5 Reasons We’re Excited for the “Avatar: The Last Airbender” Spin-Off, “The Legend of Korra”

by Megan Hemenway
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Netflix is releasing “The Legend of Korra” on August 14th and fans are excited, to say the least. Back in May, the streaming service put out “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and now “The Legend of Korra,” the spin-off, is set to have the same booming effect. The shows had originally appeared on Nickelodeon years ago, and is becoming a sensation once again! Now, with LOK coming to Netflix, fans can continue the adventure!

Here are our five reasons why we’re excited for “The Legend of Korra”:

1. More of the “Avatar: The Last Airbender” World

While the original show only had three seasons with about 20 episodes each, hardcore fans and newbies alike still can’t get enough. The world of the avatar is just too exciting to not explore more in another series. In “The Legend of Korra,” we get to see this world of the benders 70 years after the events of “The Last Airbender.” This means new characters and a new mission to complete. In this series, we get to see what becomes of this world many years after it has been saved.

2. A New Avatar

Although Aang became our favorite in the original series, there’s something exciting brewing in “The Legend of Korra:” a new Avatar! Her name is Korra and she definitely has what it takes to master all four elements. However, don’t expect the story to be too familiar. Korra proves to be rough around the edges and sometimes a little stubborn. We can’t wait to see how her story parallels Aang’s and how everything has changed over time!

3. The Nostalgia Factor

Of course, not all watchers of these series are hardcore fans. Many of them are just young people who remember seeing Appa, the flying bison, on their TV when they were kids. For this reason, LOK has a huge nostalgia factor. Even as a grown-up, there’s something magical about revisiting the animated series of your childhood. Not only that, but it’s possible we can find more adult themes in these shows now that we’re older. We love a new perspective!

4. A Return of Our Favorites

Unfortunately, when a new spin-off series appears, we can’t always count on our favorite characters returning. However, in LOK fans should expect to see glimpses of their faves once more (although they are now much older). Some of the original gang returns to mentor Korra, while we get an intimate look into the family that Aang left behind. Therefore, be on the lookout for a mix of exciting new characters, plus some other favorites we had to say goodbye to.

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5. A Full Circle Story

Most of all, fans love nothing more than a full circle story. There’s nothing worse than a cliffhanger or an unsatisfactory end. With “The Legend of Korra,” we get the possibility to revisit this world and see what problems lie ahead. It’s almost like a “where are they now” article, except played out in the same fantastical style as the original series. Spin-offs can oftentimes feel useless and overdone, but we believe that LOK will only increase our love for the “Avatar” franchise. We absolutely can’t wait to watch it!

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Are you excited for “The Legend of Korra”? Let us know what you’re most pumped for!

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