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5 Reasons to See The Big Sick

Get ready for a brand new rom-com that’s sure to bring tears to your eyes, because The Big Sick hits theaters in Kansas City on July 7th!  This charming love story is a definite must-see for the summer.   Born in Pakistan, aspiring comedian Kumail (Kumail Nanjiani) dreams of becoming a world renowned comic despite his parents wishes.  When Kumail falls in love with the young and vivacious Emily (Zoe Kazan), his parents’ disapproval is only heightened, as it is tradition for a Pakistani man to have an arranged marriage with a Pakistani woman.  When Emily suddenly becomes terminally ill, Kumail is forced to meet her parents in a slightly awkward situation.  As Emily’s condition worsens, Kumail grows fonder of her outgoing and slightly eccentric parents, Beth (Holly Hunter) and Terry (Ray Romano).  Kumail slowly but surely realizes how much Emily really means to him, and he learns that sometimes, love isn’t always easy.  Here are 5 reasons to see The Big Sick in theaters today!

1. It’s a New Take on a Classic Love Story

There are so many different love stories out there, but this one is something new that left a lasting impression in my mind.  Featuring a story about an interracial couple is something that many film production companies tend to stay away from, but both FilmNation Entertainment and Apatow Productions tackled this aspect gracefully.  Additionally, one of the main characters spends a large portion of the film in a coma, and that’s definitely not something that you see in any ordinary love story.

2. It Will Make You Cry

The forbidden love that’s shown in this movie is truly heartbreaking.  In addition to the disapproval of his parents, Kumail runs the risk of potentially losing his true love to a deadly disease!!  Everything about this tragic story makes you want to cry, right?  You’re not alone!  I definitely shed a few tears for this saddening yet fantastic plot.

3. The Movie is Based on a True Story

Can you believe that this whole string of events happened to Kumail Nanjiani?  Yes, that’s right, the man who played Kumail in the movie actually lived through this situation.  I was in total and utter disbelief when the credits started rolling and I realized that this was the case.  Kumail was such an amazing actor in the film and it’s crazy to think that not only did he live through this, but he recreated it beautifully on the screen.  Kumail’s wife, Emily Gordon is the woman responsible for the idea of this incredible film, and of course, was the inspiration for the character Emily, played by Zoe Kazan.

4. You’ll Bust a Gut Laughing

This movie is extremely funny despite some of its sad moments.  Kumail is actually pretty good at stand-up comedy in the film and there are many hilariously awkward moments that occur when he meets Emily’s parents for the first time.  I was laughing throughout the entire movie, and the combination of Ray Romano and Holly Hunter was absolutely perfect.  These two were so entertaining as Emily’s parents and they were a great addition to the film.


5. The Movie Shows the Realistic Aspects of Love

Meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time can definitely be a bit awkward, and this movie accurately demonstrates the realities of this situation.  The Big Sick doesn’t just focus on the pleasant parts of a relationship, it also shows the gloomy and difficult moments that every relationship must go through.  This isn’t your typical romantic movie where everything works out perfectly all of the time, because there will always be rough patches that relationships go through and this movie is spot-on in its depictions of them.  This is one of the realest movies that I have seen in a very long time and it’s a definite must see for the people of this generation.


I have such a great opinion of this movie and I would highly encourage all of you to check it out this summer.  The Big Sick hits theaters in Kansas City today!

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