5 Secrets To Vlogging Success

The sheer number of things that the internet has changed forever is honestly staggering when you really look at it. The way that people do business, the way people shop, even the way that people talk to each other have all been altered in ways that, even a couple of decades ago, no one could possibly have imagined. The media has certainly changed a lot as well because of this. Where you once had TV and movies as the only methods of entertainment out there, the internet, and in particular video sharing sites like Youtube, have created a whole new culture of media and content.

With the rise of Youtube came the rise of the video blogger, or vlogger for short. Vloggers do something very different from TV and films in that they are often amateurs working alone and instead of creating fictional narratives and stories in the way TV shows do, the narratives are based on their lives and their personalities. There are plenty of different varieties of vloggers, but most of them have built their brand around themselves as a person. For a lot of people, this seems like an incredibly tempting idea, but they have no real idea where to start. The whole thing seems so complicated and difficult that a lot of people resign themselves to never actually doing it. However, it’s actually a lot simpler and easier than you might think, you just need to follow a few simple pieces of advice. In order to help you make your mark online, here are some of the secrets to vlogging success.

Know your brand

This one might actually be a little more complicated than it seems. In its simplest form, your brand is you. You are the face on the screen and often the only person involved in the content creation process. However, that’s not quite the end of things. As much as one of the best things about vlogging is the personal, realistic quality that it has, it’s not actually real life. Your brand is you, but it’s a slightly different version of you. One that’s more friendly, more exciting, and more presentable. Make sure that you think about the kind of image that you really want to project. When you understand that then you need to focus on it as much as possible, that way you never have to worry about creating something that doesn’t fit with the style of your channel as a whole.

Have the right equipment

There are those who might tell you that equipment simply doesn’t matter when it comes to vlogging, and in a perfect world they would be right. In a perfect world, the only things that would matter would be your personality and the content that you create. However, surprising as it might be, we do not live in a perfect world. Because of that, it is important to think about the equipment that you use. The most important thing is, of course, your camera, it is called video blogging after all. A decent vlogging camera is particularly important now because audiences are used to vloggers using high-quality equipment and presenting themselves as professionally as possible. Not only that but you need to think about sound as well. People’s ears are often a lot more easily offended than their eyes, so it’s worth your while to invest in a high-quality microphone so that you don’t sound like you’re speaking from inside a tin can.

Be consistent

Time moves pretty fast in the modern era, and nowhere does it move faster than on the internet. When you’re creating content online, one of the most important things to remember is to have a consistent upload schedule. Otherwise, you run a pretty serious risk of being forgotten about altogether. It might be nice to imagine that your audience will sit around waiting for your next upload but, in reality, there is so much content online that it is much more likely that they’ll simply go and find something else. Uploading at least once a week is a good balance because that way you are going to stay on an audience member’s radar without overloading them with too much content. You should also make sure to be as consistent as possible with your branding and imaging. Things like fonts, music, and your delivery should be consistent from video to video so that, no matter what, they can always be identified as your content.

Be relatable

Remember, when you’re vlogging, you’re not just creating stories in the way TV and film are, you’re talking directly to your audience. Think about the kind of content that they will want to watch. Of course, you should always be happy talking about whatever you want and creating the kind of content that you’re passionate about, but you should think about how you’re going to be able to make that content interesting and relatable to your audience. That way you are able to make sure that they keep coming back video after video. In the same way that a blog post can connect with people through the way it conveys ideas, a vlog can connect through the sheer force of your personality and relatability.

Talk to your audience

One of the cool things about vlogging is that it’s as much a conversation as anything. When someone watches a film or a TV show, then it’s a one-way street. The creator of those things is saying something, and the audience’s job is to take it in and think about it. With vlogging, that’s totally different. The comment system on sites like youtube means that your audience can speak to you about your content instantly without having to go through anything else. Make sure that you’re taking advantage of this by replying to comments by your audience members and being willing to engage in genuine conversations. Not only will this help your content become better but it will create a much stronger bond between you and your audience. Of course, you should also be aware that comment sections can sometimes be scary places. Some people are going to dislike your videos; there’s nothing you can do about that. It’s important not to let negative comments get you down and to focus as much as possible on all the positive things that your viewers and subscribers are saying.

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