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5 Steps to Creating a Healthy Home

When you think about improving your health, you tend to focus more on sleeping habits, diet, and exercise. However, since your home is where you spend most of your time, it’s equally important that you identify ways to improve your indoor space. From adding a green touch and cleaning the dirty carpets to filtering pollutants and cleaning the air, below are some of the simple steps you can take to make your home healthier.

Go green

According to the EPA, indoor air pollution can be five times higher than outdoor. This is very serious because you spend more than 80% of your time indoors. However, you can greatly reduce indoor air pollution by getting air purifying plants. Plants like Aloe Vera, English Ivy, and Peace Lilies, among others, can help to eliminate toxins from your indoor space. What’s more, these plants can also absorb C02 and release oxygen.

Clean your carpets regularly

Carpets help to keep your home warm. However, they can also harbor dust, bacteria, allergens, and other pollutants. Eventually, these pollutants can cause serious health issues for you and your loved ones. Therefore, you need to be diligent about changing your air filters, vacuuming your carpets regularly, and organic carpet cleaning. Keep in mind that regularly cleaning your carpets will help increase their lifespan.

Prevent mold growth

Although there isn’t any single method to eliminate the likelihood of mold growth, there are some tips you can follow to minimize it by controlling the level of indoor moisture. According to the EPA, you can easily reduce humidity in your home to 60% by venting all bathrooms in your home, using a dehumidifier and air conditioner, and using exhaust fans when cooking.

Clean your appliances regularly

Apart from your fridge, your dishwasher, oven, and washing machine also need a regular health check. You can use vinegar for descaling coffee machines and kettles or use baking soda to remove stains from your fridge. Remember to also regularly clean food debris from the dishwasher filter and clean the inside of the door using hot soapy water. This is essential to keep bugs away.

Declutter every season

There are only four seasons in a year, which makes it very easy to declutter. However, if you’re scared about decluttering your entire house, you can start by tackling one room at a time. Decluttering is therapeutic, and it gives you the peace of mind you need by knowing that you have only what you need in your home. This makes it easier to know where everything is placed.

Bottom Line

Leaving a healthy life entails much more than what’s on your plate. Similar to how your career, hobbies, relationships, and level of fitness contribute to your well-being, your indoor space is no exception. This is where you and your loved ones spend most of your time, and it should contribute to your health and happiness. Therefore, follow the above steps to work your way to a cleaner home and learn how to determine the air quality in your home.


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