5 Tips On Becoming The Best You Possible From Sahara Rose Ketabi

Recently, we got the scoop on wellness expert and mind/body healer Sahara Rose Ketabi with an inspiring and eye-opening Q/A. Check out IAmSaharaRose.com for more inspiration and wisdom from Sahara and don’t forget to follow her on Instagram at @IAmSaharaRose. Here are 5 tips from Sahara on becoming the happiest and healthiest you possible!

1. Achieve mind and body balance by discovering your body and mind type. Take Sahara’s quiz to figure out yours at her website, eatfeelfresh.com. From there you will find out what your mind/body type craves and needs vs. what you should avoid.

“If you’re a Vata (easily anxious, cold body temperature, cracking joints, dry skin, bloating, gas, constipation,) then try sticking to a schedule as much as possible, apply sesame oil on your body and consume cooked, root vegetables which will make you feel more grounded, as they’re grown under the Earth. Remember- we take on the energy of everything we eat!

If you’re a Pitta (easily agitated, hot body temperature, oily skin, heartburn, hyperacidity, loose stool), then try taking cooling, cleansing breaths, avoid intense exercise/ hot yoga and consume light, hydrating foods like greens and fresh fruit which will cool your system down!

If you’re a Kapha (easily exhausted, cool body temperature, tendency to gain weight easily, sluggish metabolism, carb/ sugar/ dairy cravings) then try to practice a fast-moving yoga flow in the morning when you wake up, just drink tea for breakfast, add spices into your diet to stimulate metabolism, avoid snacking and consume more bitter foods to avoid those sweet cravings!”

2. Practice yoga for the physical and spiritual benefits along with Ayurveda for mind/body balance. Sahara says the two must always be practiced together because you can’t reach enlightenment when your digestion is out of whack.

“Ayurveda literally means “the knowledge of life” in Sanskrit because in order to have health you must have full knowledge of your life. I know so much more about myself and am easily able to tell when my body is going out of balance with some simple cues, which I explain in The Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda.”

3. “The way you start your day is how you will feel for the rest of the day.”

Sahara’s morning routine is super sacred to her and gives her the energy and focus she needs to tackle the rest of her day. She begins her day by drinking hot water, scraping her tongue, and practicing either yoga or Pilates.

4. Shift your perspective to think “How would this food make me feel before, during, and after consumption?”

Sahara says our food choices literally create our thoughts and there’s more to eating healthy than losing weight or looking good. Her purpose on Eat Feel Fresh is to find the foods that make you feel truly alive.

5. Shift your thoughts from fear-and-denial-based to joy-and-opportunity-based and it will change your entire reality.

Sahara lives by the philosophy of “Your external world is a reflection of your internal mind”.

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