5 Reasons to Play Final Fantasy 15

by Sarah Scoop
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If you are bored and searching for a fun game to play, look no further than Final Fantasy XV. Once you have downloaded this game, you will forget what boredom feels like. The Final Fantasy series is one that needs little introduction, as it is hugely popular all around the world. But, why should you play Final Fantasy XV in particular? Let’s take a look…

Amazing visuals

There is only one place to begin, and this is with the incredible visuals you can expect from the FF15 strategy game. You only need to watch one of the demos to see that this is the case. The design is second to none, with realistic textures and lush colours. This is something that anyone can appreciate, no matter whether you are a hardcore gamer or not.

Incredible new weapons

There are lots of different weapons that are included in this game. The prince, Noctis, is trained for battle, and you can certainly tell this by his arsenal. From swords and spears to lances, there are many amazing and new weapons for you to try.

The reviews speak for themselves

If you do a quick search of the game online, you will see that it has received rave reviews across the board. This is reason enough to give it a try!

The story is gripping

One of the main reasons why Final Fantasy is so popular and successful in general is because it revolves around a story. This series of the game is no different. You will follow the story of Noctis, who is the heir to the dynasty and has to protect an artifact that is incredibly sacred. There are a number of companions and friends that will assist the royal character on his quest.As is always the case with Final Fantasy, you can expect a textured and deep story that does not disappoint.

Multi-Platform options

The final reason why you should consider playing this game is that it is available across a wide range of platforms. In the beginning, this was a game that was only going to be available on PlayStation 3. However, thankfully, this was changed, and the game was released for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There are also many apps to choose from as well, so you won’t need to buy new kit to enjoy this thrilling action role-play game.

As you can see, there are many different reasons why you should play Final Fantasy XV. No matter whether you are a fan of the series or you have never played it before, you are bound to enjoy hours and hours of fun and entertainment once you download this game. Enjoy!

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