we know they’ll be busy. We make sure there isn’t time. Oh, and sometimes, we convince ourselves we don’t need to go anyway. Doctors are busy people, and you’re worrying about nothing. What’s the big deal? You might phone in a few weeks if things still aren’t right.

Sound familiar? We’ve all been there. A healthy (or unhealthy, in this case) does of denial is nothing new. What’s more, there are valid reasons for not wanting to phone the doctor. Time may be an excuse, but sometimes it is tricky to fit an appointment in. Plus, doctors visits involve being poked, prodded, and touched where we’d rather not be. And, then, the big kicker; there’s a risk that you’ll get bad news. Before a doctor’s appointment, it’s easy to convince yourself that health worries are no big deal. After a diagnosis, denial is much harder to come by.

As a result of these reasons and more, many of us fail to make the appointments we should. In fact, we often go years without stepping foot in our doctor’s surgery. And, you can be sure that a health worry or two will crop up along the way. Still, that doesn’t sway us from our avid denial that perhaps our bodies aren’t coping how they should. We soldier on and, more often than not, issues do clear, and our worries go with them. It’s a miracle, hallelujah and all the rest of it. Only, not quite. You may have been lucky this time, but what’s to say that health concern wasn’t a sign of something else? In truth, the most severe problems are things we don’t even notice.

This job isn’t always easy

On top of which, not going to the doctor gets you into bad habits. If you get better organically a few times, you may not even consider that there’s help out there. Not to mention that even a self-recovery could be made smoother by a medical professional. And, what do you pay your health insurance for, anyway? That’s a substantial sum of money you’re throwing away on NOT VISITING YOUR DOCTOR!

Okay, you get the idea. But, in case you’re still in some doubt, we’re going to look at why visiting doctors for small niggles is so essential.

It puts your mind at ease

This may not have been what you were expecting, but this is actually the best part about visiting a doctor. It’s about time we were honest with ourselves; we are living in an age of self-diagnosis and hypochondria. No matter what you type into Google about your health, the C word is sure to pop up somewhere. As a result of this ‘worst case scenario’ attitude, many of us follow suit. Headache? Cancer. Stomach pains? Cancer. Fatigue? Cancer.

In short; small issues which are likely nothing more than imbalances become sources of worry. Equally, lumps, bumps, and irregularities which, believe it or not, are rarely anything, convince us of doom. Have you got that one bump which you’ve been playing with for years now? You figure it’s probably harmless otherwise you’d know about it by now. Still, your fingers find it, and you worry again every few months. Well, guess what? A ten-minute appointment with your doctor is all it would take to end all those concerns. Those YEARS of concerns.

When you look at it like that, it makes no sense that we’re so reluctant to visit a doctor. Short appointments can ease all your worries. Think of this as a day at the spa. You’ll likely come out of that office feeling fresh and full of life again. No longer will you live with imagined illnesses over your head!

Issues get worse when undetected

Of course, it’s not realistic to think that every doctor’s visit is going to have a happy ending. Sometimes, further tests are necessary, and they aren’t always good. There’s no getting past that, and it’s scary. But, it still doesn’t justify ignoring your need for medical care. In fact, severe issues aren’t half as dangerous when detected early. You might need treatment or antibiotics. But, these things are unlikely to impact your life.

Problems left undiagnosed, however, can have much longer-lasting implications. So, because you didn’t want a ten-minute appointment, you may have to spend weeks, or even longer in hospital.

Fear is valid, and you wouldn’t be alone in being wary of bad news. But, it still makes no sense to avoid that appointment. In fact, doing so only prolongs that fear, and makes a mountain where a molehill once was. So, bite the bullet and spend ten minutes with your doctor today. It’ll be much better than those weeks in a hospital bed if you put that check up to the side.

There could be something going on that you don’t know about

Thanks to our trusty pocket diagnosers, we all like to think we’re pretty on the ball when it comes to our health. In truth, though, we have not studied years of medicine at university. As such, there’s just no getting around the fact that we don’t know what we’re talking about. We don’t know how the body works.

So, it’s not unreasonable to suggest that common health complaints which seem like nothing could have a more serious underlying cause. You could visit the doctor for say, fatigue, and find out that you’ve got a rare blood deficiency which you would never have guessed. That’s why doctors get paid the big bucks, and we trust what Google tells us. That’s also why you should never ignore a problem, no matter how small it seems. Your doctor is never going to laugh you out the door or tell you that you’re lying. Instead, they’ll do all necessary tests, and start to narrow down what could be going on. All of which you wouldn’t be able to do from the comfort of your search engine.

You’ll thank yourself later

It’s also worth noting that keeping a constant check on our health is crucial for later life. Old age gets to us all, but you can slow the flow by staying fit and healthy. And, part of that means visiting your doctor as and when you need to. To put this into context, consider your dental health. You wouldn’t go six years without a visit to a dentist, and not expect to need work, right? Well, same with your doctor. The less often you visit, the more your issues pile up and cause havoc.

Of course, you don’t need to book a six-monthly check-up with your doctor. But, visiting as an issue arises is the same concept. Your dental checks help dentists spot potential cavities and prevent them. A check with your doctor can detect potential health problems and stop them in their tracks.

One thing’s sure; your past self will thank you for looking after your body this way. Otherwise, you could be in for a tough time in your later life. In the same sentiment as above, that could mean spending large portions of your senior years in hospital. You’ll wish you’d booked than ten-minute appointment then. And, that’s not even considering the daily struggles. If you’re lucky enough to afford an extended care facility you will, admittedly, get help with your care plan. But, if you don’t have the money for even that, you’re going to need to remember medications and exercises galore. If you aren’t up for that now, it’s unlikely you will be in your future.

What’s more, a doctor can give you advice on how best to look after your health moving forward. If you lack in something, they can solve the issue, and give you a diet plan to follow. If you’re struggling with shortness of breath, they can help you develop exercise plans. This is essential if you want to live a long and prosperous life!

A final word

If you still don’t book an appointment after this, there’s no hope for you. Only kidding. But, you should consider biting the bullet. We spend far too long worrying about health issues which don’t deserve that much time. And, you could overcome that by getting on top of this. Not to mention that, once you’re in the habit of visiting your doctor, you won’t be hesitant to do it again. Believe it or not, most medical professionals are pretty nice. What’s more, if you don’t get along with one, it’s within your rights to change to someone you like better.

As you start to form a relationship with the doctor in question, they’ll come to know your health and your body. As such, they’ll be in a better position to spot changes and suggest actions to improve your situation. So, you could argue that the more you visit your doctor, the abler they’ll be to save your life. Now, go and get booked up!

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