5 Tips to Help You Stay Fit

Tempted to drink a soda or pop open a can of Pringles? In the summer, when you usually have a ton of free time, it’s easy to give in and snack and lounge a little more, but don’t give in to these cravings. If you want to get back on track to a healthy living routine, follow these tips to stay fit all summer long!

1. Drink Green Tea: Green Tea has been proven to speed up your metabolism. Drink green tea at the start of your day to really give your metabolism a boost. Thanks to the natural caffeine in green tea, it’s a healthy alternative to soda or energy drinks!

2. Don’t eat past 8 PM: Most people say your metabolism slows down at night, but that isn’t entirely true. At night, you’re more likely to binge on unhealthy foods while hanging out with your girlfriends, out at the bar, or even at home watching your favorite television shows. This mindless snacking will have a negative effect on your healthy lifestyle!

3. Eat lots of Vegetables: I know we’ve heard this over and over agian, since the time we were young, but here’s a friendly reminder: Vegetables really are good for you! Especially dark green or leafy green vegetables like spinach, romaine lettuce, broccoli, and green beans. Vegetables are rich with vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy.

4. Egg Whites for Breakfast: Eggs are a delicious part of breakfast, but too many eggs can be unhealthy. Say goodbye to the yolk and try eating only the egg whites. Egg whites are low in cholesterol and fat, while high in protein! Four egg whites a day can be a perfect breakfast to keep healthy. Scramble them with your favorite veggies for a little flavor!

5. 30 Minutes of Cardio: Everyone has a busy schedule, but fitting in 30 minutes of cardio can make all the difference. This will keep you fit, active, and help you feel better about yourself!

Try following these 5 tips to stay fit and you’ll be sure to feel more in shape and better about yourself!

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