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5 Types of Retreat for Wellbeing

We do our best to organize life so that it supports our wellbeing and health, but inevitably there comes a time when the habits and patterns of everyday life take their toll and what we need is a chance to get away and work on the quality of our wellbeing. That’s what retreats are for! Read on to find out about five of the most common retreats you can attend. 

Meditation Retreats 

Meditation retreats come in various shapes and sizes. First, there are the traditional Buddhist retreats where you will live with a Buddhist community for a few days or a week. On these retreats, you will learn about Buddhist philosophy and practice their meditations

But if the Buddhist way is not for you, there are plenty of other spiritual paths of practice available. A spiritual retreat, for instance, introduces you to new age philosophies and meditations in a way that is less religious but equally progressive.   

Beach Yoga Retreats

If there are two things that will harmonize your being and realign your energies, it is nature and yoga. Of course, yoga is a philosophy as well as a practice, so you are likely to learn some new ideas on these retreats, but equally, it’s about the poses and where better for poses than on a beach. 

This beach yoga retreat is located at Harbor Beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The beach is iconic and breathtaking and ideal to expand your consciousness and reconnect with the inner you. Beach yoga retreats are so rejuvenating you will sign up quickly for the next one.  

Ayurveda Retreats 

Have you tried a million diets, but you still feel out of balance and out of alignment? It could be that you’re doshas aren’t aligned because of the types of food you eat, the times of day you eat at, and your general spiritual health. Check out an Ayurveda retreat. 

An Ayurveda retreat is usually set in a natural location with simply high-quality facilities to ensure you get the best holistic treatment. You will learn about your doshas and how to balance your mind, body, spirit using ancient techniques and herbal medicines.   

Luxury Spa Retreat

If you want to feel amazing and rejuvenated but don’t want the effort of a spiritual retreat or a yoga retreat, then consider a luxury spa retreat. These are excellent for a weekend getaway for couples or a gift for friends or family members. They put the “wellness” into “wellbeing”. 

On a luxury spa retreat, you can expect plenty of pampering. Start your stay off with a leisurely swim in the pool followed by a relaxing sauna. As you get more into the retreat, you will have the chance to try various types of massage therapy and treatments.  

Nature Retreats 

Nature retreats are healing and rejuvenating. Set in secluded wilderness locations, you will stay in cabins and rotundas made from the local woody environment. Simply being in this location is enough to lift the spirits, but you can also enjoy hiking and wild swimming on your retreat. 



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.