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5 Stylish Additions for Your Patio

If your patio is in need of a little TLC, why not give it a big of a makeover this summer? It’s the ideal spot to hang out with friends and enjoy the view of your gardening efforts. Turn your patio into a more versatile space with perhaps the addition of privacy panels or roofing options. Add some finishing touches with fresh flowers and trending accessories. Make your patio the perfect place for entertaining during these warm months. Here are five stylish additions for your patio. 

Raise the roof

There are several options if you want to cover your patio. You could opt for a big umbrella, and leave the rest of the space open. If you’d rather invest in a patio conversion, you could even have a roof extended from the house. To get the best of both worlds, have a stylish wooden pergola installed instead. This way you’ll feel the benefits of being outside but it’ll also provide you with enough shade. Get in touch with a pergola builder to find out more.

Privacy panels

What could be better than a little privacy to relax and enjoy a summer punch cocktail? Privacy panels are quick and easy to install. You can turn your patio into a secluded spot with these drape-like fabrics. If you’re opting for a pergola, you could even extend this to include lattice wooden walls. If you’re feeling creative, why not try to DIY patio privacy screens? Here are some awesome ideas. Give your patio a unique touch with your own design. 

Lighting ideas

Upgrade the lighting on your patio so you can entertain after sundown. You can opt for hanging pendant lights or portable lanterns and ambiance lamps. These designs are trending at the moment. Here some of the more popular modern patio lighting ideas. The best option to go for are LEDs. These are more durable, energy-efficient and you can even get motion sensor or timer options. 

Furniture upgrade

The furniture you go for depends on the size and function of your patio. There are several outdoor furniture trends in 2020 to choose from. Rattan is a popular choice of material and if you’re looking for cushions and fabrics, you can’t go wrong with floral designs. It’s better to plan a color scheme or general theme for the patio. 

This year it’s all about embracing things from the past. Kit out your patio with a vintage set. You could have a look in vintage markets or in thrift stores, to save a little money without compromising on style.

Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers are more in than heavy greenery this year. Any plants will still make a lovely addition to your patio, however. Infuse some life into your patio with a couple of arrangements. You could even put up some hanging baskets with colorful selections. Here is a selection of the best patio plants for a lush outdoor space.

Upgrade your patio this year and enjoy the last few weeks of the summer in style.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.