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5 Things to Think About if You’re Always Tired But Getting Enough Sleep

If you’re getting less than seven hours of sleep a night, you probably know why you’re feeling so tired all the time. However, if you feel you’re a good amount of sleep a night, but still feel exhausted, there could be another reason for your fatigue. Here are just a few possible causes that could be making you feel drained.

Consider your sleep quality

Quality is just as important as quantity. You may be asleep for eight hours a night, but if you’re constantly tossing and turning in your sleep, it’s unlikely you’re ever getting into the deep sleep that your body needs. There are now apps that can monitor your sleep quality by detecting noises and movement as you turn over. This site offers a rundown on some of the best apps out there to choose from to see how well you’re sleeping. Being woken up by an alarm whilst in a deep sleep can also affect how tired you feel – such apps can schedule the alarm to go off when you’re in your lightest sleep so that you wake up feeling fresher.

Stop stressing

If you experience a lot of stress in your day-to-day life, this could be making you feel more tired. The stress hormone cortisol makes our bodies more alert, causing our muscles to tense up and are mind to be sharper. Periods of prolonged stress can start to make the whole body ache, as muscles are constantly tensed up and the brain is constantly in full alert mode. Removing stress from your life may not be easy if it is as result of your job or problems at home, however there are many activities that can reduce stress such as exercise, taking a hot bath, meditation and listening to music.

Alter your diet

A bad diet could also be making you sleepier. Junk foods that are heavily processed are harder to digest and take up more energy as a result. This can leave us feeling tired. Eating more homemade foods made from fresh ingredients could help to make you feel less tired.

See a doctor

Constant fatigue could be due to an underlying medical condition or an illness. The likes of autoimmune haemolytic anemia, which you can find more information about here, can produce symptoms of drowsiness and dizziness similar to a lack of sleep. Meanwhile, conditions like sleep apnea could be affecting your sleep quality by interrupting your breathing, causing you to wake up feeling less rested. A doctor should be able to diagnose these problems for you.

Are you oversleeping?

If you’re getting over nine hours of sleep a night, you could be oversleeping. This could be causing headaches and similar feeling of fatigue – scientists believe this is something to do with the neurotransmitters in the brain. Start limiting your sleep more and see what impact it has.


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