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5 Videos of Actors Recreating Famous Scenes

Have you ever wondered how a scene in a movie or show would change if a different actor played one of the roles? These videos quench that curiosity. Some well-known actors have read famous scenes for fun, or they take them very seriously and embody the character entirely. Here are five videos of actors recreating famous scenes from movies and television shows:

1. Adam Driver and Andrew Garfield read the Clueless debate speech

The iconic monologue from Clueless sounds strangely good coming out of the mouths of these male celebrities. Andrew Garfield’s valley girl accent cracks me up. He completely embodies the quirky and innocent-meaning Cher. However, Adam Driver has a more angry take on the monologue. But his reading of Cher oddly works, as it’s a speech about the tense relations between America and Haiti. I couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like if Kylo Ren was in the Clueless universe while watching this video.

2. Dylan O’Brien does a scene from The Social Network

Dylan O’Brien and Sarah Ramos re-enact this famous scene from The Social Network. He gets completely into character, as he sounds and dresses like Andrew Garfield’s character in that movie. The scene even though its filmed by the actors themselves, feels just as intense. When Dylan O’Brien starts yelling and crying, he hit the nail right on the head with this scene.

3. Annie Murphy as Moira Rose

Annie Murphy, who plays Alexis Rose, reenacts a scene from Schitt’s Creek. However, her character from the show was not in this scene. Instead, she re-creates the hilarious commercial Moira does for a wine company perfectly. Her impression of Catherine O’Hara is phenomenal.

4. Princess Bride revisited

Many celebrities have played a part reenacting scenes from the Princess Bride to benefit the World Central Kitchen. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, in particular, take artistic license with their version of the fire swamp scene. Their dog plays the ROUS, and they also add a few new lines. Sophie rocks the Dread Pirate Roberts costume in the video, and Joe looks stunning in a blonde wig.

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5. Clueless again

Seth Rogen, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Bradley Cooper also take their shot at the same Cher monologue. Bradley Cooper reads it so seriously. We felt moved by his version. Also, we love how into the speech Seth Rogan got. In addition, Jake Gyllenhaal says when he receives the script that he talks like Cher in real life. That explains why his reading of the speech sounds so genuine.

What actors would you like to see recreate some of these famous scenes or others? Tell us in the comments!

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