5 Reasons To Let Go Of The Past

I’ll be the first person to admit that I’ve done things in the past that I’m not proud of. We all have. Maybe you dated a guy who treated you badly but you still love him. Maybe you hurt someone close to you and they don’t talk to you anymore. Whatever your reason is for constantly replaying your past, it’s time to stop. Sometimes we find it hard to move past it all of our regrets, but it’s time to quit living in that world of what was.  Here are five reasons why you must move on and never look back.

You can’t change the past

It’s the classic cliché but it’s 100% true. It’s the past and it’s not going to change. You can’t go back and change it. You can’t erase it completely. You can however learn from it. You can make a change and promise yourself it will never happen again. And then one day, when a few years pass, you’ll realize that you needed to go through everything that you did in order to be the you that you are today.

Everyone has done something they regret

You are not the first and you won’t be the last to have an “oops” moment in your past. It’s part of growing up and learning. Mistakes don’t make you a bad person and you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. Everyone is dealing with something from the past just like you. Once you realize that everyone else struggles with this, it will make you feel normal.  That being said, don’t forget what you’ve learned from your mistakes. Let your mistakes help guide your behavior in the future. Let them drive you. But don’t let them beat you.

You’re not the same person

The past is the home of a previous you. You’ve grown and you have matured past the events you once experienced. Be proud of this accomplishment. You can’t be mad at yourself for a decision you made in the past. Don’t continue to hold onto things that are no longer relevant to your life. After all, the woman you were then isn’t the woman you are now. Leave her behind and make room for the new you.

Blocking new opportunities

When you’re living in the past, it’s hard to not have blinders on to all the good things that are happening around you. Maybe a new guy is interested in you, or you’re getting the chance at a new job. If you are still dwelling on what once was, you’re going to miss out on what could be. You might drive people away from you because of negativity. Don’t let this continue. Allow yourself to feel happy and optimistic again. A positive mind will allow for a positive life.

Life is too short

It’s the absolute truth and it’s something we must all remember. Life is way too short to live with days of negativity and cripple ourselves by constantly looking back. Not everyone gets a chance at a life of happiness. So when you are given the opportunity, take it. It will make for a healthier you: physically, emotionally and mentally. Here’s a fact–you never know how much time you’ve got on your hands. The question is, are you really going to let whatever you could have slip by just because you’re too busy over thinking things that no longer are? Life is a gift and it’s time to live it.

So let’s do it together ladies! Take a deep breath, relax, and just let it all go. You’ll thank yourself later. Sign up for a new yoga class, join a book club, or volunteer at a local shelter. Do something positive that will help lead you on the path of moving on. In the end, the past will be a distant memory, as it should be.

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