5 Tips for Throwing a Flawless Viewing Party: The Bachelor Edition

One of my favorite shows is gearing back up for another season on Monday and I’m already planning on a celebration with my girls.  If you’re like me and can’t wait to follow the drama to see who wins Nick’s heart I recommend having watch parties, starting off with a viewing party for the premiere! I’ve narrowed down exactly how you can have the perfect party!

Try these 5 tips for throwing the perfect viewing party for The Bachelor.



Have your own Rose Ceremony

Hand roses to your gal pals as they enter your party for your own Rose Ceremony.  It’s a great call back to the show and makes a great souvenir for after the party.

Stock up on wine or create a signature cocktail

My general rule of thumb when stocking up on wine for a party is to buy at least 4 different kinds: two red and two white, a sweet and a dry version of each.  It’s so hard to snag everyone’s favorite, but this covers the bases pretty well.  

Alternatively, you can create a signature cocktail for your party.  Something containing bubbly and served from a flute or out of a mason jar are fun choices, especially for the premiere of a wedding themed show.  Use Pintrest to find a cute drink to share with your girlfriends.

Have finger foods on hand

Your guests will get hungry, so make sure to have snacks on hand for them to eat.  I always like to serve McCain’s fries.  They’re easy to prepare and make the perfect snack for anyone who’s feeling peckish before or during the show.  Sprinkle a little seasoning and you’re good to go! You can also serve with your choice of two to three dipping sauces.  (I’m a fan of the classic ketchup, chipotle mayo, and ranch dressing.)

My guest always love a fun drink and some McCain’s fries to make for a great night!




Another fun tip is to serve them in wine glasses!



Take bets

After the premier have guests bet on who they think will win.  Have everyone place $5 into a jar.  The host will use this money to purchase a spa day/treat of some sort for the winner at the end of the season.

Provide ample and comfortable seating

I made this rookie mistake the first time I hosted a party.  I had just moved into my new apartment and had a couch which could seat 3 people, a comfortable chair and four hard wooden chairs the no arm rests that were several feet of the ground so your feet dangled awkwardly when you sat in it.  My guests were polite, but I quickly realized I would have to provide more comfortable seating the next time I invited people over, even if this came in the form of giant floor pillows.

Have fun watching the Bachelor next week and remember to enjoy your own party.  Pick easy recipes and drinks that are easy to serve and make sure your guests are comfortable for a flawless viewing party.  Remember, The Bachelor is fun and light hearted so your party should be too.  I hope these tips help! Happy viewing!


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