5 Reasons We Love Emma Watson

You know her for charming the wizarding world as Hermione Granger, but how much did you know about Emma Watson outside of Harry Potter? Here are five reasons why we have the biggest girl crush on the Perks of Being A Wallflower star.

Très Chic

Okay, let’s state with the obvious here: Emma’s got some serious style. The English beauty has been cited in every Fashion “do” list since she was swishing-and-flicking her wand. It’s no wonder that she’s graced countless covers and has been the face of Chanel, Burberry, and Lancôme. And that pixie cut? We’re dying over her gutsy, chic crop. Plus, the classic beauty can rock a red lip.

She’s Classy

In a world of DUI starlets flaunting risqué images, Emma Watson steps up to the plate and brings some tact to pop culture. She’s known for her tasteful (yet fashionable) dress, setting a good example for young girls everywhere. To add to that, she strives to lead a normal, peaceful life. We know there must be boys everywhere knocking down her door, but you never hear about it! Her top spots on Maxim Hot 100’s support it.

Speaking of Class…

She may have a prosperous acting future ahead of her, but Emma doesn’t want that to be the only thing to her name. The Brown student is hitting the books hard to receive a Literature degree when she’s not lending her talents to the movies. She is giving a whole new meaning to “beauty and brains”! And yes, she’s like her Harry Potter counterpart in real life. We know you were thinking it, too.

Have you heard the girl speak?

Okay, we couldn’t resist, but that charming British accent of hers has us hanging on to her every eloquently-spoken word.

She Loves Animals

We know that Emma has a heart, especially after one examines her work with the Pure Threads foundation, but Emma’s love for animals also lets her heart shine. She has two cats named Bubble and Domino. The Harry Potter cast and crew said she couldn’t stay away from the animals on set!

Don’t let her superstar status and unequivocal beauty fool you- Emma Watson is a down-to-earth girl, just like you and me.

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